Elmo Annoys Me

Elmo is cute. Kids love Elmo. He annoys me. Actually there is just one thing that he does that really annoys me. He talks in third person. For example, he says to the camera "Elmo loves you." There is now a whole new generation of children who speak this way. Yes, there are claims that developmentally it's expected, but I really think Elmo makes the problem worse. Since the creation of Elmo's World, there have been more children come through my daycare program that do this, even up to age five. It's ridiculous. If Cookie Monster has to eat vegetables to teach children to eat healthy, then I think Elmo needs to speak properly to teach children better grammar. But yeah, he is cute.

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Spring Giveaway Linkup

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Blogger Software Gone Crazy

Apologies to my readers. Blogger is having software glitches, affecting my ability to post. It even sent out an old feed today. I apologize and am hoping it will get fixed quickly. So far, it's been down about 24 hours. Here's hoping yesterday's posts and comments reappear here somehow.


Rainy Day Fun for Kids - Playdoh Party

I love Playdoh. It has so many benefits. Playdoh lets children use their imagination in so many ways. Some of today's creations included bouncy balls, haircuts, cars, a turtle, spaghetti, worms, and pizza. They pushed and pulled and squished, working their little fingers, which actually builds fine motor muscles for writing. They pounded and punched, working large motor muscles in their arms. They pressed things into the Playdoh, similar to cookie cutting, but instead leaving imprints of insects, stars and animals, sparking many different conversations between them. They practiced their cutting skills with the dough scissors, which cut only dough (YAY). They smashed flat circles and used pizza cutters to make lunch for each other. Yes, I'll be picking Playdoh from the carpet and the little zigzags in their sneakers all day, but it's well worth the full hour of six contented preschoolers.

I Won Again Yesterday

Yesterday while I was eating dinner, another winning email arrived in my email. I won a $50 Gift Certificate to VMInnovations.com.  Doesn't sound very exciting? Well, I went to their website and oh my goodness there is so much to see there!!! I get to choose from electronics, home and garden, sports and outdoor, pool and spa, baby and kids, pets, all kinds of different products. I haven't decided yet what I'll be purchasing, but when I do, I will review both the company service and the product here for you. Would you like to win? All you have to do is LIKE VMInnovations Facebook page. I hear they are giving away $100 gift certificate next!

Sweepstakes Tip: Read Your Junk Emails

I cannot stress enough how important it is to read your email in your spam folder. That recent trip to Las Vegas that I won? The notification was in my junk email folder because it had attachments. Don't trust your email program to decide what's not important to you!


Keeping Our Family Activities Organized

In this house, everyone has learned if it's not on Mom's calendar, it's not happening. My desk is central to the entire household and there is always a weekly calendar laying on the corner of my desk, open to this week. Everything must go onto the calendar, from the teenagers' work schedule, to the racquetball games my husband plays, to the birthdays of even the daycare children in my care. At least once a week, someone will ask me if they can go do "this" or "that" and I ask them every time, "Did you look at the calendar yet?" There are few things more irritating than making plans and finding out something was missed. Last week, one of my kids was late to an AP Exam scheduled before school that day. He was upset that they wouldn't let him in the room because he was late. Most annoying to me was the $60 that was wasted by his missing it. Organization is so very important. We are a family of five, well technically four now that my daughter is away at college, so it's important that everyone know where to be at the right time.

I found that buying a school year calendar works best for my family since we have kids in school. It allows me to write down all the school holidays at the beginning of the school year. Since we're a blended family, we also have to track which child is on visitation on which weekends and holidays. Especially since the two boys have visitations at different houses. Fortunately we worked it out years ago so that the visitations occur at pretty much the same time, giving my husband and I a few weekends alone. Now that the kids are driving though, they pretty much decide where they are going to be when, they just need to make sure it's on my calendar. Time organization is so important to me because I have so much that I'm involved in and I don't want to let anyone down. Our family calendar has worked wonders for us! What tools do you use to keep your family home running smoothly?


Revealing Secrets on May 17

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It's a Wonderful Life

I am so blessed. It's been a wonderful week for me. Maybe it's something about springtime. Maybe it's something about sunshine. I just love this time of year and even though I am slightly sunburned from floating in the pool yesterday, it's great to see some color in my face. My husband and kids totally spoiled me yesterday, with special meals, an ice cream cake, and a new pool floatie that looks like a queen's throne!

I also had three wonderful sweepstakes wins last week. I won a $50 Ticketmaster Gift Card that I can use on anything at any venue, with no expiration date. The second best prize I won last week is 200 Slim Jim Sticks and my boys are going to love me for that one. The very best prize of all is the trip for two that I won to Las Vegas, Nevada! I am so excited. We haven't chosen dates yet, but trip wins are the only way we take vacations anymore because I put us on such a strict budget. My husband had a rough week last week at work, so he was totally stoked when I called to ask if he'd like to go to Vegas with me. I will love blogging that trip for you!!

In addition, in the past week, I've been in contact with several families whose children are near-ready to enter my daycare program soon. I am so excited because it changes the whole dynamics of the classroom and always gives us a whole new direction. I'll also have to say goodbye in the fall to one of my daycare boys, who has reached kindergarten age. He's been here four years and it's been such a joy to watch him grow. His family is awesome too and since he's the youngest child, I'll be saying goodbye to the family as well, which isn't easy either. But that's my job, to help develop these kids and then send them off into the world of "big kid school."

I hope you have a wonderful week, filled with blessings!


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