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After a very busy day of wine tasting, seeing Caesarea, climbing up Meggido, and visiting Nazareth, we retired to the Nof Ginosar Hotel. Much like the decor at the Ktze Hanahal Restaurant in Kibbutz Ginosar, the hotel decor was simple yet welcoming.
Since it was dark when we arrived, I didn't realize how close we actually were to the Sea of Galilee, but the hotel is very close to the shoreline. I could see there were several buildings with hotel rooms and my group was in the last building, with my room being the farthest away. I looked forward to the peace and tranquility.
I was a bit frustrated that I couldn't get my computer to connect to the free wifi that evening, but my phone connected to it so I could check in with my husband. I even had someone from the hotel office come down and try, so I could upload the hundred or so photos I took that day, but perhaps my room was just too far away. However, the wifi connected easily on my computer in the morning, so perhaps the overcast weather interfered.
As I settled in for the night, I heard a wolf howling nearby, so I made a mental note to not go exploring outside in the dark. After a good night's sleep, I wandered around the hotel grounds and the hotel property is beautiful. There are lots of places to sit in the sun and in the shade, stunning gardens with lots of flowers, and many beautiful palm trees.
I found the hotel website and they also offer a Deluxe room and Grand Deluxe room for those who are looking for more lavish accommodations. The hotel site also mentions a private beach, a restaurant, a pool, and additional facilities, such as a bar, grocery store, spa services, and even a Jewish Synagogue.
I didn't get to see any of that, since we were packing up our luggage, grabbing breakfast, and getting ready for another busy day of sightseeing across Israel. The light-filled hotel lobby featured plenty of gathering spaces, where I waited for the others in my group.
We filled our plates with lots of delicious food and sat near a window. The breakfast buffet offered plenty of choices and the food was amazing. I was really excited about the day, since our itinerary included possibly being able to sail on the Sea of Galilee.
I snapped a quick picture of our driver, Nisso, and our tour guide, Michal, before we loaded up the van and took off for the day. They were wonderful people to spend our week with, and Nisso knows the roads like Michal knows the history of Israel.
Are my posts making you want to visit Israel? I encourage you to go! During the entire week I was there, I never felt unsafe for even a moment. The people of Israel are friendly and welcoming. Find out more about visiting Israel HERE and start planning your trip!

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