Embossing Rolling Pins for Unique Bakery Treats at Home

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I just found the most beautiful embossing rolling pins! Can you imagine all the wonderfully unique bakery treats you could make with these Embossing Rolling Pins? Mason Jars MakerPlace has all kinds of interesting products that I haven't seen anywhere else!
The Apple rolling pin and the Leaf rolling pin are perfect for your fall cookies and pies! You could even make little embossed tarts in small round tins. Each rolling pin is made in the USA from high quality solid USA-sourced maple hardwood.
The Damask maple rolling pin is so elegant and classy. These rolling pins are so easy to use. Just roll out your dough with your regular rolling pin, then make one single pass across the surface of the dough with the Damask rolling pin and suddenly you've created something that all the high class hotels would want to serve!
I think I will definitely add the Farm Animals rolling pin to my farmhouse kitchen! How fun would it be to make chicken pot pies with this rolling pin? Surprise your family and friends by adding a touch of extra charm to dinner on the farm!
Who doesn't love mason jars? I am so tickled with this Mason Jar rolling pin. It's a fabulous way to let someone know you home-baked their cookies with love. These rolling pins are the PERFECT gift for birthdays, holidays, and hostess gifts!
Of course, you'll also need the Christmas Tree embossing rolling pin for your Christmas cookies this year! Is there such a thing as too many rolling pins? Go check out all the fabulous products at Mason Jars MakerPlace. You'll be delighted at the wide variety of products at great prices!
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CanvasChamp - For Photos That Deserve More

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Now that nearly everyone in the world has a smartphone with a camera, we're taking more photos than ever before in history! Sadly, most of those pictures never make it further than Facebook or Instagram. Every once in a while, I'll take a picture that just deserves more than just a social media share. CanvasChamp makes absolutely gorgeous handmade canvas prints at incredibly cheap prices, and with a granddaughter this adorable, I know I'll be ordering more. This sweet photo was taken by my daughter-in-law of my granddaughter who was obviously not ready for bedtime. I sent it to CanvasChamp and in just a few days, I received this beautiful 16"x20"canvas print.
Look at the loving care used to assemble my print, with perfectly folded corners, museum quality stretching, and hanging hooks already attached on the back. I think what most impressed me about this CanvasChamp print was the extra step they take to wrap the canvas with a flat board underneath so that the canvas lays flat and doesn't move. I've had other canvas prints and no one else does that! I am thrilled with this canvas print and will definitely be ordering more from CanvasChamp. They offer a variety of options including wood prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, mugs, ornaments, calendars, towels, tote bags, tshirts, coasters, blankets, pet bowls, and so much more. You could even order all of your Christmas gifts on just the CanvasChamp.com website!
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Peter and Pauline's Farm Magnetic Game

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Bring home the farm this September with Peter and Pauline's Farm Magnetic Game from HABA! National Farm Animal Awareness Week is September 15-22, and you can share the life of a farmer with your little one, WITHOUT that amazing farm smell. 
Little farmers will get a kick out of this farm animal-themed magnetic arranging game. Designed for ages 3 and up, it features a variety of background scenes and a wide variety of farm inhabitants, animals, and plants, allowing children to create and re-create life on the farm.
It comes with an incredible 122 magnetic pieces, plus four background scenes on two cards. The durable metal tin storage box works for both play and for storage. Since it measures just 8.5" x 8.5" it's a great toy to take along in the car!
I was amazed at the variety of magnets available in Peter and Pauline's Farm. There are lots of farm friends, both children and adults, plus mom and baby farm animals. There are fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants, farm vehicles and tools, and much more.
I love Peter and Pauline's Farm Magnetic Game! I love how compact it is, how versatile it is, and how everything packs away into one box. I gave this to my 3 year old grandson and he was really excited about it, especially after seeing all the farm animals around my neighborhood. HABA always makes great toys!
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Everyday Enzymes - Created for Women by Women

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Good nutrition is crucial for health (especially as you get older) but did you know that eating healthy doesn't necessarily mean your body is getting the right nutrients? Many women don't realize they have a condition called "enzyme gap" which means even if they eat healthy, their body won't benefit because there aren't enough enzymes to absorb the nutrients! Enzyme gap may not only cause digestive problems, but it can also weaken the immune system and lead to a slew of other health issues like fatigue, acne, eczema, headaches, mood swings, and joint pain. Luckily, there is an organic and healthy way to ensure you are getting the most out of those fruits and veggies - Everyday Enzymes!
Everyday Enzymes are an organic, all-natural supplement designed to help your body digest and absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. It supports the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This supplement can help not only with digestive issues (acid reflux, nausea, gas, etc.) but it can also boost the immune system, metabolism, and improve overall health. Everyday Enzymes may be given to young children, pets and it may even be taken during pregnancy and lactation. In fact, expectant mothers find it helps with nausea! Digestive enzymes will help you eliminate abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and acid reflux. It will also help you get the most nutrition out of the food you are already eating and even to get off of pharmaceutical or over-the-counter drugs. Even if you don't have stomach problems, these supplements can help boost your immune system, fight fatigue, and even help with anxiety.
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Care Packages for College Students

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All American Favorites
College students LOVE care packages! College can be a challenging time. These young people are often leaving home for the first time, sometimes off to an unfamiliar place away from friends and family. Let them know you care and are thinking about them with a care package from Canterberry Gifts!
Away From Home 101
The Away From Home 101 Gift Basket is such a great idea! So many young college students are trying to become independent, and this gift basket allows parents to "help" a little bit with necessities and some treats. It's so hard to let your new adult go, isn't it?
Boredom Buster Care Package
The Boredom Buster care package is filled with fun and distraction for those days when your college student has had enough of chemistry and trigonometry. It's packed full of games, snacks, puzzles, and much more.
It's Game Time Care Package
It's Game Time is a fabulous care package for your shy college student. Send them one of these and they'll make friends fast! There are enough goodies in this package to schedule a game night that will entertain everyone on your student's dormitory floor.
Keep Hanging In There
The days filled with exams can be exhausting, so motivate your college student to keep on task with the Keep Hanging In There care package. Sometimes just knowing someone is back home rooting for you helps you to refocus and get it done!
Midnight Munchies
A care package is a welcome relief to a college student. They spend countless hours studying, attending lectures, tromping across campus in rain, and sometimes feeling very lonely. Let them know they are on your heart with a care package from Canterberry Gifts!
Study Snacks Care Package

Canterberry Gifts - Gift Baskets

FREE Ground Beef for Life with ButcherBox

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FREE Ground Beef for Life
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From The Ground Up - Cauliflower Snacks #review

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Cauliflower has become quite the superfood in recent years. First there was cauliflower pizza crust, and now, for your ultimate no-guilt snacking pleasure, there are now cauliflower snacks! From The Ground Up is an award-winning line of delicious cauliflower-based crackers and pretzels that have a serving of veggies in each 1oz. snack serving. The snacks are Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free Certified, and made with vegan ingredients. From The Ground Up snacks are a fun and tasty way to sneak in some nutrition at snack time.
Consumers were asking for a veggie-based snack that actually had increased nutritional value, so the brand team began looking at the vitamin and fiber rich cauliflower since it’s so versatile and seemed to really be resonating with people. The products taste as delicious as the mainstream versions and have all the characteristics that a better-for-you customer is looking for. The crackers come in three flavors, including sea salt, cheddar, and nacho. The pretzels come in original flavor in sticks and twists shapes. The cheddar cauliflower crackers are my favorite!
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Fall Farmhouse Decor - Farmazon Shop Now Open

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Rustic Raffia Pumpkin
Fall is just around the corner, and the Fall Farmhouse Decor shop is now open at Farmazon! Now is the time to change up your decor by adding some pumpkins, sunflowers, fall leaves, and acorns. Just a few harvest touches and your home will be ready for crisp cool weather. 
Cast Iron Pumpkin Trivet
Pumpkin decor can last all the way through October and Halloween, November and Thanksgiving, as well as a few white pumpkins for the Christmas holidays. Adding just a few pumpkins in your main rooms is a cost-effective way to transition into the fall.
Ceramic Tealight Lantern Pumpkin
Your front porch is always a great place to place real pumpkins, and to showcase your fabulous carved jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Next summer, I hope to plant a pumpkin patch on our farm! Inside the house, I prefer to use artificial pumpkins in my decor so that I don't have to worry about rotting pumpkins.
Glass Pumpkin Candy Jar
Your entryway and living room are perfect places for fall decor vignettes. Try to group your fall decor in threes, such as a pumpkin, a garland of colorful fall leaves, and maybe a "harvest blessings" sign, all available in the Farmazon Fall shop. I always reach for a mixture of materials, such as wood, glass, and fabric. Pumpkin decor in the kitchen is also wonderful!
Wood Tabletop Pumpkin
If you REALLY love fall decor and have bunches of it, you can group 5 or 7 items together. I always prefer to work with an odd number of decor items. When setting up your fall display, it's also fun to add risers under one or two items for extra height. Use a candle or lantern to add some ambiance!
Metal and Wood Pumpkin
You can find all these pumpkins, and hundreds more fall decor items, at Farmazon. Take a peek at my Farmhouse Christmas Decor shop too and combine your purchases to save on shipping costs. You'll also find hundreds of items for your decor, including farmhouse, rustic, vintage, and shabby chic styles. Please "heart" my shops while you're shopping.
Corn Cob Pumpkin
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Rockler Woodworking and Hardware - Special Prices!

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These deals only last through August 31, so don't miss out! Click on the links below for special prices.
8/27-8/31 Deal: Save 25% on the Rockler Deluxe Drawer Pull Jig It, Only $29.99 at Rockler.com
Rockler exclusive JIG IT® template makes marking screw holes for knob and pull installation quick, simple and accurate. Offers spacing for 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2", 3-3/4", 4" and 96mm. Includes 24" aluminum T-slot bar, left to right self-adhesive tape measure, stop block for repetitive drawer pull alignment, and automatic center punch for perfect drill bit alignment every time.
8/27-8/31 Deal: Save 20% off the Rockler 24" x 36" Shop Stand, Only $119.99 at Rockler.com
The perfect steel stand for your CNC Shark, workbench, assembly table, or machining station. Legs and stretchers are pre-drilled to easily add sides, bottom, and hinged doors for a built-in cabinet and have square holes for easy assembly with carriage bolts. Legs are heavy-duty 1/8'' steel, with adjustable levelers for various height settings. Top stretchers can be mounted flush with top or 4" down to add drawer or vise. All parts coated with durable black sand paint.

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Farm Friends - Wooden Baby Book

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Bring home the farm and delight your baby with this charming Farm Friends wooden baby book. These layered pages are made of chunky plywood that is easy to grasp, easy to open, and easy to carry. The pages are bound together with a sturdy cord that makes turning the page simple.
These cute farm animals have such sweet faces! Farm Friends measures about 6"x8" so it's perfectly portable and will easily fit into a diaper bag. Take it along in the car to keep baby happy and busy during travels around town and across the country.
I gave this Farm Friends baby book to my one year old grandson and he was instantly interested in it, grabbing at the cord and grasping at the pages. This book is a wonderful way to introduce books to your baby!
HABA makes fabulous developmental toys for children of all ages. I love their attention to detail and their focus on safety. Their toys are so much fun that children don't even realize they are learning as they play. I love the Farm Friends wooden baby book and so does my grandson!
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Edushape Fish 'N Spell Fishing Set

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Get your preschooler ready for school by incorporating learning games into their everyday lives, like adding the Edushape Fish 'N Spell Fishing Set to their bath time routine. This set includes dozens of wet and stick letters, fishing poles, and bait circles that stick to the letters.
Fish 'N Spell comes with four fishing poles, so your child can play in the tub alone or with a sibling, or in the water table or swimming pool with friends. The lowercase letters come in a variety of colors so children can practice naming their colors too. There's even extra fishing line included.
Assembling the fishing poles takes just a couple of minutes and the bait circles come in two sizes so children can challenge themselves by using the smaller bait circles. In addition to providing letter recognition opportunities, children can even begin spelling easy words like mom, dad, cat, and dog.
Fish 'N Spell also helps to develop hand-eye coordination, as well as both large motor skills (using their arms) and small motor skills (using their fingers). These letters, when wet, will stick to any smooth surface, such as bathtub walls and shower walls. 
Fish 'N Spell even offers children the chance to work on counting skills. Count the number of letters in the child's name after spelling it out. Count the number of yellow letters. Count the number of letters as your child catches them. 
Fish 'N Spell comes with directions on assembly of the fishing poles, as well as a couple of games that children can play with this set. Encourage your child to be creative and to come up with other fishing games on their own. I love this set and was so excited to give it to my 3 year old grandson!
from Edushape for your little ones!