BerryBreeze for Your Fridge

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Tired of a smelly fridge? Got mold in your fridge? Mad about fresh foods going bad just days after purchase? Stop dealing with fridge frustrations with the BerryBreeze. This compact device filters and cleans the air in your fridge.
BerryBreeze is scientifically proven to end to the premature aging of fruits, veggies, and meats. It naturally kills odors, plus it naturally kills molds, yeasts and fungi known to spoil foods. It even neutralizes bacteria and other harmful microbes. BerryBreeze's patented time release of oxygen neutralizes bacteria and mold, eliminates pollutants, and keeps foods fresh for up to ten days longer.
BerryBreeze helps keep your family healthier by maintaining food's freshness and nutritional value. You can even save an estimated $2,200 per year by avoiding spoilage of food in the fridge. BerryBreeze is a chemical-free, filter-free, and absorption pack-free solution. Just pop in some batteries and set it in your fridge!
Get yours at www.berrybreeze.com.

Charlie Brown Books for the Holidays

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One of my most recommended gifts for children is a book. I recently saw the idea for a Christmas countdown of opening one book a day for the first 24 days of December. I think it's a fabulous idea because it's a great way to instill a love of reading together with your children. These three Charlie Brown books by Charles M. Schulz are fantastic titles to add to your home library!
Who Cares, Charlie Brown? tells of a day when Charlie Brown and his friends are playing on the baseball field. Their game turns into something more when the Peanuts gang starts learning about the many men and women who changed the course of history by helping their fellow humans. This inspiring book honors some of the world’s great humanitarian heroes.
Where Did You Go, Charlie Brown? is the story of Charlie Brown and his friends who set out for some adventures. As the Peanuts gang explores the outdoors, they begin to reenact the feats of great explorers they learned about in school. Their adventure traces some remarkable journeys of men and women who tread new ground.
What's the Big Idea, Charlie Brown? is about a party to celebrate great inventions. To prepare for the party, everyone in the Peanuts gang is coming up with a favorite “big idea” from history. Charlie Brown has a problem, because he can’t think of any big ideas. This fun, enlightening story explores some of history's greatest inventions.
These books are wonderfully written, beautifully illustrated, and the perfect way to make learning fun with your children. The books even feature activities that further immerse your child into the subject of the book and get them thinking about how it relates to them.
Check out Regnery Publishing for a wide variety of quality children's books!
Click these links below to buy these fabulous Charlie Brown books for your children:

What Type of Outdoor Vacation Do You Like?

There is a huge variety of possibilities for back-to-nature vacationers who are looking for peaceful relaxation or thrilling adventure. Outdoor Traveler is an example of one of the many companies that offer resorts that cater especially to the outdoor enthusiast. Here are a few examples of the different types of vacation resorts that have luxury amenities for budget prices.

Lake Lanier, Georgia
For those who favor the thrill of the hunt, Lake Lanier offers a selection of wildlife from which to choose. The season is generally in September. With the proper permits, you can hunt Canada goose, teal, deer, feral hogs, and more. There is luxury accommodation on the shores of the lake that offers a wide variety of activities for the whole family including biking and hiking, water sports, golfing, horseback riding, and swimming.

Gallatin River, Montana
If you’re looking for the relaxation of fly fishing, the Gallatin River is for you. Located in the wilderness of Montana and near Yellowstone National Park, you can enjoy fly fishing every day and many other outdoor activities. Surrounded by forest service land, you and your family or friends can hike, bike or go horseback riding and see only wilderness for days. There is rustic, but comfortable accommodation available with wood-burning fireplaces and rooms built from the local materials.

The Keys, Florida
The Florida Keys are world famous for all kinds of water activities including deep sea fishing. There are charter companies that have the latest electronic equipment and are fully licensed to take you out for some great deep sea fishing. The resorts offer a wide range of activities for the days off fishing, including swimming with dolphins, visiting wildlife refuges, and renting motorcycles to visit much more along the Florida Keys.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains, Pigeon Forge offers a wide variety of activities for visitors. From ice skating to mini-golf there is something for children of all ages. The Dollywood Theme Park is just minutes away, and there are many historical sites in the area. For the outdoor-lovers, there are nature trails and hiking, boating, fishing, and golf. Evenings are filled with live entertainment and fantastic casinos. There are resorts close enough to Pigeon Forge to give easy access to the activities but far enough to give a sense of isolation in the forest.

Whistler, British Columbia
Whistler is one of the top ski resort towns in the world. If you’re looking for the perfect skiing vacation, you can’t do better than Whistler. There are seventeen bowls, four glaciers and a mile of vertical rise with more than 200 marked trails. There is the perfect run for every level of skier and snowboarder. You can have all of this at reasonable prices at the inns and suites available just minutes from the slopes and gondolas. In the summer, you can golf at the championship courses that have the backdrop of spectacular scenery or walk or ride the trails in the mountains through alpine meadows, evergreens, brilliant blue lakes, and sprawling glaciers.

Whatever outdoor activity you’re longing for, you can find it in the huge variety of vacation destinations in North America. With special deals and packages, your dream vacation need not break your budget.


The Home Book: A Complete Guide to Homeowner and Homebuilder Responsibilities - Review

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As I closed my checkbook in the title office after writing the check to buy my first home, the first thing I learned was - "You'll never close your checkbook again." Having a home is a wonderful thing, but it comes with all kinds of responsibilities and expenses. The Home Book, written by David MacLellan, George Wolfson, and Douglas Hansen, is a wonderful resource for those who just moved into a new home or completed a major remodel. It's also useful as a manual accompanying a builder's warranty or to prepare a homeowner for a successful walk-through. The Home Book also helps identify essential tasks for the new homeowner. It helps you get the most for your money.
Divided into nine chapters, The Home Book details problems you might encounter and the general performance guidelines within the industry, as well as explains the responsibilities of the home builder and the homeowner. It also includes a glossary of home builder construction terms, a summary of homeowner maintenance requirements, plus a helpful list of contractor regulation and oversight agencies. If you're buying a new home, building a new home, or doing major renovations, you need this book in your library. It's written in very straightforward language and extremely helpful.
Pick up your copy of The Home Book HERE.


Nokia Lumia 530 The Ideal Smartphone for Kids and Teens

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Considering a smartphone for your kids or teens this holiday season? The Nokia Lumia 530 is the ideal smartphone! According to a new report from The NPD Group, almost one in five kids between 4 and 14 owns a cellphone today. But choosing the right smartphone can be a challenge. Here are some great tips to help you as you navigate through the field of smartphone choices.
First, start planning early. According to advertising consultancy Communicus, 18% of pre-K children now ask their parents for a smartphone. Finding a phone that provides both gaming apps and productivity tools will help kids early on to find the balance between work and play.

Second, choose a smartphone that is affordable. Weighing both cost and utility is important for parents who want to provide their children with a useful device without paying the price of a premium smartphone. Let’s face it, kids break and lose important things all the time. Starting kids off with an affordable device will teach them the value of the technology.
Next, choose a phone that is productivity focused. 46.3% of teens with a cellphone agree with the statement, “My cellphone should help me get work done when and where I want,” according to data from Simmons. Kids have busy schedules; connecting them with their email and word documents opens up opportunity to get work done wherever they are, whether that be while waiting for sports practice or at the park on the weekend.

Lastly, choose a phone that provides extra help. Not all digital personal assistants are created equal. Some only provide reminders at a specific time, neglecting the opportunity to integrate people or location specific information into the alert. Choosing a smart device with an intuitive and adaptable digital assistant can be incredibly useful for a child, particularly for keeping track of homework assignments and after-school activities.
When parents look for a first cellphone for their children, they often find they either have to shell out the big bucks for a premium smartphone or compromise with an outdated feature phone. For parents who want to keep affordability in mind and make their kids happy this holiday season, the new Nokia Lumia 530 is a full-featured smartphone that is supported by some of the best apps for work and play, including Facebook, Evernote, and Twitter. Check out some of these other FREE favorites too: Kids Story Builder, Power Planner Homework, Lumia Selfie, Frozen Free Fall, and MixRadio.

Equipped with Windows Phone 8.1, this smartphone comes with Microsoft services built-in and features Cortana as a personal assistant that can help remind kids of their after-school commitments or to say happy birthday to their best friend when they arrive at their house. Priced at just under $50, the Nokia Lumia 530 is the practical choice for parents looking to give their children that coveted smartphone, fully supported by essentials like Xbox, Skype and Microsoft Office applications, without breaking the bank this holiday season. I think it's an excellent choice for kids and teens!


Weekly Giveaway Linkup! Wednesday Wealth (November 5-11)

Thanks for stopping by my giveaway linky! If you're hosting any giveaways, please link them up below. If you're here because you love to win prizes (like I do!) then enter, enter, enter! Did you win a prize lately? Leave a comment below to tell us what you won.

Koomus BikeGo 2 Smartphone Bike Mount - Review

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Riding my bike with my smartphone in the basket used to cause me anxiety because I was always afraid that my phone would hit the ground. I feel so much more secure with my smartphone perched inside the Koomus BikeGo 2 Smartphone Bike Mount.
Made of a combination of hard plastic and rubber, the BikeGo 2 clamps securely onto my smartphone with angled side clips. The handlebar clip wraps around my handlebar and BikeGo 2 includes an extra rubber filler piece for thinner handlebars (which my bike needs). It fits motorcycle and bicycle handle bars 1.5" and smaller.
The BikeGo 2 also features an elastic cord that pins into the earphone jack to provide a third way to secure my smartphone. The BikeGo 2 also has 360-degree rotate and tilt. It holds up to 3.5" wide smartphones, iPods and GPS devices.
I absolutely love the BikeGo 2 bike mount! I haven't had any issues of my smartphone slipping or sliding and the BikeGo 2 works exactly as advertised. At just $29.99 (currently on sale for $19.99) it's a small price to pay for insurance against a dropped smartphone!
Go get your Koomus BikeGo 2 Smartphone Bike Mount HERE. It is a fabulous and affordable holiday gift for anyone who bikes! I highly recommend it!

Giveaway! NOAH - Wordless Picture Book

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NOAH is a wordless picture book, filled with gorgeous illustrations of one of the most recognizable stories in the Bible. Illustrator Mark Ludy knows that a picture is worth a thousand words and his stunning pictures will capture the hearts of children and adults. The book NOAH captures much more than just the animal parade and the flood. The book exudes the emotions of this grand event, the relationship of Noah and his family, the power of God's nature, and the gigantic engineering challenge of building the ark. It's wonderful!
Filled with 64 pages of full color illustrations, NOAH is a breathtaking collection of pictures. Oh there's a bonus too - find Squeakers the mouse on every page!  It's more than a book; it's a work of art. Check out the official NOAH website and Mark Ludy's website. Put this beautiful book under your tree this holiday season! You can BUY IT HERE.
Be sure to enter below to win a copy of NOAH too.
Win a copy of NOAH!
To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. You must be at least 18 years old and a US resident. One winner will win a copy of NOAH by Mark Ludy. Giveaway ends at midnight on 11/20/2014. Good luck!

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eos Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Collection

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I am tickled pink with these eos Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness products. This first collection is a collaboration between eos and Nicole by OPI. The collection includes an all-natural eos Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Sphere lip balm and a long-lasting, salon quality Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer in Feeling Berry Pink Today.
5% of proceeds from the sale of this collection will be donated to the Young Survival Coalition to support and educate young women with breast cancer. This collection is currently available at Ulta and Ulta.com.
The Lip Balm and Hand Lotion 3-Pack Collection includes limited edition Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Stick lip balm, Pomegranate Raspberry Smooth Sphere lip balm, and Berry Blossom hand lotion. 100% of net profits from this pack will be donated to breast cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
All of these products are excellent quality and would make wonderful holiday gifts, while supporting a very important cause. This special collection is available at Ulta, Kohls and Walgreens stores. It is also available on drugstore.com, ulta.com and walmart.com.
Feel good! Do good!
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The Original Big Joe Bean Bag - Review

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Big Joe makes the highest quality bean bag chairs I have ever seen. I recently reviewed their Original Big Joe and I'm incredibly impressed with how well they are made. When I was a kid, I had one of those cheap bean bag chairs that blew out puffs of filling every time I sat on it, but the Big Joe is nothing like that!
The Original Big Joe bean bag chair is really, really big. It's almost as big as our queen size mattress! The rectangular design makes it easy to shape into different shapes or it can be used flat. I like to smoosh one corner into the middle to make a little nest chair.
This Emerald SmartMax Original Big Joe is made of a heavy-duty material that is easy to wipe clean and is amazingly durable. The edges are double-stitched to keep all the bean bag material inside. It also comes in Spicy Lime SmartMax, Flaming Red SmartMax, Stretch Limo Black SmartMax, Pink Passion SmartMax, Sapphire SmartMax, and Zebra SmartMax.
My son and his fiancee dropped by over the weekend and decided the Original Big Joe Bean Bag was the perfect addition to their college apartment. It will give them many years of comfortable lounging and maybe even be a favorite spot for studying!
Check out www.buybigjoe.com to join the Comfort Revolution and get the Original Big Joe for your home or apartment. They offer lots of different types of comfy chairs including Big Joe Lux, Big Joe Kids, Big Joe Bagimals, Big Joe Outdoor, Big Joe Pet (which I reviewed here), Big Joe Tech, and Big Joe Fuf. See what they are doing with the SOARD Charity too!
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Van Gogh Vodka Double Espresso Coffee

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I love a good after-dinner coffee. This new Van Gogh Double Espresso Coffee Flavored Vodka is even better! I wasn't really sure what to expect in a coffee flavored vodka, but honestly this is my new favorite drink.
Since I usually take my coffee black, I simply poured it over ice to enjoy and it's smooth and delicious. It's the perfect after-dinner drink. I love having flavored spirits on hand when company drops by for the holidays. Van Gogh Vodka is also a fabulous ingredient in cocktails!
Try their Coffee Shop Brew recipe:
  • 1-1/2 oz. Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka
  • 1/2 oz. Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka
  • 1/2 oz Irish Cream
  • Heavy Seas Peg Leg Stout
  • Add ingredients to a pint glass with ice and stir.
Check out www.vangoghvodka.com for more cocktail recipes for their wide selection of spirits for the holidays or any day, including Van Gogh Double Espresso, Van Gogh Dutch Caramel, Van Gogh Rich Dark Chocolate, Van Gogh Black Cherry, and many more. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more mouthwatering recipes!


Giveaway! LapGear Deluxe Notebook LapDesk #tech #giftsgalore

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Welcome to the "Gift Galore" Giveaway Hop hosted by Heather from Mommy's Favorite Things and Michelle from Mama's Baby Cupcakes. This hop has a Christmas theme, which means anything family friendly is up for grabs that you'd give as a gift! Each blog has a minimum prize package of $25 per winner and after visiting my giveaway, make sure you use the linky below to take a look at the other blogs to see what they have to offer for you!


Boy oh boy does Michelle have an amazing Grand Prize for you!! Retailing at $700, this Grand Prize package has something for the entire family. Heat Holders USA is offering three pair of thermal socks retailing for $60, Otter Box is offering one phone case of winner's choice retailing for about $55, The Vintage Pearl is a great jewelry store offering a $75 Gift Card, Cool Gear is offering one 16oz Tumbler cup and one 16oz CoolCan totaling about $18, Isotoner is offering on pair of Smart Touch Women's gloves and two pairs of slippers totaling $112, TLC Woodcrafters is offering your choice of boy or girl themed personalized wooden puzzle with a retail value of $65, I See Me! books is offering their fun "My Night Before Christmas" personalized book retailing for $35, SilverLit is offering a Nano Falcon which is the world's smallest RC helicopter and has a retail value of $50, LittleMissMatched is girls clothing who has offered a $25 Gift Card, a Beatrix Girls doll with a $20 value, Green Toys is offering two items, one Cook Top toy and one Cookware and Dining set, retailing together for $65, JC Toys is a doll company offering winner's choice of a boy or girl real doll with hooded accessories retailing for $60, and last but not least is Hearthsong offering a "Sands Alive" kit which retails for $60. Stop by this Grand Prize post for your chance to win!

My prize is a
Deluxe Notebook LapDesk
from LapGear 
ARV $34.99
Staying connected to the internet is easy with our laptops. I always laugh at the term "laptop" because using one on top of my lap really isn't all that great. It heats up my legs, is heavy and bulky, and just uncomfortable. The LapGear Deluxe Notebook LapDesk changes all that! 
Designed to be seriously comfortable, the Deluxe LapDesk from LapGear gives users a huge work area with built-in mousepad, non-slip grip, full-width wrist support, 2 zippered side pockets and a built-in carry handle. Best of all, on the bottom is an extremely comfortable dual channel lap cushion that helps protect your laptop and your legs from damaging heat. The Deluxe Notebook LapDesk is also great for tablets. Now my husband and I can enjoy using our laptops while sitting in the recliners!
The LapGear Deluxe Notebook LapDesk would be a wonderful holiday gift for just about anyone! It's very affordable and one of many different styles of lapdesks and other lap gear to make using your technology products more comfortable, more convenient, and more enjoyable. Check out their entire line at www.lapdesk.com. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, then enter below to win a LapGear Deluxe Notebook LapDesk!

To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. You must be a US resident, at least 18 years old. One winner will win a LapGear Deluxe Notebook LapDesk (ARV $34.99). Giveaway ends at midnight on 11/17/2014. Good luck!

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Tips for Making Your Home More Comfortable

Your home should be the pinnacle of comfort while providing that simple elegance and beauty that puts your mind at peace. It's the one place you should be able to truly relax and let all the stresses of the day drift away. While it may not be one yet, some simple improvements to your home can add value and function to it. You just need to know what things add value, which is what's listed below.

1. A Family Room
Dens, living rooms, and any other type of room that can be considered a family meeting spot tend to add a large amount of value and function to your home. They're relaxing when done right, which makes them one of the best places to add a fireplace, a nice television with a surround-sound system, and a set of the most comfortable cushions you've ever seen.

2. An Updated Home Office
The first thing people tend to remodel is their home office. Elegance with function starts with it, which means that it's typically one of the first things you should invest in improving. You may also be persuaded to renovate your home office on the basis that it makes your home that much more attractive to potential home buyers.

3. New Paint
Painting is one of the easiest and cheaper improvements that will add both value and beauty to your home. The only requirement is that you or someone else have a good sense for color.

4. Hot Tubs
If relaxation is what you desire, then a new hot tub will help you accomplish just that. They can be indoor or outdoor, which allows you to choose what type of environment you use to put yourself at ease. If you save enough money with a hot tubs sale that places like Hydropool Hot Tubs regularly conduct, then you may be able to afford an outdoor room with beautiful glass that lets you see outside while you relax without having to worry about the outdoor environment.

5. Revamped Basements
The typical basement is dingy, boring and unappealing. It tends to be used for storage of boxes and cobwebs, but yours doesn't have to be that way. With some lighting, new furniture and even something like an in-wall aquarium, you can revitalize your basement into a room that you, your family and your friends will regularly want to visit. It can be the perfect area to entertain your guests while adding a high degree of character and value to your home.