Slumber Luxury Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I was always under the impression that Luxury Egyptian Cotton Sheets were only accessible to the finest of hotels and movie stars who could afford the prices, but Slumber's pure Egyptian cotton, percale sheets are now available to all of us regular people at an amazingly affordable price! Slumber Sheets are allergy friendly, environmentally friendly, and certified no harmful chemicals.
I was blessed to receive a Slumber Classic Sheet Set in a bright, crisp white for my queen size bed. These sheets are 100% Pure, Certified, Extra-long Staple, Egyptian cotton weaved into the perfect percale weave. The Slumber Classic Sheet Set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Slumber tucks them all into a darling reusable cotton drawstring bag and even includes a complimentary Slumber Sleep Mist.
They are incredibly well-made, from the deep pocket fitted sheet with elastic all the way around (instead of just on the corners), to the perfectly sewn stitches on the flat sheet and pillowcases. They feel super soft, right out the package, and they get even softer after washing. Slumber uses only the finest extra-long staple, pure Egyptian-grown cotton which provides not just superior comfort, but also strength and durability so the sheets will last for a very long time. What a great gift idea!
We've been sleeping on our Slumber sheets for about a week now, and I'm so impressed with them. They are lightweight and breathable, but cozy and comfortable. Usually I toss and turn all night, kicking the blankets and sheets off, then pulling them back on again, but with Slumber sheets I am sleeping way more comfortably and more soundly than I have in a long time. I love these sheets!
The Slumber Classic Sheet Set is available in twin, full, queen, and king size, and you can choose from Classic White, Creamy Ivory, Midnight Blue, or Stone Gray. Since we recently renovated our master bedroom with white shiplap walls, the Classic White was a natural choice for us. Sleeping on Slumber sheets is like sleeping in the finest hotels, except I sleep much better because I'm not paying an exorbitant price to do so. Slumber even provides free shipping. I highly recommend Slumber Sheets and I know you'll love them as much as I do!
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NOGU Jewelry - Give Gifts That Give Back

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This holiday season, more and more people are looking for beautiful gifts that spread the love by giving back. This unique line of jewelry was developed to support a chronic condition the designers themselves live with every day - Cystic Fibrosis (CF). NOGU focuses on making unique, high-quality jewelry that has meaning, and they work with a number of charities to develop specialty pieces to support important causes.
I received their gorgeous Owl Charm Necklace and it's simply stunning! It's available in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, and comes ready for gift-giving. The chain is included with the owl charm and the details of the owl are precision-cut so the background colors will reflect whatever color top you're wearing that day. Isn't it precious? I think it's more like wearable art. My mom is going to love it! Nogu also offers bracelets, rings, earrings, and more. Give a holiday gift that gives back!
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Better Pantry Organization with Botto: The Adjustable Container

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Food storage can be a tricky thing. I always have grand ideas about how organized my pantry is going to be and then it's such a hassle that I end up just shoving everything in the pantry and closing the door. I am so excited about Botto: The Adjustable Container and I know it's going to give me the opportunity to better organize my pantry cabinets. It shrinks to the exact size you need so you won't be wasting space in your kitchen.
This amazing adjustable container can store contents between 16 oz and 32 oz, which means I can fill it up with 32 oz of pretty much anything and as we use it up, I can simply press down on the top as we use up whatever is inside. No more changing from big containers to smaller containers! It features an air-tight lid and when you press down on the lid, you can actually hear the "swish" sound as the air is pressed out (and air won't seep back in). It helps keep your foods fresher for a longer period of time!
Constructed of US FDA-grade, food-safe, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and toxic-free materials, Botto won't leach any chemicals into your food stores, so it's safe for the whole family. My pantry isn't very big so I really appreciate the space-efficiency concept.The top of the lid is also designed so Botto containers can be stacked easily. It's perfect for foods like rice, beans, sugar, pasta, snack crackers, dog treats, and so much more! It's a fabulous concept and I highly recommend Botto!
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Lotus Trolley Bag - My Favorite Reusable Shopping Bag Set

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Now that disposable bags are (thankfully) being eliminated in cities across America, you need to grab the Lotus Trolley Bag for all your shopping trips! The Lotus Trolley Bag is a reusable 4-bag system that will transform your shopping experience. I was delighted to be asked to review them and I'm SO happy with them. They are ON SALE right now, so grab your set HERE or read on to learn more!
The bags spread out accordion style in your shopping cart to allow for easy packing and organization. There is a deep insulated bag for cold items, inner pockets to hold eggs securely, inner wine sleeves to keep bottles safe, and strong mesh bottoms to prevent spills from pooling and molding. The poles at the top of each bag sit over the edge of the cart. I use mine throughout the entire store, so I can group items together while I shop, set my grouped items on the counter, then pack them right back into the bags at checkout. Or you can leave the set hanging on your cart until you reach checkout.
They roll up nice and neat into a clutter-free, lightweight carrier, and are even machine washable. Lotus Trolley Bags save time and energy, while helping to eliminate millions of wasteful, harmful, plastic bags from our environment. They are extremely well-constructed, with extra stitching to ensure your food won't end up on the ground. So many people at the store stop me to find out where I got them!
I have tried MANY reusable shopping bags over the years and the Lotus Trolley Bag is my new favorite! I love that the bags are lightweight, so they aren't adding weight to the already heavy groceries that have to be carried. I really love the extra pockets on the inside to protects my eggs and wine, and the cooler bag is perfect for my frozen and refrigerated foods (especially in the summer).
The cart-sitting poles can slide out of the bags if you want to leave them in your car while you carry the bags into your house. The way they all roll up together is so ingenious, and the entire set is only about the size of a yoga mat when it's rolled up. I am absolutely delighted with the Lotus Trolley Bag and think it's the perfect holiday gift for anyone who has to do the drudgery of grocery shopping (which is almost all of us!). Order today so you don't miss out on this great price!
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Carnival Play Set Wooden Ferris Wheel - Petit Collage #toptoypick #giftidea

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If I were still a young child, THIS is the toy I'd be most excited to find under the Christmas tree! The Carnival Play Set Wooden Ferris Wheel from Petit Collage is my favorite pick for young children for this year. I can easily see this toy offers endless hours of fun, creative play, and hidden learning experiences!
Take your three animal friends (included) for a ride on this Wooden Ferris Wheel. Turn the handle to make the ferris wheel spin around and around. Painted with nontoxic, water-based paints for safety, this ferris wheel is durable enough for many hours of play, and beautiful enough for display. It even comes pre-assembled so no one will have to frantically assemble it on Christmas Eve!
Each of the three animal friends is made of solid beechwood and each one wears an outfit that matches the colors of the three ferris wheel seats. On the side of the ferris wheel is an abacus of three beads that also matches. It stands just over 12" tall, so it's a great choice for the BIG Santa gift on Christmas morning!
Children will be learning as they count the animals, the abacus beads, and the ferris wheel seats. On each of the ferris wheel seats are also the numbers 1, 2, and 3 to help young children with number recognition. This toy also helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. I love that Petit Collage is always looking for new ways to work these kinds of incidental learning opportunities into their amazing toys!
The adorable kitten, panda, and bunny are ready help your child act out visiting a carnival or recalling a time when they actually rode a ferris wheel. Pretending with role-playing toys allows children to extend their imaginations, create new ideas, and even work through possible fears of carnival rides. This ferris wheel offers endless hours of imaginative play and creative storytelling!
Best of all, this Wooden Ferris Wheel is FUN! Little girls will love playing with the animal friends at the carnival and little boys will love spinning the ferris wheel so fast that the animals are hanging on for dear life (which is a great way to learn cause and effect). This toy has a nostalgic feeling to it, in my opinion, which makes it even more charming. This toy is sure to be a cherished one that is passed down to your children's children.
Petit Collage offers wonderful developmental toys,
games, puzzles, books, crafts and more!
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Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: A Center Stage Pop-Up Book

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Disney fans are going to fall in love with this wonderful new book. Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: A Center Stage Pop-Up Book is simply beautiful! The story begins on Christmas Eve, making this the Christmas Eve gift to open and enjoy together as a family.
The Ballerina of the Realms dances on every page of this magical book. From Disney's all-new live action film, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, follow the elegant Ballerina of the Realms as she dances center stage in this artistic pop-up book, celebrating each of the unique and picturesque Four Realms.
This beautiful format is a perfect holiday gift for fans of this classic tale, full of colorful characters and no shortage of surprises. The story line is just long enough to make it a perfect bedtime story. It's sure to be a favorite. Wrap up this beautiful hardbound book for your favorite little dancer!
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Christmas Tree Hugger - Spruce Up Your Artificial Tree!

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My artificial Christmas tree, also known as my Charlie Brown tree, is pretty pathetic. It seems that every time we go to buy a new Christmas tree, we end up choosing a cheap one just because there are so many gifts to buy. I really hate the "tree trunk" on fake trees, so I'm overjoyed to have found the Christmas Tree Hugger!
Nearly every artificial Christmas tree comes with a lovely metal pole, that sticks into lovely metal feet, and the most that's offered to cover it up is a couple of loose wires with tiny fake pine needles. Not exactly festive! Of course, a beautiful tree skirt can cover up the metal feet, but I could never find anything for covering up the metal tree "trunk" until the Christmas Tree Hugger.
The Christmas Tree Hugger is a thick, flexible, printed, fabric, artificial tree trunk wrap, that closes around the trunk with velcro straps. There are two different Christmas Tree Huggers in the package, one with a brown bark tree trunk image and the other with a white birch bark tree trunk image. On the back of each Christmas Tree Hugger is a candy cane print, so you have three choices from one purchase!
Since our Christmas tree has green pine needles, I chose the brown bark Christmas Tree Hugger this year. I think the white birch Christmas Tree Hugger would be beautiful on a white tree and the candy cane print would be amazing on a white or pink tree. Your Christmas Tree Hugger comes in a handy plastic case, that is easy open and easy close, so you can use it to store your Tree Hugger year after year.
We just put up our Christmas tree a couple of days ago and I haven't even put the ornaments on it yet, but I could not wait to wrap the ugly metal tree trunk with the beautiful brown Christmas Tree Hugger. It really changes the look of the tree and makes it look more realistic. Since we had a blizzard yesterday, I draped some white fabric around the tree for a snowy base, until I can find my Christmas tree skirt in the attic. I LOVE my Christmas Tree Hugger!
You can purchase the White Bark and Candy Cane Christmas Tree Hugger, the Brown Bark and Candy Cane Christmas Tree Hugger, or you can double up and get them both together! They are on sale right now, with FREE shipping for a limited time, so GO NOW and order yours!


Eggnots Ceramic Eggs for the Holidays - #notjustforeaster #crafts

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Eggnots Ceramic Eggs are the perfect blank slate for holiday decorations and a wonderful family craft or group craft idea. You may have read my Eggnots Easter post, but beautiful eggs have been used for many years to decorate for other holidays. Eggnots were originally created for those who have egg allergies, but still want the joy of decorating eggs for holidays.
Order a dozen at least! Your Eggnots will come in a charming little egg crate that you can use as part of your decor, use for a "drying station" after decorating the eggs, or for annual storage of the eggs when the holiday is over. They look like a carton of real eggs, don't they?
I picked up a couple dollars' worth of simple crafting supplies to make my Holiday Eggnots. Glitter glue is an eggs-cellent choice because you can get the sparkle of the glitter without finding glitter all over your house for the next six months. I also picked up some sequins and some jewels.
We decorated the Eggnots for the holidays over the weekend. With the blizzard conditions across Kansas, it was the perfect keep-busy indoor activity for our family. We sipped on hot chocolate and glued tiny sequins and jewels on Eggnots in all kinds of patterns and color combinations. It was so much fun!
As I looked around for some display ideas for these gorgeous holiday eggs, I happened to find an assortment of old glass candlestick holders in the back of my kitchen cabinet. It's the perfect solution to display several of them on our coffee table. You could also decorate them like winter characters, like polar bears, snowmen, and Santa!
Holiday Eggnots are also perfectly shaped and sized for Christmas Tree ornaments! Just glue a looped string on one end of your decorated Eggnots and once they are dry, they are ready to hang on the tree. If you are decorating holiday Eggnots with very young children, be sure to supervise them closely so they don't drop the ceramic Eggnots or eat the glue.
There are so many wonderful ways that Eggnots could be decorated for the holidays! You could dye them in holiday colors, use permanent markers in holiday colors, paint them with watercolors, or any combination of these ideas. I love my Holiday Eggnots and I'm excited that we started a new family tradition!
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