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It's time for another 24 hour giveaway at Planet Weidknecht. To thank all my wonderful, fabulous, amazing fans, I'm sponsoring a giveaway right out of my own pocket!!!! You could win a $25 Gift Card to Target. But you have to sign up NOW. Ends at midnight CST 7/31/2011.

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Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop 7/29

Art Giveaway from Kallahanskiy Works


Every once in a while, I'll come across art that leaves me breathless. It's happened again. I found Katie's Etsy shop, called Kallahanskiy Works, and was startled by the beauty and emotion in her paintings. I approached her for more information and here's what Katie had to say about her background:

I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. I attended Appalachian State University and graduated with a Political Science & International Relations degree. I now live in Chicago. I enjoy creating pieces with themes of nature and family. I incorporate international and ethnic elements into my work. I prefer to use bright, vivid colors in order to make positive, uplifting statements with my paintings. I have used art in many ways in my volunteer work with non-profits in the community to bring people together. These particular pieces are are from a series of works exploring motherhood and family in different cultures. Lately, I have been creating paintings aimed at explaining the unexplainable connection between family members, and how that connection is the same throughout all of the world's various communities. Despite cultural differences, mothers and children, sisters and brothers, etc., all experience the same trials and rewards of being a part of a family.

My Website and Blog are:


My Twitter site is:

Here are just a few of her works. I just LOVE her style! You can visit her Etsy Shop and use the code "Weidknecht" to receive a 20% discount off the purchase of any of her art. You can also use the rafflecopter form below to enter to win her African Mother acrylic painting. It measures 16x20 and retails for $295. It is an amazing piece and I'm sad I can't enter to win it. But YOU can!!!

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this review. Opinions are mine.


Top Five Blog Hop Pet Peeves

Not all blog hops are created equal. Here are my pet peeves:
  1. Slow-loading blogs. My goodness, please make the photo files on your blog smaller so it doesn't take forever to load. Sometimes it takes so long to load, that I don't hang around to follow you.
  2. Hide and seek hops. If you are hosting a hop, it should at least be on your home page, preferably towards the top. Making me look all over the place for the hop is not nice.
  3. Security nightmares. Submitting a comment should not be like going through the airport security scanners. I don't think I need to do math or submit two codes on two different pages just to say, "I'm following your blog."
  4. Expired hops. I am beginning to think that some people don't check the links on their pages often. If you're advertising a hop that someone else is hosting, you might want to make sure the buttons work.
  5. Disappearing bloggers. You know who you are (we know who you are too). You put your link on the page and then leave without even following the host. It's just not cool.

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Christmas in July - Christmas Wish List Prize

Click HERE to win amazing toys from six fabulous companies! Total value $485.

Join the Food Frenzy Mega Blog Giveaway

The Food frenzy event is open to any blogger who is interested in joining! The event is set to start on September 6th 2011 and run until September 11th 2011. Our plan is to get as many bloggers as we can together for this; it will be an event to gain followers for your GFC, Twitter and Facebook.

This event will be similar to a paid hop but instead of paying cash to be given as a prize for following each blogger will find a sponsor for a $10 (minimum) kitchen or food related prize of some kind and we will combined all of the prizes into a giant gift basket for one very lucky reader!

There is no size requirement for your blog to participate and you can sponsor the prize yourself if you would like! If you are interested in joining in all of the fun please leave a comment letting us know and we will e-mail you closer to the start of the hop with the details.

Also, this will be a Rafflecopter giveaway, so we will all host the same widget code for the event and it will list everyone in order of sign up date and have an entry for each of your (up to) 3 choice ways to be followed. Feel free to grab this button and place it in your sidebar to let your followers and fellow bloggers know about this event. Remember the more people who you tell about this, the more prizes we will have and the more entries (and thus followers) we will get! Contact Sheila if you would like to participate in this event.

PSST....Planet Weidknecht will be giving away an Autographed Copy of Robin Miller's cookbook!

Two New Winners on Planet Weidknecht

I love announcing winners!

Congratulations to Meandering Matt, the winner of the King Arthur Flour Giveaway!

Congratulations to BeautyToLove, the winner of the EvoraPet Giveaway!


Avoid the School Supply Rush

Look what I found on Amazon.com! You can avoid the drive in traffic, the search for a parking space, the germ-covered shopping cart, and the crowded school supply aisle at your discount store. Shop from the comfort of your air-conditioned home in your pajamas.

New Friends

A friend is someone who doesn't mind if you erase while he writes.

Two Giveaways Ending Tonight


The Boy Who Went to War

Several years ago, I moved into a bigger house so I could expand my home daycare business and serve more children. I had also remarried and gained a bonus son, so the little house was bursting at the seams with five in our family. I was sad to leave a friend behind, she lived next door and also had a home daycare. We were neighbors for about five years and saw each other almost daily. Her boys were just a few years old than my boys, and I remember one of them teaching my son how to climb trees.

Today that little boy next door is now a young man, an American soldier. Today he leaves the United States to put down his boots on the ground in Iraq. Today my view of the war has changed. Now it's personal. I am SO proud of him. I am proud to know him. But as I type this, tears are rolling down my face, because in my heart he's still a little boy climbing in a tree. I will pray daily for him, for his young wife, for his mom - my friend, and for his brother. I hope you will pray for him too. Today a yellow ribbon goes around the tree in my front yard and it will stay there until he comes home.

Joey Maldonado, thank you for your service to the greatest country in the world. Godspeed...


Win a Big Pile of New Toys

Christmas in July Giveaway Hop
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Seeking Allergy Sufferers for Study

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Blogorama Bonanza Sponsor Announcement GiftTree.com

I'm so excited to announce that GiftTree.com is a Planet Weidknecht sponsor for the upcoming Blogorama Bonanza '11. They have a fabulous selection of gift baskets, flowers, balloon bouquets, and personalized gifts. Be sure to come enter to win September 12-22, 2011, for this amazing Four Seasons Gourmet Gift Basket, valued at $79.95. My mouth began watering while reading the description....cheese, crackers, toffee, cookies, candy, and pistachios, just to name a few items in this gift basket of goodies!
A big thank you to GiftTree.com for sponsoring Planet Weidknecht. 
Be sure to follow GiftTree.com on Facebook and Twitter.

Your Child's Separation Anxiety

This is one of the tip sheets I give to new parents enrolling in my daycare. Perhaps your child is beginning a new daycare or preschool this fall. I hope this helps you in some way.

Separation Anxiety Tips

Separation anxiety is very common in children ages 8 months through 5 years of age. It occurs most often with children between age 8 months and 2 years. It is very possible it is an issue we will encounter when your child comes to daycare. I encourage you to help your child’s adjustment with these tips:
  • If your child can walk, have your child walk up to the door of my home, rather than being carried. This gives a child the feeling of being big and independent, not small and needy.
  • Let the child knock on the door or ring the bell.
  • Come in and close the front door behind you.
  • Once you are both inside, your own stay during drop-off should be brief so as not to prolong the child’s distress that you are separating for the day.
  • Don't pick your child up at all once you're inside the front door - squat down to give your child a hug and a kiss, and tell them how much fun their day will be.
  • If your child reaches up to you to be held, allow me to pick up your child and provide the comfort.
  • Don’t react to your child’s crying with your own distress. If your child feels you are upset, it will upset your child even more.
  • Always make sure your child gets a big smile from you, not a worried face, as you go out the door. If you show your child that you trust me and that you know their day will be filled with fun, your child will grow more secure each day.
  • Tell your child you will be back sometime after nap-time. A child cannot tell time and doesn’t understand that you will be back at 5:00 o’clock, or after you’re done working. Give them a “benchmark” in their day to which they can relate.
  • Be patient with your child. Some children get over separation anxiety in a week, sometimes it can take several months, others it may take even longer.
Try not to feel guilty when you leave and they are crying. I have worked with hundreds of children who have experienced separation anxiety. They are often done crying by the time you are back in your car and driving away. You are welcome to email me and check on your child. We will work together to help your child adjust.
Miss Lisa


Christmas Wish List Prize

Enter to win the Christmas Wish List Prize
Valued at $485.00

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Treasured Toy Club Discounts

As an early childhood educator, I have to say I absolutely LOVE toys from Melissa and Doug. I highly recommend their products!

Melissa & Doug Treasured Toy Club

Giveaway Gala Coming August 22

Giveaway Gala still seeking bloggers!
Click the banner below for more information.

Baby Photo Contest

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ENTER NOW Christmas In July Giveaway Hop

It's here!!!

Review: SmartShield Kids Sunscreen

Today's forecast is sunny and 104 degrees F. Tomorrow's forecast is sunny and 105 degrees F. Wednesday, more of the same. Summer in Texas, yeah, that's pretty much how it goes, one hot dry day after another. Personally I love it, in small doses, yes, but I do love the heat. I spend a lot of time outside with the daycare children, mostly in the mornings in summertime, but even at 10 a.m. the sun can be brutal. I always encourage the parents to put sunscreen on their children before dropping them off here for the day. I can always tell who did, because the kids smell like coconuts and give me greasy hugs. Meet SmartShield Kids Sunscreen.

I wish I had this when my own children were little. This lotion is oil-free, has no scent, is oil-free, and eco-friendly. It's not greasy on your skin or your hands and rubs in completely without that filmy feeling. There is no smell of coconuts or tropical bananas (YAY!) and it's a 30 SPF so it's some serious sun protection that works great. I love this light, fluffy lotion! And SmartShield is made right here in the good old USA!

This is just one of their many fabulous products made here in Texas, so stop by the website and check out everything they have to offer, including sunscreen gel, lip balm, and insect repellant!

Disclosure: I received one bottle of SmartShield at no charge for this review. Opinions are truly mine.

My Guest Post on CSN Blog

I'm tooting my own horn today!

I've been featured on a guest post at the CSN Blog today! 
I'm so excited they chose mine to feature. I feel like I've "made the big leagues" now.

WINNER Three Dip Bundle Prize

The winner of the Three Dip Bundle
from the Women's Bean Project 
selected via random.org is
Entry #106 Sara!!!
Thanks to all who participated! Drop by and enter the
Christmas in July Giveaway for $485 in toys!


Review - NightFood


I am a very busy person. Between my daycare business, my blogging, my giveaways and reviews, my church activities, my family activities, and my social activities, it's no wonder I have a hard time settling into to sleep at night. I'm more of a night person, but the daycare opens at 7:00 a.m. and I have to be up and ready for the kids. It is so important for me to get a good night's sleep but sometimes I have a really hard time falling asleep because there is so much racing through my brain. I often have to stay up until I'm falling asleep in my chair, otherwise I'll just toss and turn in bed.

Enter NightFood, a delicious and nutritious product purported to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and get the sleep you need to wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Sound amazing? Wait until I tell you it is sort of a chewy candy bar that tastes like Cookies and Cream! Seriously!!!

I received a box six of NightFood bars to try. Since I love to snack at night (big confession there) this fits right into my lifestyle! Okay, first night I eat one. Wow, that's really good. Chewy, so I can't rush through it. Filling, so I only need one. Sweet, satisfies my cravings. Okay, off to bed. See you in the zzzzzzz......Well, good morning! I do feel great. I do feel rested. But, maybe that's because it's Sunday and I don't have to be up so early.

So, I tried it again on Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night. Honestly, it really does work for me. I tend to only get about six hours of sleep each night, but eating one NightFood Bar helps me fall asleep faster and wake up feeling much more rested. NightFood is a great product for us supermoms (and superdads) who have to do it all and still look happy about it.

NightFood is offering everyone a free sample and/or a free report! How cool is that? And they are sponsoring a giveaway on my blog! One lucky winner will receive THREE FREE boxes of NightFood. I will accept entries until midnight CST on July 31, 2011, then choose a winner using random.org. I'll email the winner for contact information which will be supplied to the sponsor for prize fulfillment. Must be at least 18 years old. Good luck!
  • To enter, you can either order a risk-free sample (with discount code WEID11 for 20% off through 8/20/11) or you can sign up for their free report, then come back here and tell me in a comment whether you ordered the sample or the report. 
  • You can earn a bonus entry by sharing this giveaway link on Facebook or Twitter, using the share bar below the post, then leave another comment with the link where you shared it.
Disclosure: I received one box of NightFood at no charge to review for you. Opinions are truly my own.

Giveaway Ending At Midnight

Get your entries in soon
for the Three Dip Bundle Prize
from the Women's Bean Project!
Giveaway ends at midnight Sunday.

My Latest Win

I just received a winning email from Being Frugal and Making It Work and I've won a $50 Cafe Press Gift Card.

Only 1 More Day Until Christmas (in July)

The Christmas in July Giveaway Hop starts tomorrow morning!! You will be able to hop around to over 120 blogs, entering giveaways on every blog. Be sure to visit here tomorrow and enter for the Christmas Wish List Prize, full of toys for children of all ages, worth over $485.00!!!