Win a Dress, Shoes, and Handbag in the Fall Fashionista Giveaway Hop

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The time has finally arrived for the 2014 Fall Fashionista Events Giveaway! Get excited! The Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event is hosted by The Chief Blonde at Still Blonde After All These Years and Katy from ModlyChic. All Fashion! Only FASHION event! Largest Fashion Giveaway event on the internet with $26,000+ in prizes, 100+ participating blogs and 3/4 million entries. Each individual blog has a minimum of $125 prize!
The FALL Fashionista Events Grand Prize is $500 PayPal (worldwide where allowed by law). For every giveaway in the Fall Fashionista Event that you enter, you gain one entry toward the Fall Fashionista Grand Prize. 1 Grand Prize winner will receive $500 PayPal cash. 1 first prize winner will receive $300 gift certificate to Midnight Velvet Clothing. Isn’t that stunning?
I'm so excited that you stopped by my blog to enter because I'm giving away THREE fabulous prizes here! One lucky winner will receive their choice of a dress from Karina Dresses, choice of a pair of shoes from Sandgrens Clogs, and a Shiloh Drawstring handbag from olivia + joy! This prize has a total value of over $395!
I've loved Karina Dresses for years and the one I'm modeling is the Audrey in black. I have a dozen Karina dresses and I love them all. They are incredibly comfortable, amazingly stylish, and never need ironing, so they are the perfect dress for all my travels. You can read some of my Karina Dresses reviews HERE. My prize winner will get to choose any dress from Karina Dresses that is in stock.

Sandgrens Clogs makes the most comfortable Swedish classic clogs I've ever put on my feet. I'm modeling the Seoul Clogs in Honey with a light base. Made of the highest quality leather, wood, and hardware, Sandgrens Clogs are sophisticated, timeless, and unique. You can read my review of these fabulous clogs HERE. My prize winner will get to choose any pair of shoes from Sandgrens Clogs that is in stock (excluding shearling and seattle boots).

My handbag is from olivia + joy, a company I've just discovered and I'm absolutely loving my Selena Crossbody bag. They make designer handbags and accessories without the designer price. I love the modern designs, classic silhouettes, and beautiful colors. You can read my review of my Selena Crossbody bag HERE. My prize winner will receive the gorgeous Shiloh Drawstring bag in Leopard print.
Enter to win this fabulous fashion prize package!
To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. You must be at least 18 years old and reside in the USA to be eligible to win. The more entries you complete, the greater your chances of winning this amazing prize, valued at $395. Remember, you can even come back and tweet every day for extra entries. This giveaway ends at midnight on October 17, 2014. Good luck!

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Giveaway! Remote Control Heli Beast

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Having raised two boys to adulthood, I can attest to the undying love that boys have for remote control toys. The Heli Beast from Silverlit is a step above regular remote control helicopters. This ferocious-looking flying predator flies in the air AND walks on the ground in a very menacing way. Imagine the excitement on your son's face (or your husband's face) when he sees this Beast!
Heli Beast has 2-channel radio control and a special propeller system with auto stabilization technology. It features precision speed control for a smooth flying experience. The incredible Heli Beast is available at Hammacher and Kohls.com for just $39.99.
I'll bet there is someone on your Christmas list who would love one of these! My husband is having a blast playing with his new Heli Beast!
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Healthier Foods With Philips AirFryer - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
The AirFryer from Philips is a wonderful invention that I will definitely be using on a regular basis in my kitchen. With it, I can create delicious "fried" foods that aren't soaked in grease! My new AirFryer has a digital control panel, a double-layer inner rack, and a 1.8lb. capacity. I love the sleek design and it takes up no more space than a coffee maker.
It's so simple to use! The digital control panel lets me set the temperature and timer, then I just push the button to airfry. The AirFryer has a deep fry basket where the air circulates around the food and the double-rack insets even allows me to make grilled chicken, burgers, kabobs, wings, and fish. The AirFryer uses Rapid Air Technology, requires little to no oil to operate, and is easy to clean.
My AirFryer came with a 35-page Recipe Book to help me create some deliciously healthy foods, and I can't wait to try some of my own ideas too. It's an easy way for me to enjoy french fries, one of my favorite foods, in a healthier way because I only need to use 1 tablespoon of olive oil to make them. They have 80% LESS fat than regular fries!
My french fries turned out perfectly the first time I used my AirFryer and they were deliciously cripsy and golden! I really didn't even use the entire tablespoon of olive oil because the fries are tossed in the olive oil before being put into the AirFryer. I added some sea salt when they were done and I don't miss greasy fries at all. I absolutely love my Philips AirFryer and highly recommend it.
Get yours HERE!

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Dino Pet Living Bioluminescent Dinosaur‏ #GiftIdea

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
If you have a budding scientist in your home (or if you want your child to love science), you need to check out this fabulous Dino Pet! It's a living bioluminescent dinosaur‏, a plastic dino-shape filled with living phytoplankton called dinoflagellates (where the 'dino' name is derived).
Dino Pet also comes with an easy instruction booklet, Dino Food to keep the Dino Pet alive, and a special picture story book that helps children learn more about their Dino Pet. The story is a delightful tale about how the Dino discovers that he can glow.
Along his journey to find others like him, he meets several friends. He discovers that he cannot glow during the day, but that he can glow in the very early hours before dawn. The book is filled with colorful pictures and rhyming sentences to keep children engrossed in the story.
It's so exciting for children when a book comes alive! With Dino Pet and his story book, it truly does come alive. During the day, place the Dino Pet in indirect sunlight, give it some occasional Dino Food, play with it, and let it rest in darkness.
Dino Pet is amazing. It was fascinating to me to see the beautiful blue glow as I turned over Dino Pet in the darkness. It's an enthralling way to get your children to unplug from technology, and connect to nature. Each night the Dino Pet gives off a wonderful light show to indicate how healthy it is. This makes a great bedtime ritual for parents to share with their children when they turn the lights out.
Dino Pet is 100% natural, and the perfect no-mess introductory pet to teach children responsibility. It's also a great way to introduce children to science, and inspire children to take a pro-active role in learning about and maintaining the environment. Dino Pet makes a wonderful gift and I highly recommend it!

Time to Plant Flower Bulbs

NOW is the time to plant your spring flower bulbs! Planting flower bulbs is actually quite easy. You just choose the flowers you want to see in the spring, dig up some dirt, drop in a bulb, cover it up, and wait for your flowers to bloom. Some will bloom earlier than others, so if you want your garden to bloom continuously, it's best to choose flower bulbs that bloom at different times of spring. The graphic above, from Longfield Gardens, is a wonderful visual guide to use for planning!
Here are a few of the bulbs I planted this week. The Muscari Armeniacum bulbs will give me beautiful blue flowers from early to mid-spring and the Tulip Suncatcher bulbs will give me stunning yellow flowers beginning in mid-spring. I'm also planning on getting some Parrot Tulips for a mix of pretty colors in late spring. Click HERE to download the 60 Days of Color graphic to help you plan! What are you planting this fall for your spring flower garden?

your purchase at Longfield Gardens:
Good from October 15 - 19, 2014 only!

Reflections on our #JourneyToCollege

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Kaplan Test Prep.
I received compensation to write this post, and any opinions expressed are my own, and reflect my actual experience.
My boys have just started their sophomore year in college this fall and they've both grown up so much in the past year. I distinctly remember the fear in my heart as I dropped them each off at the college they had chosen and drove away. Both had a different "Journey to College" experience as they prepared for the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Ryan is a highly organizational person. He registered for his college entrance exams early in his high school years. John is more of a laid-back person. I believe he rushed to take his entrance exams on the very last date available and he had to drive quite a way to where it was held. Ryan studied for his college entrance exams and John didn't bother. Both did well and got into the Texas college of their choice. As a mom, I encouraged both of them to prepare. Kaplan Test Prep is one of the leading college planning websites, full of tips and advice on the SAT, ACT, PSAT/NMSQT, AP Exams, and SAT subject tests. It's also a wonderful resource on college financial aid scholarships, plus information about applying to college.

Ryan and John both knew they were going to need financial aid to go to college. Ryan began applying for scholarships very early on, and managed to secure a $10,000/year scholarship at his college. He also needed a few student loans and started working a part time job a few months after he started college. John needed student loans too and secured a near-full-time job within a month of starting college. Ryan and John both worked closely with their financial aid officers at their colleges to make sure they turned in all the required paperwork, and trust me, there was a lot of paperwork! But both boys led the way and came to us only when they needed our help with something.

This year, they are both living in off-campus apartments while they take classes on campus. I'm so proud of them both. Ryan works as a computer science tutor and even teaches some of the computer science labs at his college. John is working as a supervisor at the same job he started over a year ago. They've learned that college can be challenging, and that preparation and organization go a long way in easing the stress associated with college. They have both grown into wonderful men and it makes my heart happy to watch them succeed.

If your child is preparing to go to college soon, visit the KapMap and get your free KapMap College Planner and stay ahead of the curve! It's a month-by-month planner that includes when to apply, why test prep matters, how to apply for financial aid, what to consider when choosing a college, and much more. You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy your child's #JourneyToCollege!


Total Lunar Eclipse - October 8

Wanting to get some amazing photos? Here's an opportunity that won't come around again soon! On October 8, the sun, Earth and moon will align perfectly, creating a total lunar eclipse. As a result, the moon will appear to be a copper-red color, creating a unique opportunity to photograph the night sky.

Astrophotographers—both amateur and professional—can #bringit with Canon cameras and lenses by capturing high-quality images of the total lunar eclipse. A Canon telephoto lens will help you get that much closer to the moon. The days of just “good enough” images and videos are long gone!

As such, here are a few tips and tricks courtesy of Canon to capture this spectacular lunar moment and tell better stories:

  • Consider using a telephoto zoom lens to capture more of the night sky. Canon's EF-S 55-250mm IS STM lens allows astrophotographers of all skill levels to get closer to the moon and #bringit.
  • Invest in a tripod to reduce camera shake during long exposure times. A general rule of thumb in photography is to use a tripod if your shutter speed is slower than the focal length of your lens.
  • Make sure your ISO setting, which controls your camera’s sensitivity to light, is set high so the minimal lighting of the night sky does not affect your astro-photos.
  • The exposure compensation setting also controls the brightness and darkness of a photo. When photographing the night sky, be sure to set your exposure compensation to a low number, in order to capture a clear shot. Try -1, -2, or -3 and see what you like best.

The next total lunar eclipse will not occur until April 4, 2015, so don't miss the opportunity to “Bring It” right now.

Sandgrens Classic Swedish Clogs - Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I've been a fan of Sandrens Clogs for many years. I have several of their classic clogs and a couple pair of their clog boots. They are amazingly comfortable and I love that I can wear them with dresses or jeans.
Sandgrens Classic Clogs always arrive packaged just like a gift, and that's what they are to my feet. They use the finest leathers, wooden bases, and metal hardware available throughout the world. This beautiful pair of clogs is from the Seoul line, available in lots of delicious colors. I chose the honey color on the light base.
The detailed cutouts on top of the Seoul clogs gives them a touch of class and style. Clogs are a timeless fashion and Sandgrens offers a wide variety of traditional Swedish clogs, high-fashion clogs, comfort shoes, and clog boots. There are even styles for men!
I have never found another pair of clogs I love as much as Sandgrens clogs! Go check out their entire line at www.sandgrensclogs.com. I'm so excited that I get to give a pair of Sandgrens clogs away in the Fall Fashionista Giveaway Hop, starting on October 9, 2014!
Get a jumpstart on your giveaway entries by following Sandgrens Clogs on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Be sure to stop back by my blog and enter to win between October 9-17, because you won't want to miss the chance to win these clogs, plus other great prizes on my blog and dozens of other blogs.
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COYO Coconut Milk Vegan Yogurt

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for this post.
COYO is a dairy-free alternative to yogurt that is made with coconut milk. CO YO is gluten-free, lactose-free and soy-free, and since it's made from plant-based cultures, both vegetarians and vegans can enjoy it!
Each COYO contains the pulp from one full coconut, which means it is packed with nutrients including natural vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Plus, it has vegan probiotics, which aid digestion. It tastes like coconut, plus there are a variety of flavors, like natural, raw chocolate, mango and mixed berry.
COYO is very popular in Australia and the UK. Try this creamy treat for yourself! Find out more at www.coyo.com and check their store locator to see if it's in stores near you yet! Have you tried it?

Goldie CableKeeps - Review #tech

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Here's a fun way to keep track of all your charger cords! The Goldie CableKeeps are designed for iPhone and iPad chargers. They are shaped somewhat like a goldfish and available in green, magenta, light blue, orange, red, purple, and dark blue.
Each Goldie can hold your USB charger and charging cord in a more organized and whimsical way. The plastic is soft, so it's easy to insert your charger, but still grips it tight enough that your charger won't fall out of it.
With an open-ended design, the charger can be plugged into the wall while attached to Goldie, and still allow the charging cable to be inserted from the back. The unique shape of the "tail" is designed so the cord can be wound around it, shortening the cable and helping organize your desk area.
It's also a fabulous way to make your charger and cord more easily portable because it will stay compact and wound up in your backpack, briefcase, or handbag. Don't you hate when your cord gets all tangled up with everything else you're carrying?
Goldie's tail can also support your iPhone, so now it's even easier to find a convenient place to recharge! Goldie would be an excellent stocking stuffer this Christmas at just $13 each. I love the personality and the functionality of CableKeeps!
There are CableKeeps for lots of devices at www.nicebydesign.com. Go check out the entire collection and find the right one for your device!

Tandoor Chef Instagram Pizza Contest

Happy National #Pizza Month! All month long, Monday through Friday, Tandoor Chef will post a photo to #regram on Instagram celebrating this delicious month. Every Friday one person will #WIN a month of Tandoor Chef! 

Here's how to enter:
1. Follow on Instagram @tandoorchef
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3. Make sure to include #naanpizzamonth and @tandoorchef in your post

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Little Scholar Tablet - Review and Giveaway #tech

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I taught preschoolers for 25 years and one of my learning centers was always a computer. I was very particular about the software I allowed them to use and limited their time on the computer, but I believe that there are many benefits to allowing young children access to digital learning. That being said, I am so very impressed with the Little Scholar Tablet!
I received the Little Scholar Tablet and was happy to learn there over 200 apps, books, songs, and videos already installed on it. The activities are designed by early education experts for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first-graders (ages 3-7). It features an 8-inch screen and runs a Google Android 4.2.2 operating system.
It features a touchscreen, making it incredibly user-friendly, right out of the box. Adults can even choose to set a password to the admin screen. The award-winning Little Scholar Tablet features big, bright user icons that children will be able to recognize immediately.
I am really impressed with the wide range of activities on the Little Scholar Tablet. The activities will definitely prepare children for success in the early years of school. It's perfectly portable so the child can take it in the car and be learning while playing. What a great way to keep little hands and minds busy while waiting for doctor appointments or while parents are making dinner!
The animations are beautifully designed and encourage children to begin reading. There are games to enhance memory, practice early math skills, build creative skills and so much more. The Little Scholar Tablet works progressively and encourages children as they explore the many things to do.
I love the Little Scholar Tablet and if I were still teaching preschool, I'd probably remove the bulky computer from my learning center and replace it with several of these tablets. Children are going to love the activities and the opportunity to play and learn independently. I highly recommend the Little Scholar Tablet!
You can get the Little Scholar Tablet at www.toysrus.com and don't miss their back-to-school discount and free shipping offer! You can find out more about this fabulous tablet at www.schoolzone.com/little-scholar-tablet.

Win a Little Scholar Tablet!
One lucky winner will win a Little Scholar Tablet. To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. Open to US residents ages 18 and older. Giveaway ends on 10/20/2014 at midnight. Only one entry is mandatory to enter, but bonus entries increase your chance to win. Good luck!

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olivia + joy Handbags and Accessories - Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Looking for the season's hottest handbag collection? Check out olivia + joy! Their handbags and accessories feature the latest fashion-forward trends. These amazing designs are available without the designer prices and are sought after by celebrities such as Khloe and Kim Kardashian, Olivia Palermo and Kristin Cavallari.
I received this beautiful Selene Crossbody bag in leopard print. The strap is a long gold chain with a black leather cord running through the chain. The bag is incredibly soft and silky, with a magnetic drawstring opening and a gold block that secures the drawstring.
It's roomy enough to hold all my necessities and even has a zippered pocket inside. I love that I can wear it either as a crossbody or over-the-shoulder bag. The Selene Crossbody bag comes in leopard print, pink or black and is great for both dressy outfits and casual outfits. It's wonderfully crafted and it's my new favorite purse!
Check out their entire collection of fun, functional and fashionable handbags and accessories at www.oliviaandjoy.com. Did I mention I also received this gorgeous Shiloh Drawstring bag? This one is for a giveaway! It's so spacious and features beautiful zipper detailing on the side. The quality of olivia + joy handbags is fabulous.
One lucky reader will win this bag, plus two other fabulous prizes, during the Fall Fashionista Giveaway Hop that begins on October 9. You can get a jumpstart on entries by following olivia + joy on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Mark your calendar and come back to my blog between October 9-17 to enter all the giveaways for over $25,000 in total prizes!
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