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Recipes Passed Down - A Journal of Your Family's Recipes #giftidea

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Food is more than something to fill our family's stomachs. It brings us together, in good times and bad times. It provides an opportunity for parents to teach children to learn to care for others, to learn kitchen chemistry, and to reach into the past by using recipes our grandparents used in their homes. These gorgeous recipe journals are the perfect gift idea for absolutely anyone! Recipes Passed Down is a book that can be gifted down through future generations and completed with the help of older generations.
Recipes Passed Down is beautifully made, with a linen hardcover in two color choices, featuring an embossed title, and thick stock pages that will last for generations. This heirloom book has space for 94 family recipes plus contents pages so it will always be easy to find your favorite recipes. Take a copy to your next family reunion so everyone can add a few family recipes. Send it to all your longest living ancestors so your descendants will be able to treasure not just their recipes but linger over their handwriting many years after they're gone. This is a perfect wedding gift, holiday gift, birthday gift, and Mother's day gift! 
When my Nana passed away, one of the most treasured gifts I received was a copy of all of her recipes, bound together in a spiral notebook, and I hesitate to use it because I want it to last. The sturdy, museum quality of Recipes Passed Down is a much better way to ensure that family recipes will be treasured for future generations. Give this gorgeous book to your parents and your husband's parents for the holidays, so that your children and their children will be able to treasure them. It's the family scrapbook you never knew you needed!

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Recipes Passed Down
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Ecogear Eco-Friendly Backpacks at Great Prices

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
It's time to go back to school and a new backpack is always on the top of students' wish lists. This year, make it a point to get a stylish, eco-friendly backpack. Ecogear is committed to creating bags that have a low impact on the environment. All of their bags are made with Repreve - recycled fiber from plastic bottles.
Ecogear Backpacks are wonderful! They offer interior and exterior pockets galore, with room for everything students need, from kindergarten through a doctorate degree. These backpacks even specially padded pockets that provide protection for laptops. Best of all, these backpacks are offered at an incredibly low price!
The two backpacks I received are the Bighorn 17 (the gray backpack pictured) and the Flash Backpack (the blue backpack pictured). They are impeccably constructed, with careful attention to making sure they are roomy enough to carry everything needed while still providing a lightweight product so students are not weighed down more by the pack.
These two fashionable styles are just some of their line of backpacks, plus Ecogear also offers duffel bags, hip packs, and more. Backpacks are not just for students, though! A backpack is perfect for moms with kids so hands are free while running errands and keeping hold of the kids. Backpacks are used by many professionals in place of the outdated briefcase and teachers love them for their versatility. I always take a backpack when I'm traveling, hiking, and shopping at flea markets and farmer's markets.
At these great prices, you can get a new eco-friendly backpack made from recycled water bottles for everyone in your family. You'll be helping to keep junk out of the landfill while giving your family fabulous backpacks for carrying all their most important things everywhere they go. I am delighted with Ecogear backpacks and highly recommend them!
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Mother's Day Gifts for Pet Owners

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Is your mom a devoted dog mom? Pink Papyrus has fabulous products that mom will love! She will be happy to take the dog for a walk (worthy of a fashion runway walk) with these stylish, organic, environmentally friendly, durable pet products.
Our dog loves to go on walks, but I'm also leash training my Nigerian Dwarf goats so these amazing products will get double duty for us! Pink Papyrus rope leashes are 100% organic cotton and they are seriously strong!
Pink Papyrus hand spun cotton is weatherproof, hypoallergenic, durable, naturally elastic, lightweight, and incredibly soft. Leashes are available in lots of great colors, and there are other available wonderful accessories that match!
The loop on the leash handle is perfect for clipping on a waste bag holder (or goat treat holder) so that you have necessary items right on hand. Plus you can even grab matching bandanas in cool prints for your pet to round out their walk in true style. These are fabulous products moms and pets will love!
These colorful leashes, bags, and bandanas are a great way to tell mom you're thinking about her and a practical gift that she will use regularly (and think of you each time she uses it). Visit Pink Papyrus today and get your Mother's Day gifts ordered.

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St. Patrick's Day Cookies and Sweet Treats

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
There is so much fun in this month's Gramma in a Box! This month's subscription box features a fun St. Patrick's Day theme with delicious Shamrock Pretzel Pops, Crispy Pot O' Gold Cups, and St. Patrick's Day Cookies.
Gramma in a Box comes with all the sweet goodies you will need to make all three treats. It's a fabulous way to spend a delicious hour with your grandchildren. If your grandkids live far away, you can have Gramma in a Box shipped to their door once a month.
Each month, a new Gramma in a Box arrives, filled with all the ingredients and directions for making special memories with your grandchildren. Even the cookies come already baked fresh, so you won't have to make a mess or spend time waiting on baking cookies.
These activities are perfect for kids of all ages and baking projects are the perfect way to help kids become more confident in the kitchen without even realizing they are learning. And the reward is three scrumptious treats!
I've received several months of the Gramma in a Box subscription and I'm really impressed with the variety of treat projects, the freshness of the ingredients, and the ease of the projects. Sign up today for Gramma in a Box and start making memories with your grandchildren!
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Connecting with your Grandchildren

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review. 
If you are looking for better ways to connect with your grandchildren, Gramma In A Box is a great way to remind them that you are thinking about them. Each month, your grandchildren will receive a box of delicious food crafts with the Gramma In A Box subscription.
Each box contains all the goodies needed to create wonderful sweet treats! The February box includes three projects - Valentine Candy Cane Hearts, Crispy Valentine Bites, and Valentine Cookies. Gramma In A Box even comes with step by step instruction cards to make each project. 
If you live far away from your grandchildren, you can have the box shipped directly to them. They can complete the projects with their parents, and maybe you can even do a video call with them as they work on their treats.
If you live near your grandchildren, you can visit them when their Gramma In A Box arrives, or you can have it shipped to your own home and have them come over to do them with you. It's a wonderful way to create lasting memories!
I've reviewed several of the Gramma In A Box projects over the past couple of months, and I've never been disappointed with the projects or the products. Everything arrives fresh and I love that the cookies are pre-made. It cuts down on preparation time and baking mess!
Gramma In A Box is the perfect way to connect with your grandchildren on a regular basis. Even when your grandkids are grown, they will remember the wonderful treats that came from Gramma. Sign up today for Gramma In A Box!
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Introducing Thunder our new Rescue Dog

I am so excited to introduce Thunder, the newest member of our family. He is a young German Shepherd Husky and he has the most beautiful blue eyes. We just adopted him from SCARS (Second Chance Animal Refuge Society), located near Topeka, KS.
Thunder had a tough start in life so he has some trust issues, but we knew this before we even went to meet him. He was living in very poor conditions, but SCARS took him in and helped him begin to recover. Now, he is settling into our home and learning to trust us. I haven't even heard him bark yet.
Thunder is our second rescue dog. You might remember our first rescue dog, my beloved Buddy, who spent 13 years with us before passing away. Rescue pets are so much better than store-bought pets (who often come from breeders who just want income from selling puppies) because they truly appreciate the love and care you give them.
Thunder was very skittish at the meet and greet last night, but was well behaved on the ride home and through the night. It was this afternoon when he finally came up to meet to be petted and I was so happy. We are so happy he is here with us and we are confident he is the perfect dog for us.
Many thanks to Maureen at SCARS for taking in Thunder so we could adopt him. Her refuge is doggie heaven! Find out more information about SCARS at and on Facebook.

Adopt, Don't Shop!

Photos by: SCARS (Don't worry, I'll be taking lots more!) 


Care Packages for College Students

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All American Favorites
College students LOVE care packages! College can be a challenging time. These young people are often leaving home for the first time, sometimes off to an unfamiliar place away from friends and family. Let them know you care and are thinking about them with a care package from Canterberry Gifts!
Away From Home 101
The Away From Home 101 Gift Basket is such a great idea! So many young college students are trying to become independent, and this gift basket allows parents to "help" a little bit with necessities and some treats. It's so hard to let your new adult go, isn't it?
Boredom Buster Care Package
The Boredom Buster care package is filled with fun and distraction for those days when your college student has had enough of chemistry and trigonometry. It's packed full of games, snacks, puzzles, and much more.
It's Game Time Care Package
It's Game Time is a fabulous care package for your shy college student. Send them one of these and they'll make friends fast! There are enough goodies in this package to schedule a game night that will entertain everyone on your student's dormitory floor.
Keep Hanging In There
The days filled with exams can be exhausting, so motivate your college student to keep on task with the Keep Hanging In There care package. Sometimes just knowing someone is back home rooting for you helps you to refocus and get it done!
Midnight Munchies
A care package is a welcome relief to a college student. They spend countless hours studying, attending lectures, tromping across campus in rain, and sometimes feeling very lonely. Let them know they are on your heart with a care package from Canterberry Gifts!
Study Snacks Care Package

Canterberry Gifts - Gift Baskets


The Shelving Store - Back to School Blowout #sale

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
It's that time of year again! Gear up for school and dorm life with the storage and organization products that will make it a breeze. The Shelving Store is having a Back to School Blowout sale! Enter code 123ABC at checkout to save 13% on all products in the Back to School category. Coupon cannot be combined with any other offers. Valid 8/1/18-8/14/18 11:59PM EST.
The Shelving Store offers a wide selection of shelves, shelving units, modular shelving systems, and chrome wire shelving units to help you get and stay organized. Start organizing your kitchen, closets, kids' rooms, garage, or office at The Shelving Store.
Home organization can help alleviate your stress as we head into the new school year. If you have several young children, assign each one a shelf to store school books and supplies, hats and mittens (you will need them in just a couple months!), lunchboxes, backpacks, and more. Everything will be right there when it's time to head out the door.
If you have a child heading off to college for the first time, you may not know that dorm rooms never provide enough storage for all those things your student will want to take along. Get some compact shelving units for your child's dorm room during this fabulous sale!
The Shelving Store has all kinds of great dorm storage ideas, including lockers, over the bed storage units, storage carts, shoe stands, charging stations, and much more! You will love the savings and your family will love knowing they can find what they need in the mornings.
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