Jumbo Magnatab - Glow In The Dark #kids #creativity

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Kids love to be creative and it is important that we, as adults, foster their creativity and provide lots of opportunities for children to have access to different kinds of art media. If your family is constantly on the move, you can still provide creative outlets for your kids that don't require paint, clay, markers, or even crayons. The Jumbo Magnatab is a mess-free, self-contained creative toy that can go anywhere your child goes!
The Jumbo Magnatab from Kid O is a free-form drawing tablet that also glows in the dark, which is fabulous for families that travel at night, especially in a car. I'm willing to bet it's also a favorite of kids who like to stay up and play under the covers after mom and dad put them to bed. Jumbo Magnatab is filled with tiny little magnetic balls that are permanently locked inside the tab case.
The "pen" is actually a magnetic stylus that pulls each magnetic ball up to the surface of the tablet case and clicks it into place. It also works as the "eraser" because when the stylus is turned sideways, it can be swept across the face of the tablet to knock all the balls back down inside the case. The stylus stores conveniently in its own spot on the front of the Jumbo Magnatab.
The Jumbo Magnatab measures just over 9" x 7" and its slim design easily fits into any backpack, book bag, and even a back-of-the-seat pocket in the car. Designed for ages 3 and up, Jumbo Magnatab will entertain children for hours. The possibilities for fun and creativity are endless! As a child development specialist, I give Kid O five stars for the Glow In The Dark Jumbo Magnatab!
The glow in the dark aspect of the Jumbo Magnatab makes this toy superior to similar products. I love that it creates no mess, love that it can go anywhere, and love that it is all self-contained. I tried to get the little magnetic balls to come out, but they stayed securely in the case. This is an excellent gift idea for either boys or girls, and especially for the age 3-10 crowd!
**Bonus - it requires NO batteries!
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MOLUK HIX Convertible Construction Cones Toy

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Open-ended toys are toys that have no single specific purpose but rather allow the child to learn and play by exploring, experimenting, and discovering. MOLUK HIX Convertible Construction Cones is a fun set of four flexible silicone cones that convert to varying shapes and sizes.
HIX is safe for all ages and you will definitely get your money's worth with a toy that can be used in unlimited ways. I borrowed two of my favorite neighborhood kids to help me review HIX and I was fascinated by how many ideas they came up with using HIX cones.
Each HIX cone can collapse down on itself to make different shapes. Each cone has two small circles cut into one side of the cone, which makes many of the kids' creations appear to have eyes. The kids first counted the cones, named the four colors of cones, then began manipulating them with their hands. It's a great fidget toy!
As they constructed different creations, I stood back and snapped some pictures while listening to their conversation. The kids talked about using the cones for hats, animal ears, and hills for insects. They pretended the cones were ice cream cones, water cups, and measuring cups for baking. HIX cones are soft so they won't hurt your feet if you accidentally step on them!
I was amazed at all the ideas a seven year old and a four year old could come up with as uses for HIX construction cones. They had so much fun deciding how to use the cones and the ideas just kept flowing once they got started. No matter what adults think kids will do with a toy, kids will almost every time surprise adults with their creativity!
HIX construction cones are fun to manipulate, bend, fold, and scrunch. They help children grasp developmental skills like spatial ability, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and of course gravity. It's like a crash course in childhood geometry! I highly recommend this toy for preschoolers and schoolagers.
  HIX is a great holiday gift idea for kids!
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Top Off Your Fall Fashion with a Tenth Street Hat #fashion

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Now that we live in Kansas, we finally get to enjoy all four seasons and that opens up a whole new world of fashion choices that I didn't have while living in Texas. This fall, I'm topping off my fall fashions with a Tenth Street Hat, more specifically, I'm totally rocking life in my new Sydney, a wool felt hat with a floppy round crown.
I am so impressed with the amazing quality of my Tenth Street hat. It's made of genuine wool felt and features a generous 4" brim, an inner drawstring sweatband, and a waxcord band for extra bling. The sizing is one size fits all, but the inner drawstring sweatband allows you to make it a bit tighter if necessary. Mine fit perfectly right out of the box!
Wearing a hat in the fall not only tops off my fashion like a cherry on a sundae, it also helps keeps my head warm and even hides my bad hair days. We get a lot of wind sweeping across the plains here in central Kansas, and my Sydney from Tenth Street helps me keep the frizz down to a minimum on those breezy, brisk days.
Tenth Street offers a huge selection of hats for women and men. They have a 30 day, hassle-free return/exchange policy, as well as a one-year, craftsmanship guarantee on all hats - they will replace your damaged hat for free within the first 12 months. I absolutely LOVE my Tenth Street Hat! It's a great gift idea for the holidays!
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FarmFoods Beef Sampler Pack - Steak Fajita #Recipe

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The price of high quality beef at the grocery store is ridiculous, so we've been looking for better ways to budget for our monthly food costs, and FarmFoods is the perfect answer! FarmFoods believes consumers should know where their beef comes from and how it is raised. They work closely with specific American farmers who raise 100% grass fed beef with no antibiotics or hormones. We ordered a beef sampler pack consisting of 10 different types of steak for a total of over 10 pounds of beef.
My FarmFoods beef sampler pack arrived in just two days. All FarmFoods beef is vacuum sealed and frozen at the height of freshness, then shipped out in dry ice so you can simply open the box and put it all in your freezer. For our first FarmFoods meal, we selected the Beef Flap, a cut that is similar to a skirt steak. We decided to make steak fajitas with our beef and share the recipe with you!
Steak Fajita recipe using FarmFoods Beef Flap

FarmFoods Beef Flap
1 tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
Minced garlic
Salt and Pepper
Diced Jalapenos
Yellow onion ring slices (sauteed)

Marinate FarmFoods Beef Flap and 1 tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce for one hour in a zipper closure plastic baggie. Remove from baggie and place on plate. Season both side of the beef with minced garlic, salt, and pepper. Preheat barbecue grill to 500 degrees F. Sear the beef on the grill for 3.5 minutes on each side (beef flap is best at medium rare). After removing beef from heat to plate, top with diced jalapenos and sauteed onion rings. Slice thinly and serve in tortillas with shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, and any other fillings you desire.
FarmFoods beef is SO incredibly delicious! We filled six tortillas with our beef and it could have been stretched to fill eight tortillas, enough to feed a family of four. I can really tell the difference between FarmFoods and grocery store beef. FarmFoods is so much fresher, and honestly, it looks way better than what we've bought for more money at the grocery store.
FarmFoods allows you to shop from the comfort of your home for high quality, farm raised beef. You can purchase cuts of steak, ground beef, stew meat, hamburger patties, roasts, ribs, organs, bones for broth, or even a 16th of a cow (25 pounds). FarmFoods works closely with Humboldt Farm, CA, Siskiyou County Farm, CA, Cunningham Farm, OR, and Howard Farm, ID, to bring your family excellent beef at rock-bottom prices!
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One Day Project - Door Makeover featuring the Deconovo Tie Up Curtain #renovation

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We have now officially owned our 1888 Kansas farmhouse for one year! There are not very many "one day projects" around here, because most of our projects take weeks or even months. Finding just the right curtain for the back door of our house was the perfect reason to make a Door Makeover one of our "one day" projects. I absolutely adore this Deconovo Blackout Tie Up Curtain in light gray!
Made of 100% polyester, the Deconovo Tie Up Curtain is beautiful right out of the box. It measures 46" wide and 63" long, but can be used for any window smaller than that because the tie feature means you can make it as long or short as you want it on your window. It's also machine washable and can be dried in the dryer. It's soft, smooth, and durable. I didn't even feel a need to iron it before hanging it.
This is the back door that desperately needed a makeover. Okay, in all reality, everything in this house desperately needed a makeover since it hadn't been updated since the 1970s. Also, the gentleman we bought the house from was nearly blind so I'm sure he had no idea how rough the house actually was when we bought it. The window on the door measures about 23" x 25" but the horizontal blinds that came with the house are not appropriate to the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Deconovo tie up curtain fits our 100+ year old farmhouse better.
I've been painting the master bedroom the past few weeks and have developed a very tender elbow, so I smiled sweetly at my dear husband and asked him to tackle the back door makeover. He took off the old horizontal blinds, taped off the antique door hardware with blue painter's tape, filled all the old nail holes and screw holes in the wood door, sanded down the rough spots, and had the door and door frame primed by noon.
Two coats of white paint with a few hours of dry time in between coats, and we have a beautifully restored back door. I bought an adjustable 3/4" diameter curtain rod and my husband installed the two included brackets higher on the door than the horizontal blinds were hung, so we could give the door an illusion of more height. The door looks so good, and now the rest of the laundry room looks awful because we haven't painted that room yet...another project for another day!
It took me a few times toying around with the tie up strips until I liked my bows. The light gray looks so soft against the white. The polyester fabric is really easy to work with and fluffs perfectly where I want it fluffy. The whole look of the Deconovo tie up curtain is so much more inviting than the hard lines of the old blinds.
I took a couple of pictures last night (two pics above), then a few more today (two pics below), so I could show how it looks at different times of the day. The Deconovo Tie Up Curtain is a Blackout curtain, which means it helps to block out light. I can also tie up the curtains higher if I want lots of light to come in through the window. I love the flexibility of this curtain!
I have also seen pics of this type of curtain where the bottom hem is rolled up rather than bunched up into ruffled waves. There are actually four strips of fabric that make up the ties, two in front and two behind it. You simply make the bow by tying one front strip and one back strip together. Deconovo offers this curtain in lots of great colors and you can even choose from a rod pocket top or a grommet style top. I love the new look and all it took was one day!
and start planning your next makeover!

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October Gramma in a Box - Sweet Treats, No Work, Just the Fun!

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Gramma in a Box is the perfect gift subscription for kids. If your kids love to decorate cookies and create fun edible crafts, but you hate all the mess, then Gramma in a Box is perfect for your family. If your kids are grown and you're enjoying time with your grandchildren, this box will keep them entertained for a while and you won't have to bake. If your grandchildren are far away, then Gramma in a Box is a great way to let them know they are always on your mind.
 Your monthly Gramma in a Box includes baked cookies with frosting and sprinkless as well two easy candy crafts to make. There are enough supplies in each box to make at least 20 finished products. Each box also comes with handy step-by-step instructions with illustrations, but of course creativity is always encouraged.
October Gramma in a Box comes with three projects - Oreo Spiders, Monster Bark, and Halloween Cookies. You get all the necessary sweet ingredients in the October box, already separated into little cups or baggies. Gramma even sends along wax paper to help keep the project mess in one spot on your table.
Since my grandchildren are out of state, I borrowed a couple of children from one of my neighbors to help me make the Gramma in a Box treats. They were so excited to do these projects and the little one kept asking me if Gramma was coming over to eat the treats. They even wanted to keep all the little leftover storage cups and lids.
I am a big fan of Gramma in a Box! The ingredients are fresh, the project cards are easy to follow, and the mess is so much less than if I had to bake all the cookies before the kids arrived. The kids even used the shipping box as their little trash can while working at the table, so cleanup only meant tossing the little box of trash and a quick wash of the table with a wet cloth.
I asked the kids which project was their favorite one and they both shouted "all of them!" With the holidays coming up, a Gramma in a Box subscription is the perfect holiday gift for your kids or grandkids that will keep them smiling month after month.
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myCharge Portable Power Outlet Charging Hub and Inverter #tech #review

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I am so excited about the myCharge Portable Power Outlet Charging Hub and Inverter! This amazing piece of tech is like taking a wall outlet along with you wherever you go. This heavy duty Portable Power Outlet delivers 20,000 mAh and AC 110V/65W total output power for up to 10x extra battery providing a streamlined power source of a maximum power output of 65W, enough to power a laptop or even a 34-inch LED television for up to four hours.
It has a compact design, measuring 5.0 in x 5.75 in x 1.4 in, and you won't want to go anywhere without it. It's the perfect camping and tailgating companion, because it's designed to replace heavy, bulky generators and extend the life of your electronics when out of reach from a consistent power source. Power your laptop, tablet, cell phone, Bluetooth speaker, lights, fan, camping and outdoor accessories, and much more!
The myCharge Portable Power Outlet is rugged and durable with a rubberized finish. It is built for regular and repeated use, and to withstand the most extreme outdoor conditions (it's splash-proof, drop-resistant, and dirt-proof) while camping, hiking, mountaineering, or simply on the go. I love that each power outlet features a rubberized cover to use when not in use!
This fabulous power hub allows you to power up to four devices at one time, with two USB outputs, one USB-C output, and an AC power output. It features a super easy on/off button on the face of the hub and an easy to read LCD display screen that shows you the charge level. You can even charge up the Portable Power Outlet while you're charging your devices.
I don't do much camping anymore, but I take my Portable Power Outlet Charging Hub along with me on road trips and plane trips. It's a wonderful travel accessory and it's safe to take in the airplane cabin with you. My older-style laptop doesn't hold a charge for very long, so taking the myCharge along on the plane allows me to plug in and use my laptop on long flights.
Best of all, I fully charged the myCharge Portable Power Outlet Charging Hub and Inverter in less than 2 hours! And, if no devices are being charged, it will automatically turn its power off in 60 seconds to retain power. I have never, ever had a myCharge product fail on me. Every product I've ever used from myCharge did exactly what it was advertised to do or better.
The myCharge Portable Power Outlet is an excellent gift for anyone. They offer a wide variety of portable power solutions at www.mycharge.com. Check out their entire line of products and find the one that works best for you and your lifestyle, then order some for holiday gifts!