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My 2012 in Pictures - Day 35

Meet Big Bear.
He is my childhood teddy bear and childhood best friend.
I got him on my 3rd birthday and still have him.

Help! I've Fallen and Can't Get Up!

This morning when I woke up, I realized something was wrong with my littlest toe on my right foot. I looked closely to find it swollen and purple. Actually I noticed yesterday it was a little sore. Apparently, I have a broken toe. A couple of days ago, I fell down climbing out of my shower. Yes, climbing out. It's a big garden tub, so the sides are higher than a standard tub. I love it when I want to take a bath, but I really wish I had a separate stand up shower.

It really surprised me when I slipped. I had one leg almost over when the other one slipped out from under me. I landed with my stomach on the edge of the tub, hands on the floor, and feet in the tub. I must have looked quite a sight! I felt really silly and thought "That's gonna leave a mark!" Johnny heard me fall and called to me from the bedroom, "Babe?" I hollered back, "I'm okay. Just feeling a bit stupid for falling down." It never occurred to me to check for broken bones. Gosh, at my age, I'm just glad it wasn't a hip! I did end up with several bruises on my arms and legs. Maybe it's high time to install a grab bar on my bathroom wall! Have you ever fallen in your tub or shower?

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Make Everything Taste Like BACON - Review

Since I'm on a weight loss diet, bacon is no longer my friend. Let me just say...I. LOVE. BACON. But I also love losing weight, so I gave it up. Well, I'm so excited about J&D's Hickory Bacon Salt, I could just scream! Now I can make everything taste like bacon!
This is a veggie garden omelet from my weight loss program foods. They make great omelets with chopped up veggies and lowfat cheeses. But it looks a tad boring, right? Now I can have this:
Bacon Salt is made from SEA SALT so it's low sodium, only 136 mg per serving, plus it has zero calories. Now my omelet tastes like bacon! I can have bacon for breakfast again.
Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes are so good! I just had to try them with J&D's Hickory Bacon Salt. I made myself a salad to go with my potatoes and thought, hey, bacon bits are great in salad too. I can't have those either, but I can have Bacon Salt!
With zero total fat, zero trans fat, zero saturated fat, and zero sugars, I can turn my entire lunch into a bacon buffet that looks like this:
Talk about a heavenly lunch! Bacon Salt tastes just like bacon and my taste buds are happily thinking I'm scarfing down huge amounts of bacon, but my waistline is still shrinking. Did I mention zero carbs?
Dinnertime and the Bacon Salt comes back out. This time I'm spicing up my meatload and mashed potatoes. Can you believe I've lost 18 pounds in three months eating like this?
After heating up my dinner, I cut the meatloaf into bite sized pieces and stirred the meatloaf and sauce into the mashed potatoes. Then I gave it the bacon makeover. Psst...J&D's Bacon Salt is also kosher and vegetarian!
Now I've heard of bacon ice cream but I'm a bit wary to try it. Instead, I decided I needed to try it as an ingredient in a meal. So I cooked up a Healthy Pepperoni Bacon Quesadilla (recipe HERE) and this amazing bacon flavored seasoning is just as good IN food as it is ON food! Watching your cholesterol? Bacon Salt has less than 5g so you're good there too.
Then just for fun, I made a Healthy Veggie Pizza (recipe HERE) for my vegetarian readers. I know, some vegans don't use cheese, but there's a veggie cheese out there you could substitute in this recipe. Bacon Salt on top is just as good as Bacon Salt inside. Check out www.AlwaysFits.com for more information and to find whimsical gifts that will always fit!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Game Day Quesadilla #Recipes with Nostalgia Electrics

My family eats quesadillas all the time. My husband admitted when he makes them on a frying pan, he uses way too much butter. My kids tend to just throw some cheese on a tortilla and microwave it. We need fast, easy and healthy options in this house and Nostalgia Electrics has the answer - the Quesadilla Fiesta! It takes just minutes to heat up your recipe and even indents the tortilla for easier cutting.
It has nonstick coating, so no butter is needed. I sprayed a bit of oil spray on a paper towel and rubbed it all over, as suggested in the manual, and I plugged it in to preheat it. I decided to create some new Game Day Quesadilla Recipes!
Healthy Pepperoni Bacon Quesadilla - Place one tortilla flat on the plate, then add a thin layer of low-fat shredded four cheese shredded cheese. Take six slices of turkey pepperoni and slice into strips, scatter over cheese. Add some low sodium bacon salt, then another thin layer of shredded cheese. Top with second tortilla.
Place tortilla stack into the preheated Quesadilla Fiesta, and close the lid. There is a drip pan under the front of it in case your cheese runs. There are two locking positions for the lid so you can securely close it no matter how much stuff you like on your quesadilla. The lid can get hot, so it's a good idea to use an oven mitt or potholder. The directions for the Quesadilla Fiesta say to heat your creation from 3-7 minutes depending on fillings.
I guess I misjudged on my first one. I left it on too long and it became too crispy, but I topped it off with some cilantro salsa and it was delicious. The Quesadilla Fiesta is designed for up to 8 inch tortillas, but I think mine are only 6 inches in diameter.
Healthy Chicken Mozzarella Quesadilla - Place one tortilla flat on your plate. Slice nonfat or lowfat mozzarella cheese into small pieces and place on tortilla. Slice up fully cooked chicken, breaded or grilled, and mix pieces throughout the cheese. Top with second tortilla, place in Quesadilla Fiesta for four minutes. Top with cilantro salsa.
I used a leftover chicken patty that was in my fridge. I cut to very small slivers of chicken from it, then sliced them into smaller pieces. Even though it is breaded chicken, it is only about an ounce of meat.
This quesadilla was much thicker than my first one and I needed to press down a bit on the lid to get it to latch. I learned that the lid can get hot, so use an oven mitt if you need to apply any pressure. I probably used a bit too much cheese. I wondered how easily it would clean up.
Be sure to use a wooden or plastic spatula to remove your quesadillas because you don't want to scratch the nonstick coating. My quesadillas came off easily and didn't stick at all. I took a paper towel and wet it down, then squeezed the water out of it. I rubbed it lightly and quickly over the surface of the Quesadilla Fiesta to remove stuck on cheese and it cleaned off completely and immediately.
This quesadilla heated perfectly. It was so delicious! I love the way the indents also move the larger ingredients over just enough so that when I cut it nothing squishes out of my tortillas. I was starting to get full, but I had just two more tortillas, so I went for a third recipe.
Healthy Veggie Quesadilla - Place a tortilla on the plate, then sprinkle with a layer of lowfat cheddar cheese. Slice a grape tomato or two into thin slices and place on cheese. Then add sliced black olives and put the second tortilla on top. Place into the Quesadilla Fiesta for three and a half minutes. Before cutting sprinkle some more cheese on the warmed quesadilla so that it melts into the top, shake a bit of low sodium bacon salt on top, then slice into six pieces. Top with salsa and enjoy!
This quesadilla also came out perfectly. I couldn't finish it...I was too full. Luckily for me, my teenage son arrived home from school and finished it. He also said it was really good and asked if we had more tortillas. I guess I better hit the grocery store because my family will be using our Quesadilla Fiesta all the time! We will be enjoying the big game with these healthy quesadillas instead of all those heavy, fatty, junk foods!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


My 2012 in Pictures - Day 34

My childhood Bible is tattered and the binding is taped, but the Word lives on.
My Bible is dated March 15, 1976. I was nine years old.

Join Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Today

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Walgreens has been around as long as I can remember. I know I can trust Walgreens for good service and great prices. Their pharmacy has always guarded personal information well and never made a mistake on any of my prescriptions. I'm excited to learn about Walgreens Prescription Savings Club because I'm always looking for ways to save money. With the economy struggling to recover, every penny in our budget is important! Their Savings Cllub is only $35 a year for the entire family, including me, my spouse, any of my kids under 22 years old, plus my pets! How awesome is that? For individuals it's just $20 a year. I'll get discount prices on my prescriptions, which is awesome because drug companies charge WAY too much money for medications. Walgreens Prescription Savings Club provides savings on more than 8000 brand name and generic prescriptions, plus discounts on my annual flu shots for the family. There are also discounts for those who need nebulizers or diabetic supplies. For an added bonus, the Club gives me bonuses when I purchase Walgreens brand products, which are just as good as brand name products. I'll even get bonuses when I get my photos developed at Walgreens. Want all these discounts and bonuses too? Join the Prescriptions Savings Club today. Follow Walgreens on Twitter and Like Walgreens on Facebook to stay updated on great promotions!

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Print These Grocery Coupons and Save

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Sponsor Spotlight: Scandle Body Massage Candle

I love trying out new products. It is so much fun. But I have to admit I was really wary of trying the new Scandle Limited Edition Body Massage Candle. I mean, I've accidentally splashed candle wax on myself before and it's hot. I had this vision in my head of a hot candle wax being dripped all over my back and that didn't sound like a relaxing massage to me! But Scandle promises to burn at just 2 degrees higher than body temperature, so I decided to try it.
It comes in a 4 fl. oz. metal tin with a lid. This Scandle is a limited edition and the scent is Chocolate Dipped Strawberry and oh my goodness, when I lit this candle my house smelled soooo good.
I let it burn for about 30 minutes on the kitchen counter. I have to admit, it made me really crave chocolate covered strawberries!! I noticed the silicone band around the tin and realized it's a stylish wrist band that says Reduce Reuse Recycle. How clever!
I looked more closely at the tin and realized when it was empty it would make a great little storage box. I peeled the Scandle label off the lid very easily and the top of the tin is see-through! I like when companies are eco-conscious. The Scandle is also made of 100% natural products. But, I was still really nervous about touching the softened Scandle because it looks like a real candle with regular wax. I figured it would be a really good idea to blow out the fire before I attempted to touch it!
I braced myself and stuck my finger in the Scandle right after I blew out the flame. It was just warm. It was warmer than the stuff they use to rip out my stray eyebrows. But this felt different. I pulled my finger out, covered with a glob of the Scandle warmed wax and began to rub it into the skin on the back of my hand. It's a shimmering lotion! As I smoothed it onto my skin, it occurred to me that I never smelled so delicious!
It left a slight sheen on my skin, just enough for a good massage. I rubbed some more up my left arm and my skin warmed a bit where I applied it. It absorbed into my skin well and didn't leave me feeling greasy like massage oils sometimes do. I love it! I smelled so good all afternoon and when my husband got home, it still smelled really good and it was time for us to try it together! This is a fabulous unique Valentine's Day Gift!
You can win your own Scandle right here on my blog! On February 7, the Share The Love Giveaway Hop will begin and I'm gathering up a collection of wonderful prizes so I can share the love with you! Keep your eyes open for the other sponsor spotlights coming up and be sure to enter to win this great prize package that includes a Scandle! Can't wait? Buy one HERE! Be sure to hook up with them on Facebook and Twitter to get a jumpstart on your entries into the giveaway hop and to be notified of special promotions.
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


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Review and Giveaway - EatSmart Bathroom Scale

This is no ordinary bathroom scale! Remember how excited I was to get a smart phone? I've been just as giddy over this EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Bathroom Scale. How's that for a long product name? And that's not even all it is! I've been calling it my new smart scale. This scale is one of many different products, so be sure to visit their website and hook up on Facebook and Twitter with them.
First off, this scale measures body weight down to the ounce, so I can really tell if my weight loss diet is working. I've been using it for about a week and weigh myself first thing in the morning consistently and it's way more exciting to lose even just one more ounce, than wait for another whole pound to disappear! This amazing scale knows it's me on the scale, in a way. It uses bio-electrical impendance analysis to determine my gender, height, age, activity level and weight to calculate my body fitness right through my bare feet. Not only that, it stores my information (and up to 7 other people's as well).
So, besides my weight, this Precision GetFit Scale measures my body fat, my total body water, my muscle mass, and my bone mass. Seriously! My DOCTOR can't even tell me all that! These measurements are most accurate in the evening and it's recommended that I get on the scale each day, twice a day, because consistency is a big key. Since I already weigh myself daily, I'm good with that. I absolutely LOVE the design of the scale too. It even looks high-tech and classy. It's also very thin (good motivation there too).
Here is my new scale in my master bathroom. You can see from the picture we have carpet in the bathroom, so we designed a scale base so we can weigh ourselves naked, in peace, away from the teenage sons. Most scales don't calibrate correctly or measure correctly on carpet. Since I've been dieting for the past three months (and have lost 18 pounds, yay) I am much less reluctant to weigh myself. With my fancy new GetFit scale I can make sure I'm reaching my goals!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

EatSmart is generously sponsoring a giveaway of one GetFit bathroom scale for a lucky Planet Weidknecht reader! Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter. Only the first entry is mandatory; all others are bonus entries to increase your chances to win. To be eligible you must be at least 18 years old, have a US address, and follow Planet Weidknecht in at least one way. This giveaway ends at midnight est on 2/12. Good luck!

Valentine's Day Collector's Bills

Swagbucks is releasing a new set of Collector's Bills just in time for Valentine's Day - 5 romantic reminders worth different amounts of reward points. Collect them all and get 14 Bonus Swag Bucks to use towards your free stuff! The bills come out at midnight PT on Monday and will be available only through Search until 11:59pm PT on Valentine's Day. Good luck!

My 2012 in Pictures - Day 33

I love it when I win a prize that I can use in my home daycare.
The kids were totally enthralled with this today.

Seeking Bloggers for NewbieBlogHop Giveaway Hop

Have you heard of the Newbie Blog Hop yet? It's the brain child of Janet at Going Crazy! Wanna Go? for bloggers under one year (or who just "feel" new). We hop once a week between Wednesday and Friday and we have an awesome Facebook Group where we talk about all the ins and outs of being a Newbie Blogger. Well...we've built up enough confidence that we're hosting a Giveaway Hop and we want YOU (newbie or not) to join us!!

I am very excited to announce that Planet Weidknecht will be co-hosting this hop!

Guest Post - Sharing Hope

Guest Post by Heather Von St James:
Sharing Hope Through My Battle with Mesothelioma

I try to maintain a positive attitude, with a glass half full perspective. My optimistic view earns me a reputation of looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, and has never come handier than when I received a frightening cancer diagnosis at 36 years of age. My only child was just 3 ½ months old when I received the news.

Nov. 21, 2005 I was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma. It’s not something anyone expects to hear, especially during the best and most joyful years of motherhood. I couldn’t believe I was hearing the words, ‘You have cancer.’ What would I do? Curse God? Live in self-pity, asking, ‘Why me?’ Give up? I needed to face the news head on, ready to fight! My rose colored glasses were no longer just a luxury but a necessity, if I wanted to live to raise my beautiful daughter.

Anyone who has experienced a battle with cancer would agree that it’s a double-edged sword. It is the worst thing that can happen, yet a good thing, if you can believe it. It has changed me forever, for the better, though some might doubt. Perhaps it was my decision not to live as a victim. Making light of a terrible situation allowed me to conquer fear, especially when I dedicated myself to helping others facing a cancer diagnosis. Hope is one of the first losses that accompany a mesothelioma diagnosis, but my fight could restore it to me and to others. I looked for good, and found it.

Referred to one of the leading mesothelioma doctors in the world, I received the encouragement from this expert that I could win my fight and beat this obstacle. When I learned that my surgery was scheduled for Groundhog’s Day, 2006, I dubbed my tumor Punxsutawney Phil. We renamed the day Lungleavin Day, the day my lung would leave my body. Each year, we celebrate this day on the first weekend of February, a celebration of life and of the conquering of my fear. We celebrate the good that comes from bad situations. We celebrate the hope that continues to shine!

My diagnosis has led to my getting to know many wonderful people. Some of the strongest, most amazing people have crossed my path on this journey. I have met and joined the ranks of others who battle valiantly against the darkness of mesothelioma, those committed to bringing awareness of the disease to others. They are the friends and family members of those who have been touched by this disease, they are passionate, and I call them friends. Without my own struggle with cancer, my life would be void of these precious people. Now, though, my life is purpose filled. My desire is to continue to bring hope to those who have need.

Happy Groundhog Day

My mom's favorite animal is the groundhog!

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Nutrisystem News Just Released #NSNation


To Mark 40th Anniversary, Company Re-Commits to Helping Fight the Nation’s Obesity Epidemic and Launches 40% Off Promotion on Nutrisystem SUCCESS, Its Newest and Best Program to Date

FORT WASHINGTON, PA (February 1, 2012) - Nutrisystem, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRI), the leading home delivery weight loss program, is ushering in its 40th anniversary year with a celebratory new promotion as well as a look back at four decades of helping people lose weight and get healthy.  Within the past decade alone, customers have lost over an estimated 71 million pounds on the Nutrisystem ® program.

To commemorate Nutrisystem’s 40th anniversary, the Company is promoting 40% savings on all of its 28-day auto delivery programs. This limited time promotion, starting today, Wednesday, February 1, enables customers to save approximately 40% off the monthly cost of the Nutrisystem SUCCESS™ program, the Company’s best program to date. The program was named the "Least Expensive Home Delivery Program” by CBS Money Watch in January 2011.

To celebrate Nutrisystem’s 40th anniversary and to receive 40% off the Nutrisystem® SUCCESS™ program, please visit www.nutrisystem.com/success4u or call 1-888-841-2572.

My 2012 in Pictures - Day 32

Day 32
New Life Springs Forth!

Sweep of the Day

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Guest Post by Laura Fenamore @ onepinky.com

“I’ll just have one. It’s no big deal.”
By Laura Fenamore

I’m Laura Fenamore, and I am thrilled to be sharing my story, which offers hope and guidance to women worldwide.

I was a compulsive eater out of my mother’s womb. The youngest of eight children in an abusive home, I was born knowing that the world was definitely not safe for me. I used food to feel safe. It was that simple. I could not stop eating. When I was not eating, I was thinking about food or when I could get my next meal. I obsessed about it regularly. I overate every day, hated myself for it, and yet could not stop.

From 7th grade until age 24, I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. I started drinking alcoholically at age 13, and was a “wild child” as a teen and young adult. By age 24, I was designing my ending and talked regularly about taking my life. I was a fat, depressed drunk who hated herself. Until a major shift happened…

I was gifted with a moment of clarity that hit me like a brick. It was the moment at which I realized I had the choice to either give up or go on, and fortunately, I chose life. Between my 24th and 25th birthdays, I lost 100 lbs. the old fashioned way - watching what I ate.

My weight release and the emotions I felt surrounding it led me to create One Pinky, a community that helps women achieve a healthy body image and release their unwanted weight for good. I feel so grateful that as I approach 50, I feel a million times better than I did when I was 20.

Although not all of us struggle with food addiction, the vast majority of my clients have complicated relationships with food - they eat when they’re sad or bored, they eat too much and then don't feed their families well. It often seems that the moment we decide to quit bad habits, the deluding, conniving self-talk begins - Oh I’ll have one more cookie for dessert. If I give my child this candy bar, they’ll stop complaining. Before you know it, this deceptive self-talk has become a deafening self-shout, and the danger of relapse is just around the corner.

But it is possible to get a hold of this self-defeating, one-way conversation. This is where Yum Yum Dishes come in.

Yum Yum Dishes are the perfect way to gain control over your eating habits. In a society of big portions and excess, it can be hard to put on the breaks, but Yum Yum Dishes make it easy. There are so many reasons I love Yum Yum Dishes:

• They work. Monitoring portion control is a huge part of creating healthy eating habits. According to the CDC’s government website, “Research shows that people unintentionally consume more calories when faced with larger portions.” For anyone trying to release weight, portion control is a must. Yum Yum Dishes make keeping portions reasonable a no-brainer.

 • They’re easy. For those of us who don’t have the time (or interest in) weighing or counting everything we put in our mouths, Yum Yum Dishes do the work for us. Their small size means smaller portions, which means better eating. I encourage my clients not to deny themselves anything, but I do encourage them to eat in moderation. Eating out of a Yum Yum Dish automatically regulates portion size.

They’re fun. Anyone that knows me knows I am totally a kid at heart - I love animated movies, I still play on swings at the park and adore my Raggedy Ann doll collection. The colorful, eye-catching designs of Yum Yum Bowls make them a joy to have in the kitchen. They remind me not to take myself too seriously and that eating is supposed to be a joyful act of self-care. Plus, they also appeal to kids, and can help parents teach children about healthy eating habits at an early age.

Every day seems to bring a new study or article about the benefits of healthy eating and maintaining a healthy weight. Yet the world we live in seems to be pulling us in opposite directions - 64 oz. soda cups next to fashion magazines full of impossibly thin models. It’s hard enough staying positive and motivated without having to worry about everything that passes your lips. Yum Yum Bowls do the work for you, helping you enjoy the foods you love in portions that your body can handle. And that’s something worth celebrating.


About the Author: Weight Release & Body Image Coach Laura Fenamore is on a mission to guide women around the world to love what they see in the mirror, one pinky at a time, so they can unlock the secrets to a healthy weight and start loving their lives as soon as possible. Laura is the author of the forthcoming book Weightless: 7 Tools to Love Your Body (and Lose Weight For Good) and a frequent contributor to local and national media - including First for Women, Ladies Home Journal, the Dr. Pat Show and blog contributor on Betty Confidential, Daily Love and Positively Positive. Laura believes that self-love and self-care is where the transformation begins. Learn more about her programs, invite her to speak or contribute to your program or conference, or place pre-orders for her book today at www.OnePinky.com.