Crazy Joe Heavenly Soft Hooded Bamboo Towel for Baby

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Wrap your little one in heavenly softness with the Crazy Joe Hooded Bamboo Towel. Made of 100% premium bamboo, this towel is twice as thick as other baby towels. It features dense loops that absorb 60% more than a cotton towel. It's gentle enough for newborn babies, and large enough that your child can use it until they are 4.5 feet tall.
Crazy Joe Hooded Towels are part of the Baby Joe Collection. This amazing towel comes in either blue and white or pink and white, so it makes a perfect baby shower gift. Moms will appreciate the extra large 39" x 39" size, which allows them to double wrap baby with softness. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the fun of a hooded towel that feels they're wearing like a super-hero cape.
The Crazy Joe Hooded Bamboo Towel is not just super absorbent, it also dries super fast. Bamboo fibers dry twice as fast as cotton towels, so it's resistant to moldy odors. Bamboo material is completely natural and free of chemicals, and also has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. It's also a very durable fabric, so this towel will last for years! Doesn't your little one deserve the very best?
I love the Crazy Joe Hooded Towel! We've had 100% bamboo towels for years and I like them so much better than cotton towels. Bamboo towels are softer, so they are better for baby's delicate skin. The Crazy Joe Towel is extremely well-made and a fabulous (and affordable) gift idea for any young child!
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Haggar Premium No Iron Khaki - Comfortable, Quality, Style

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
My husband wears dress slacks to work four days of the week. Fridays are casual, when guys can slip back into their beloved blue jeans. Finding comfortable, high quality, easy-care clothing for the first four days of the week is no longer a challenge! Haggar Clothing Co. is the leading manufacturer of men’s pants, so the concept of creating a new Premium No Iron Khaki was simple, to make the very best pair of pants at an affordable price.
The less guys have to do with their pants, the better. I agree, especially since I do the laundry around here! Haggar listened to its customers, and knows that guys need a consistent winner when pants come out of the dryer. They want pants that withstand washing and drying, and truly involve no ironing. The key was building in stretch, with stretch recovery that ensures the pants can be worn all day without losing their shape, that they move with their man, and that they are ready to wear, wash after wash. Wrinkle-free means they are great for travel, too!
Haggar’s Premium No Iron Khaki pants also features stretch cotton-blend fabric that provides maximum comfort. They also have a hidden flexible waistband that can deliver up to three inches when needed. These pants are machine washable, feature a permanent crease, and never need ironing. They are available in flat-front and pleated styles, in classic, straight, and slim fits. Available in a wide assortment of colors, guys can buy them at Haggar.com, Kohl’s, Macy’s, JCPenney, and other leading retailers for under $40. My husband says his Haggar pants are very comfortable and I think they look great on him!
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Nuts About You - Flavored Almonds

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I've never been a big fan of almonds, but I can't stop eating these incredible flavored almonds from Nuts About You! They are so incredibly delicious that they've totally made me change my mind about eating almonds. I've always known that almonds are super good for my health, but who knew they could taste so good?
Nuts About You comes in lots of great flavors and I received five varieties - Matcha Green Tea, Ranch Salad, Sweet Sriracha, Coconut, and Cookies and Cream. My husband loves the Sweet Sriracha Almonds the best and I love the Cookies and Cream Almonds the best, but they are all simply delectable!
There is a Nuts About You flavor for everyone, whether you're craving fiery, savory, or sweet. They are handcrafted in small batches and are perfect for any gathering! Put out a variety of flavors and watch them disappear. They're also a great late night snack without the guilt. Guess who is an almond-lover now?
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Molly's Bakeovers - Delicious and Healthy Cookies

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During the holiday season, we are inundated with opportunities to indulge on lots of sweet treats. Molly's Bakeovers are "makeovers" of the traditional cookie to make them tastier, more nutritious, and free of gluten, dairy, peanuts, egg, and soy. They are a great choice to send with your child to a school celebration!
Molly's Bakeovers are one smart cookie! They are delicious, healthy, and allergen-free. No one has to know that these cookies are actually good for you. Plus, they are bite-sized, so no need to feel guilty about indulging in a few! Tuck a few in your lunchbox, work bag, and gym bag for when those hunger (or sweet) cravings hit.
These bite-sized delights are available in apple pie, blueberry, chocolate chip (my favorite), and oatmeal raisin. They are absolutely scrumptious and the perfect addition to your holiday gathering. Put a variety of them out on plates -- these five bags filled up three full dinner size plates! Molly's Bakeovers also make a fabulous after school snack. Crumble up a few over some yogurt, too. Your family is going to love Bakeovers!
Molly's Bakeovers can be purchased at Whole Foods