Major Life Milestone

I can't believe it. I just can't believe it finally happened. I mean, I've only been 45 years old for a few days. Today was the day though. I was talking to the lady at the credit union. We're opening a new account so we can fire our big bank. She's probably all of about 23 years old. She says to me, "So, do you have children? Grandchildren?" UM...WHAT? REALLY? SERIOUSLY? Okay, okay, I absolutely know I've reached the age (and so have my kids) where I could feasibly be a grandparent and I'm not really that freaked out about that. But...now, after what she said, I feel like I've reached an age where I look like I'm likely a grandparent. Ouch! My husband was so oblivious at that moment that he didn't even hear her ask me, so I had no back up whatsoever. I'm seldom speechless, but that one left me floundering. So, I consoled myself later this afternoon by buying new shoes, nice comfortable ones.

Halloween Weekend Hop

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$50 Friday Winner

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Holiday Gift Guide

I'm so excited to announce that I'm compiling a Holiday Gift Guide for my readers. I've been in contact with lots of companies that are sending me some wonderful gifts to review. They are sponsoring many fabulous giveaways for you and are offering some great discounts to you as the holiday season approaches.
The Holiday Gift Guide will be filled with wonderful gifts for him, for her, for the kids, for your parents, and even corporate gifts. On a budget this year? Awesome, there will be something for you! Splurging on your child? Got it covered. Need something unique for the man who has it all? You can find it in the Holiday Gift Guide.
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Time to Trick or Treat at the Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Trick or Treat Halloween Hop hosted by Tales From the Nursery, Formula Mom and  Mama on a Green Misson, where you will go trick-or-treating virtually at each blog for a chance to win some totally ghoul prizes. Will they have tricks or will they have treats? You must click through the linky to find out!

Planet Weidknecht is giving away a two month supply of Viviscal Hair Nutrition plus a $25 Target Gift Card, for a total prize package worth $125.00! 

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Everyone loves cash, right? How would you like a chance to win $50 EVERY FRIDAY? Well, I am very excited that I have joined with an amazing group of bloggers to offer you a WEEKLY cash giveaway! Cool, yes? 

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    My Birthday Blessings

    I've been totally overwhelmed with love and good wishes on this, my 45th, birthday. I find it rather funny that I'm now eligible to join AARP now (though I won't LOL). My Facebook page is covered with sweet words today and I feel so special. One of my daycare moms brought a cookie cake so we could celebrate at snack-time today. She even brought party hats! I love the shirt her daughter wore to daycare today:
    It says "Miss Lisa ROCKS!" on it. I got all choked up about it.
    The kids all sang Happy Birthday to me before snack time.
    Plus my daughter called from college to wish me a happy birthday.
    My boys bought me an ice cream cake and we all will have a special birthday dinner.
    Mom and my sisters have sent wishes, cards, and gifts. (I miss you Daddy, RIP!)
    My dear sweet friend from church is bringing me lunch.
    I have several very generous gift cards from daycare families and a whole row of beautiful birthday cards lined up on my shelf.
    I am so blessed! It's been a wonderful birthday so far and it's not even noon yet!


    The Amazing Jack-O-Lantern

    I really love this year's Jack-O-Lantern. My husband did an awesome job carving it. Happy Halloween everyone!

    Step2 Contest for $5K

    The Step2 Company is proud to kick off the “Big Imaginations Are Cooking” contest to inspire children (and parents!) to laugh, play and learn through the holidays.  With a chance to win a brand new Step2 play kitchen and $5,000 in prize money, families can ring in the holidays a little bit earlier this year by celebrating their love of creative play.

    Today through November 20, 2011, families can enter the “Big Imaginations Are Cooking” contest by submitting a short essay to http://www.bigimaginationscontest.com/ that tells a story about their kids playing in an imaginative, unstructured way. To inspire you, the site showcases the full line of Step2 play kitchens! You can also watch four videos from top mommy bloggers showcasing their belief in the importance of imaginative and creative play for their own children.

    After the essays are received, ten finalists will receive a Step2 play kitchen of their choice, PLUS a video camera to showcase their kids in action. Step2’s Facebook fans then vote for their favorite video between December 12 and January 8 to determine the winner, who will receive the $5,000 grand prize. That would certainly pay off your holiday bills!!!

    These Holiday Toys from the Step2 Company offer a huge variety of play experiences and innovative products from play kitchens to a builder’s workshop. Step2 has something for everyone on your list! Be sure to enter soon!

    FREEBIE Digital Scrapbooking Designer Pack Download

    Here is another freebie from My Memories Suite 2 Software. 
    Just click and take!
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    Preschool Science: Pumpkin

    This is truly preschool science at its best!

    Halloween Recipe - Eye Balls and Blood Soup

    By Nicole at Plain Graces
    This is a simple idea that literally makes eyes bulge with surprise.  I have served dilated pupils floating in homemade tomato soup and snuggled in steaming chili. To make your eyeballs, here is what you need: White Cheese (blanco Velveeta, string cheese, shredded mozzarella, or block mozzarella), Olives (the pimentos in green olives add a scary touch, but you can use black), Melon baller or spoon, Microwave safe bowl (if you are using hard cheeses).
    Follow these steps to concoct a fear inducing entree:  Soften your cheese in the microwave safe bowl.  (I bypassed this step by using a white Velveeta cheese today). If you opt to use a different cheese, all you need to do is microwave it until it can be rolled into balls. Be careful that you don't overdo it and burn the cheese. Next, take your melon baller or spoon and dip out a rounded piece of cheese. With your finger, make a small indention and place an olive inside. Gently press the cheese around the olive. Finally, roll the cheese ball in the palm of your hands to smooth out the edges and give the eyes a round appearance. Refrigerate until serving time. Serve in hot soup, in goblets of tomato juice, or as a fun finger appetizer.
    Want YOUR recipe featured on Planet Weidknecht? Send me an email!


    Trick or Treat at EdenFantasys.com

    This time of  year, everyone is looking for a fabulous costume to wear on Halloween. October 25 is the biggest costume shopping day online of the year! EdenFantasys.com can get you ready for Trick or Treat like no one else. They even have beautiful plus size costumes (for those of us who don't look like models). With hundreds of styles available, you can find the best Halloween costumes around. Maybe you could be the french maid, or the frisky cop, or even Santa's baby. You could really put a smile on your husband's face when you put on a Saloon Girl costume and hand him a drink!

    Has he ever asked you to play doctor? Show up in a nurse's costume and his fever will go way up! Irish? Got it. French? Got it. Maybe he is a total sports nut. Try the Football Fantasy outfit. Nascar his thing? Check out the Racing mini skirt. Maybe your man is a fireman; see the female firefighter costume. Army? Got an army bustier! Navy? Got a sailor outfit! Pirate? Got a wench costume you'll love! Are you soft and sweet? You could be Miss Snowflake or Sugar Babe. Are you a bit naughty? There are costumes for you too....Vampire Vixen, Corrupt Cop and Dirty Girl Gangster. Intrigued yet? Head over to the adult toy store where you will find a costume for every taste! Halloween is the time to be someone you usually are not, so find the perfect costume to represent. PS - They have a 20 percent off sale on some of their adult toys. Maybe you can trade your husband a trick for a treat!

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    Viviscal -Trick or Treat Halloween Hop Sponsor

    You may remember I started the Viviscal Hair Nutrition program almost two months ago. Here is the original POST. Well, I'm almost done with my two month trial period and wanted to give you a heads-up that I'll be doing my review soon. In just a few days I will fill you in on all the hair-raising adventures of my Viviscal experience.

    I'll post my review on October 31, the day I take my last ones. Now don't brush me off, I'm going to give away a two month supply of Viviscal (plus a $25 gift card to Target for new hair brushes) to a lucky reader during the Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop event happening from October 28 to November 2.

    Seeking YOUR Halloween Recipes Now

    Please submit your Halloween Recipes now for inclusion in my Halloween Recipe Guide! Send to [email protected] and if you would like backlinks to your own site please include them! I will even provide you a "featured" button for your site!

    Halloween Facts to Spook You

    The Ultimate Visual Guide to Halloween Statistics and Halloween costumes Infographic Created by HalloweenCostumes.com..


    Fall Fix It Home Depot Giveaway

     Fall is here! Time to clean out the gutters, rake up the leaves, pull the dead flowers, plant the bulbs, caulk the windows, wrap the exposed pipes, and....what? You spent your money on Halloween candy and costumes? Enter below for a $25 Home Depot Gift Card so you can get started on your Fall Fix It List!
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    Surviving Halloween and Not Getting Fat

    Let's face it. We all eat too much candy in October. We sneak into the kitchen to our kids' plastic pumpkins and swipe the good stuff because they just won't miss one or two or three (each night). We buy the candy we intend to hand out to the neighborhood trick-or-treaters weeks in advance, saying we need to get it early before all the good stuff disappears. Or maybe there's a great sale that we just can't pass up on candy bars. And isn't it our duty as grown-ups to test the candy before we start handing it out? I mean, it could be a bad batch and we'd hate to get the next door kids sick. So we have to open the bag early and try it. Maybe just one more. Two bags later, we realize we need to buy more. Okay, so here are my best tips to survive this year's Halloween without getting fat:
    1. Don't buy any candy until October 31 in the late afternoon.
    2. Use plastic Halloween decorations, not real candy ones.
    3. Volunteer to provide the Halloween cups and plates for your kids' class, not the cupcakes.
    4. Vow that any baked goods you make before October 31 have to go to the senior home.
    5. Put the kids' Halloween candy haul on the top shelf of their closet when they go to bed. 
    6. Drink lots of water with fresh lemon in it. It helps reduce cravings, trust me.
    Good luck and happy haunting!

    Moving with Mom

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    Thanks to all who participated!  
     I love to make you winners!

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