Luminara Candles from PeachSkinSheets

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Along with the super soft sheet set from PeachSkinSheets I received for review, was a lovely blue Luminara Candle. This flameless candle actually surprised me because it has a feature I've never seen before in a Luminara candle...the flame actually moves. It bounces around at the top of the candle just like a real flame!
Made with real wax, these flameless candles have a delightfully subtle scent. They operate on two D batteries for 500 hours of romantic ambiance (without being a fire hazard). The switch even has a timer option and you can also purchase a remote for it.
These Luminara Candles come in both 5" and 7" sizes and in a variety of colors and scents, so you can choose the one that fits best into your home decor. This one is going into the bathroom so I can take candlelight bubble baths!
Since there is really no way to show you how realistic these candles are in a photograph, I shot a quick video of my candle in action:

Isn't it incredible? Order your Luminara Candle at www.peachskinsheets.com and make sure to read my review of their sheet sets too! These candles are wonderful gifts and will add a touch of warmth to your home decor. I love mine and I know you will too!
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Giveaway! PeachSkinSheets Super Soft 1500-TC Sheet Set

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I swear to you, that is not a typo! These PeachSkinSheets are really 1500 thread count! I didn't even realize sheets with that high of a thread count even existed. What's the big deal about thread count? The higher the thread count, the better the sheets, the softer the sheets, the more luxurious and comfortable the sheets. I've been cheating myself out of glamourous, movie-star quality sleep all these years!
Besides being the softest bedsheets I've ever slept upon, PeachSkinSheets have tons of other benefits! They are 50% more breathable than most fabrics, including cotton. The SMART fabric even wicks away moisture (which is perfect for my night sweats). This amazing fabric has body temperature management properties, which means these sheets kept me sleeping comfortably cool all night long, while my husband (who always turns up the furnace before bed) slept comfortably warm. To quote my husband, "I love these! They are amazing!"
The fabric is super soft, peach skin soft, but one of the best benefits to PeachSkinSheets is that they are not slippery! In comparison to other sheets (even satin and bamboo), PeachSkinSheets are truly the most comfortable I've ever touched. PeachSkinSheets come in lots of colors, and I opted for white sheets, mostly because I was going to replace the older white sheet set in my guest room, but sorry future guests, these sheets are staying on our bed!
I don't iron. Ever. Thankfully, PeachSkinSheets are wrinkle-resistant and I made the bed with these sheets straight out of the dryer. Normally I wash sheets a couple times right out of the package to soften them up, but I'm not sure these sheets could even get any softer! There are SO many more benefits to PeachSkinSheets -- they are anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, durable, lightweight, stain-resistant, free of pesticides, and won't shrink over time. See even more benefits of PeachSkinSheets HERE! Want a swatch? Get one HERE. They always have at least 2 Colors of the Month priced at $50 for any size set, and the regular sale price is just $69.95 for any size set.
I am absolutely thrilled with PeachSkinSheets and highly recommend them! I am so excited I get to give away a set of sheets to one of my readers! The winner will be able to choose any size, any color of PeachSkinSheets. Enter below for your chance to win!
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PeachSkinSheets Giveaway!
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CleanPath Turns Cleaning Upside Down

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Did you know the majority of your household cleaners are mostly water? CleanPath has revolutionized household cleaners by concentrating the cleaning agents into a little pod, and you just add the water at home! Each pod contains enough for three full bottles of cleaner. This amazing collection includes multi-surface cleaner, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, hand soap, and hand sanitizer.
Think about the positive impact! You're carrying home lighter shopping bags. You're reducing waste in the environment. You're saving money by getting three bottles to the cost of one. Plus, CleanPath products are made with premium ingredients and their foaming hand soap is a part of the EPA's Design for the Environment program.
Each CleanPath product is specially designed so that the refill pod screws onto the bottom of the bottle. Just turn it upside down and gently squeeze the concentrate into the bottle so that it fills the inner measuring cup to the line. Then flip it over and fill it with water! CleanPath products keep my home just as clean as anything else I've ever used, but the added benefits of these products make them a better choice for my family.
Find out more about CleanPath at www.mycleanpath.com. CleanPath products are available exclusively at Walmart across the country. Starter bottles retail for $3.58 each, and refill pods for $2.28 each, making the per bottle cost under $1, since each refill pod makes 3 bottles of premium cleaner. CleanPath has my highest recommendation!


UviCube - New Technology to Keep Baby Safe from Germs #KickstartUviCube


Technology has improved our lives in so many ways. In the past 20 years, I've been simply amazed at all the wonderful new technological advances that have given us the internet, improved health care, more efficient cars, more comfortable homes, and so much more. Many things have remained constant, such as the desire of parents to protect their children from harm. Providing children, especially babies, with a clean environment is one of the ways in which parents can keep their kids safe. You already sweep and mop your floors, and maybe you even sanitize your baby bottles and pacifiers. UviCube is the future of keeping babies safe from germs!
UviCube is a new device that keeps your baby safe from germs by eliminating 99.9% of harmful bacteria with UV light. It dries, disinfects, and stores baby bottles, pacifiers, cups in a safe, clean enclosure until they are needed. Plus, because it uses UV light, you can sanitize mobile phones, electronics, toys, and other household items that cannot be exposed to moisture or heat. UviCube eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria!

Designed by by Autumn Colayco and her husband Ben Colayco, UviCube was created to be as beautiful as it is functional. Measuring 12” wide x 14” deep x 15” tall, UviCube looks great on any counter. It's SO easy to use - just wash items the way you normally do, then shake off any excess water, place the items inside and press the START button. In 45 minutes, your baby's bottles will be clean, dry, and sanitized (dry items are sanitized in just 10 minutes). Because there is no exposure to heat or steam, there is no risk of burns. You'll even save time since you won't have to dry all those bottles, nipples, and lids, or even put them away. When you need a clean bottle or pacifier, just grab one out of UviCube!

I think it's a spectacular idea and wish I would have owned a UviCube when I was running my own daycare program. Sanitizing toys by hand takes forever and it was one of the jobs I dreaded as a childcare provider. I would have much rather just tossed the toys into a UviCube for ten minutes!
UviCube is such a fabulous idea, that in the first five days of its Kickstarter program, they reached their initial goal! Find out more about UviCube HERE and be sure to check out the fabulous video on their page to see how UviCube can make your life easier and your baby's life safer from germs.

Take Back Your Shower with Softsoap Body Washes

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Your daily shower should be a time for stress-free relaxation, right? Yet, believe it or not, 67% of people are spending their time in the shower thinking about work and household chores. To celebrate the launch of the new Softsoap Fresh and Glow body wash line, Softsoap is challenging YOU to take back your shower. After all, the shower is the few moments you have to yourself each day to escape!
Clear your mind, wash away your stress, and take back your shower by using the new Softsoap Fresh and Glow body washes while listening to a relaxing playlist. Softsoap Fresh and Glow Hydrating Shower Cream is made with 100% real extracts sourced from milk, coconuts, and almonds. Its unique formula is proven to lock-in long-lasting moisture to hydrate skin, leaving it soft and radiant.
Softsoap Fresh and Glow Exfoliating Fruit Polish is made with a 100% real extract sourced from kiwi and orange. Its unique formula is packed with apricot seeds that exfoliate, giving you smooth healthy-looking skin.
I love these rich, creamy Softsoap Body Washes! They smell so good and leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. In fact, I haven't used any other brand since trying Softsoap Body Wash for the first time last year. Have you tried them yet? What songs relax you in the shower?
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