OMEGA 5v Heated Hoodie by Volt

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The OMEGA Heated Hoodie by Volt is awesome! My husband loves it! It's the perfect sweatshirt for daily use. This hoodie can heat your body’s core with the help of their patented Zero Layer Heat System. The Zero Layer Heat System minimizes the amount of bulky layers and also maximizes heat transfer. It keeps you toasty warm so you can enjoy more of life’s outdoor activities.
The OMEGA Heated Hoodie is made with a high strength Poly/Cotton blend. This sweatshirt won’t lose its shape and will stay looking sharp. The external rubber switch on the outside of the right hip pocket allows you to choose between 3 different settings. The switch will glow red for high heat, blue for medium heat, and green for low heat. The heat system heats in 4 zones - upper back, lower middle back, and both pockets (to warm your hands).
The Omega Heated Hoodie comes with a charging cord and a 5 volt 6000 mAh battery that will keep you warm for hours. When you aren’t using the battery to heat the hoodie you can also use the battery to charge a cell phone. You can also use any 5V USB powerbank to run the heat system as long as it has a minimum 2 amp output. The VB560 5v 6000mAh USB powerbank battery and charging cable the provides soothing heat on high for 2+ hours and 5+ hours on the lowest setting.
The OMEGA Hoodie is extremely well constructed, with zippered pockets, a zippered front, elastic wristbands and waistband, and a lined hood. It's super soft and very comfortable to wear. The heating elements add almost no weight to the hoodie, so it is much easier to wear than a heavy winter coat.
It comes with an instruction booklet that details how the power bank and the hoodie's heat system work. It is extremely easy to use and the heating system is wonderful. We live on a Kansas farm and we get very high winds and many days below freezing. The OMEGA Hoodie keeps my husband toasty warm as we go about our farm chores and renovations, allowing him better freedom of movement than a coat.
The power bank is very compact and fits easily into the little pocket inside the hoodie. He doesn't usually get too excited when I give him something new to try out, but he was super impressed with the OMEGA 5v Heated Hoodie by Volt. He is going to get so many years of use from this fabulous product!
The OMEGA Heated Hoodie is a fabulous gift idea! Give one to your husband for his birthday, one to your dad for Father's Day, and one to your son who probably never wears his heavy coat on campus. Your son will probably still wear shorts to class, but he'll be warm in this hoodie!
The OMEGA Hoodie is one of the most unique products we've ever reviewed. We are extremely satisfied with both the look and the function of it. It's definitely a five star product! Check out all the fabulous products available at Volt!
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Connecting with your Grandchildren

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If you are looking for better ways to connect with your grandchildren, Gramma In A Box is a great way to remind them that you are thinking about them. Each month, your grandchildren will receive a box of delicious food crafts with the Gramma In A Box subscription.
Each box contains all the goodies needed to create wonderful sweet treats! The February box includes three projects - Valentine Candy Cane Hearts, Crispy Valentine Bites, and Valentine Cookies. Gramma In A Box even comes with step by step instruction cards to make each project. 
If you live far away from your grandchildren, you can have the box shipped directly to them. They can complete the projects with their parents, and maybe you can even do a video call with them as they work on their treats.
If you live near your grandchildren, you can visit them when their Gramma In A Box arrives, or you can have it shipped to your own home and have them come over to do them with you. It's a wonderful way to create lasting memories!
I've reviewed several of the Gramma In A Box projects over the past couple of months, and I've never been disappointed with the projects or the products. Everything arrives fresh and I love that the cookies are pre-made. It cuts down on preparation time and baking mess!
Gramma In A Box is the perfect way to connect with your grandchildren on a regular basis. Even when your grandkids are grown, they will remember the wonderful treats that came from Gramma. Sign up today for Gramma In A Box!
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Hello Freshies Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

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I am so excited to introduce you to Hello Freshies Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags! These beautifully stitched linen bags are filled with magic! Freshies are filled with 100% premium carbon activated bamboo charcoal that works naturally as an odor remover and air purifier to maintain a breathable and fresh environment in your home by removing bacteria, harmful pollutants, and allergens.
This amazing value pack comes with four 200 gram bags, two 75 gram bags, plus stainless steel S-hooks and a rope for hanging them anywhere. They are great at eliminating odors in closets, drawers, and shoes. Toss a Freshie in your car, gym bag, purse, hamper, smelly shoes, pet areas, bedroom, closet, bathroom, fridge, or anywhere else that needs freshening up. Since I live on a farm, there are plenty of places that benefit from my new Freshies!
Freshies conveniently work in any area up to 90 sq. ft. (for larger spaces, use two or three) and are reusable for up to two years! To rejuvenate, simply place your Freshies in direct sunlight once a month for at least one hour. Freshies are great for pet lovers, too. These chemical free, fragrance free, non toxic, eco-friendly bags help to eliminate and absorb urine and fecal odor. It is an incredibly effective natural air freshener and deodorizer, even in my goat barn!
Freshies also dehumidify to prevent mold, mildew, and excess moisture. We've had tons of rain and snow here in Kansas and I drop Freshies in my work boots whenever I come back indoors. I also have one in my bathroom and one in my laundry room. The carbon activated bamboo charcoal contains millions of micro porous holes that naturally cleans the air by trapping, filtering, and absorbing excess airborne moisture, which reduces mold, mildew, and other pollutants known to trigger allergies. I love my Freshies!
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Farmhouse Wall Decor designed by Me (and Stencil Revolution)

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Farmhouse decor is all the rage right now and since I live in a farmhouse, it's only fitting that I'd fall in love with the farmhouse style. You can find pre-made farmhouse decor all across the internet, but it's just more fun to make your own because then no one else has custom-made home decor like yours, and Stencil Revolution is the place to go for stencils of all kinds!
Stencil Revolution sent me three of their stencils (my choice) and I'm so impressed with the quality! These are not cheapy, flimsy stencils; rather they are high quality, sturdy, reusable, laser-cut, custom-made stencils. You can even choose the size of stencil that you want for your project. These stencils are so easy to work with and I had so much fun creating my own home decor for much less than I'd pay in the stores.
Once I received my stencils, I had to plan out my projects. I didn't want my projects to look like the ones everyone else can buy on the internet or in the store. For my first project, I used a leftover piece of thin plywood underlayment from our bedroom project of faux shiplap. It's 6" x 12" and I first painted it with one thin layer of white interior paint. I used the Farm Fresh Eggs stencil from Stencil Revolution and did a single layer of black with the stencil. When the black paint dried, I distressed the lettering with a sandpaper block, then outlined the letters and images with a smoky blue paint. I love how it turned out!
For my second project, I used a stretched canvas in white. I painted the background using two colors of paint - a caramel color and a cream color - with a wide flat brush, moving from side to side, starting with the darker color, then the lighter color, then a blend of the two colors. I love how it looks like wooden planks. Once the background dried, I used my Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers stencil from Stencil Revolution with just a single layer of black paint to make it look worn, then added a line above and below the stenciled image, with a few touches of small black lines here and there to give it some depth. I just love having art in my home that I designed and made myself. This one will hang on the bedroom wall above my dresser.
For my last project (and probably my favorite), I used a piece of 100-year old reclaimed wood that already had paint on it that was naturally distressed from weather and age. I cut it down so that it would be perfectly square, sanded the edges smooth and used the Our Farmhouse stencil from Stencil Revolution. I love that this stencil comes with the numbers 0-9 so anyone can create it for their own home. I used the year that we bought our Kansas farmhouse. I painted two layers using the black paint so that the design would stand out sharply from the wood. I also connected the cursive lettering and added stems in between the leaves. I am so in love with this piece. I thought about adding something more to the corners of the wood, but I think it's beautifully simple the way it is now so I'm going to leave it like this. Right now it sits on the top shelf of the bookcase in our living room with statues of two little goats.
Stencil Revolution can help you easily design custom art pieces for your home too! Check out their huge line of stencils for all kinds of great projects, including wall stencils, mandala stencils, Christmas stencils, home decor stencils, and much more. I will definitely be ordering some more stencils from Stencil Revolution!




CleverMade SnapBasket LUXE Collapsible 30L Canvas Tote

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Oh my goodness, I'm so smitten with the new CleverMade SnapBasket LUXE Collapsible 30L Canvas Tote! First off, it's so pretty with its navy blue and white striped pattern. Plus, it features vegan leather edging and straps. It collapses down flat and can be wrapped up tight with the built-in WrapStrap. Friends, this tote holds so much stuff!
The WrapStrap is a thick elastic band that you can flip over to the bottom so it doesn't even show when you're using the bag. It features four feet so you can set the bag anywhere, even on the floor, and the fabric won't get dirty.
To open the SnapBasket LUXE, just lift up on the top edges and on two opposite sides, you'll see (in the picture below) two striped sections that are hiding the "snap" part of the tote. Just press those from the inside towards the outside and this gorgeous tote stands straight up on its own!
Below you can see how it looks after I've snapped the sides into place. You have no idea how happy I am to have a tote bag that won't fall over on me! I use tote bags all the time, for shopping, traveling, and storage in my home and my car. It's the perfect bag for taking packages to the post office, toting gear to class, bringing home groceries, shopping at the craft store, collecting souvenirs on a trip, and so much more!
The SnapBasket LUXE is a 30 Liter bag, which is 8 gallons! It measures 18.5" L x 11.75" W x 11.5" H fully open and collapses down to just 1.3 inches! When I'm not using (which won't be very often), I can collapse it down and slide it under my dresser, my bed, or stand it up on its side to slide it between my desk and the wall. This bag is so big that both my baby goats fit in it!
You can also see that the bag is fully lined, so you have two layers of fabric to make it much more sturdy and more durable. The vegan leather edging help to make it even more sturdy and the leather straps are going to easily hold up to constant use. I love how CleverMade combined the striped fabric with the solid fabric for extra flair too.
There is even a nice zippered compartment for a phone, keys, lip gloss, glasses, and money. This is the perfect tote for hitting yard sales and flea markets too. This summer, it will be perfect for trips to the lake (or the beach, although we don't have those in Kansas). It holds a full picnic lunch for the park too!
I have never had a tote bag that had these many fabulous features and I am absolutely delighted with the SnapBasket LUXE! It is also available in a Heather Gray or a Rose Herringbone style, but my favorite is the Navy Striped. It's only $29.99 and would make a perfect gift for anyone on any occasion! Check out the other CleverMade products too, like the SnapBasket Coolers and CleverCrates.
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Warmhearted Children's Book: Miss Pinkeltink’s Purse

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This children's book is the perfect way to teach children about giving from the heart! A warm-hearted homeless woman finds a home in Miss Pinkeltink’s Purse by Patty Brozo and illustrated by Ana Ochoa (from Tilbury Press, ISBN: 978-0884486268; Hardcover $17.95; Ages 4-8). From its humorous opening through its sad midpoint and uplifting end, Miss Pinkeltink’s story shines a light on humanity.
This children's storybook, with children as agents of positive change, reminds us again that communities are best known by their treatment of the disadvantaged among them. "Rosy-cheeked and quite antique, Miss Pinkeltink / carried everything but the kitchen sink. / Her purse was so big that it dragged on the floor. / When she rode on the bus it got stuck in the door." It's a great book to teach children about how different people have differing resources, and that even the poorest among us can be generous. It also teaches that good deeds come back to you tenfold.
Generous and eccentric, Miss Pinkeltink fills her huge purse with everything from a toilet plunger to roller skates, and then gives it all away. "She offers tape to fix a flat tire and a bone to a kitty: Miss Pinkeltink’s gifts never quite hit the mark, / but she gave what she had, and she gave from the heart." And then, with nothing left to give or to shelter herself, she huddles on a park bench, trying to sleep in the rain. And that’s where Zoey sees her from her bedroom window and knows that something must be done. I absolutely love this book and think every child should hear the story!
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Have I Ever Told You? Children's Book

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Children's books can be so powerful and this book is one for the ages! Have I Ever Told You? By Shani M. King and illustrated by Anna Horváth (from Tilbury House Publishers, January 2019; ISBN: 978-0884487197; Hardcover $14.95; Ages 5-6) offers "powerful words of love and encouragement...to children of all ages, races, religions, and walks of life...followed by character-building affirmations of dignity, respect, and value."
It holds the message of dignity that every child on this earth needs to hear: You are loved. You matter. You make me smile. You make me the happiest person in the world, just by being you. “Have I ever told you that, for me, there is no one more special than you? That for me, you are the most special child in the world, and that I love you now and will love you forever? Have I ever told you that?” What a wonderful children's book to snuggle up and read to your child at bedtime each night!
Shani King wrote Have I Ever Told You? as a note to his children, to remind them that they are amazing in their individuality and that they have the power to choose who they want to be in this world. The illustrations create a masterful visual narrative: warm, witty, simple, profound, and as ferociously empowering as a children’s book can be. I love the inclusive messages and illustrations that help young children understand that each one of us, no matter who we are, are important to the rest of the world. This book is a must for every home!
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