Nightmare Nibbler - Review

For the last three weeks, I've listened to my almost-five-year-old daycare girl tell me about her bad dreams. Since I'm a daycare provider, I've been witness to many bad dreams during naptime and know how distressing they can be to a young child. The Nightmare Nibbler has come to the rescue!
The Nightmare Nibbler is an adorable little friend who can snack on all those children's nightmares and comfort your child throughout the night! This friendly guy will become fast friends with your child. The day he arrived here at my daycare, she asked me, "Miss Lisa, can I take him for a night?" which turned into "Can I keep him two nights?" and then "How about four nights?" On Friday, shortly after her dad picked her up, they returned, because she was looking for him. Unfortunately, I still hadn't written my review, so I sent home another stuffed animal with her, with promises she could take him home Monday. She was visibly disappointed.
Nightmare Nibbler won the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award and I'm so excited to introduce him to you. If your child has nightmares, this little guy is sure to provide some comfort. His name? Norbert! This is a perfect Easter Basket addition! Here's his poem:

I’m a Nightmare Nibbler who’s on duty through the night, protecting you from scary things that might give you a fright!

It doesn’t matter what it is, I’m not afraid at all whether 1 inch, 1 foot or a bazillion feet tall!

You see, as a Nightmare Nibbler all I do is eat, bad dreams, scary dreams, I think they’re all a treat!

Those dreams do not stand a chance, when I am here with you since I chew them up and swallow them, before they can say boo!

So hug me tight, close your eyes and wipe away your fears, I’m here all night to protect you, if anything appears.

Good Night and Pleasant Dreams…


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Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

You can buy him at http://store.nightmarenibbler.com/. Be sure to follow at Facebook and Twitter! There is even a book now!

Book Review Living Fully by Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche

In a world full of chaos and stress, author Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche authored a book called Living Fully: Finding Joy in Every Breath. His years of studying with Tibetan masters is compiled into this amazing book that teaches how to live mindfully as though this is our last day. He tells us how living in the moment helps to release us from the constant cravings for more material things. His philosophies are based on simplicity and how being more simplistic can provide more fulfillment from life. Rinpoche covers topics like honesty, service to others, and even karma. Relaxation and meditation are also a key element in his book.
I really enjoyed reading this book. Although I am not a Buddhist, these principles can truly be applied to every life. I liked how he encourages people to measure themselves by how content they are, rather than how successful or rich they are. I'm going to practice his suggestion of spending at least five minutes every day without music, computer, or television, and instead use the time to meditate. I like that he suggests doing mediation sitting up straight, breathing naturally and keeping eyes open to prevent oneself from falling asleep, which I'm sure would happen to me if I sat still and closed my eyes. There is a lot of really good, straight-forward advice in his book that anyone can benefit from.
Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

You can purchase this book on Amazon at the link below. 

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow

Ask just about any mom what she'd really like and she is likely to say "a good night's sleep!" As moms, we often short ourselves of sleep because of sick children, hungry infants, teenager curfews, financial concerns, or relationship issues. I find myself staying up too late just to share some quiet time with my husband when none of the children are awake, and then I have to wake up early for work. A vicious cycle! But now I've found the Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow (say that three times really fast).
When I opened the box, I was amazed at how heavy the pillow is. I wasn't quite sure what to think of it. The one I received is white with a pretty pink piping around the edge (ensuring my husband and sons won't steal it from me). As I ran my hand over the fabric, I felt a bunch of little bumps, so I unzipped the side zipper.
Inside the white case was a second covering, made of a silky fabric and I could see a pink pad underneath with little bumps on it. It kind of looked like bubble wrap to me. So I unzipped the top zipper of the silky cover to investigate.
The pillow itself is made of memory foam and one whole side has a panel of little gel bubbles fused to it. I guess that's where they get the name Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow! I was very intrigued and decided it was time to try it out. I zipped it all back up and put a regular pillow case over it. The pillow is the same size as a standard pillow.
I climbed on my bed and laid down my head. OH MY GOODNESS! My head just melted into the pillow. I could feel my whole body relax as the memory foam pillow gave in to the shape of my head and my neck to support me with a feeling of almost weightlessness. It felt so good. An hour later the phone woke me. It was one of my kids, go figure.
This pillow is totally awesome and I love it. If you suffer from night sweats, this is AWESOME! It would make a great Mother's Day gift! I was checking out their website and they have this pillow in four color choices, Frosted Pink (which I got), Glacier Green, Ice Violet, and Cool Cerulean. It also comes in two patterns - bubbles (like mine) or waves (horizontal lines). This cool memory foam pillow was also featured on The Dr. Oz Show and selected as one of the twelve healthiest gifts for 2012. They even offer a contoured shaped pillow. You can buy one of these for you or for your mom who would love a good night's sleep) at http://comfortrevolution.com/. Their Facebook page often offers great discounts so be sure to like their page! You can also follow them on Twitter. Want to win one of these pillows?
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Lust Cosmetics for the One You Love

Ever have one of those nights with your husband where nothing seems to go right in the bedroom? Yeah, me neither. But it's always nice to have a few surprises on hand just in case. We like to try new massage oils and lotions because touch is such a powerful sensory experience for both people. Lust Cosmetics sent me two gift bags of Lady Lust products to try.
The Lust for Body Luscious Body Lotion is wonderful. It is rich and creamy, but easily spreads lightly onto my skin. It has a soft fragrance and it made my skin velvety soft. Plus, it's all natural. The Extra Virgin Natural Massage Oil is amazing. I love the way it absorbs into my skin so that I don't feel like a greasy french fry. I adore the fragrance of this oil (a bit more exotic than the lotion), and it's just perfect for a good evening massage.
The Creamcicle Edible Massage Oil intrigued me because it's such a unique flavor/scent. I squirted just a bit in the palm of my hand and rubbed it in a bit before I tasted it. I have to admit it tastes exactly the orange cream popsicles I've always loved. As an added bonus, the oil heats up a bit when you blow on it. The Lust for Love Personal Lubricant is a silky, all natural blend that takes "slippery when wet" to a whole new level. You can find these and other sensual products at http://www.lustcosmetics.com/. (Best to shop after the kids go to bed!) You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

GlitzSee Purse Light Review

I am always rummaging around in my purse looking for stuff. Every weekend when I do my shopping, I end up stuffing it with receipts, little purchases, lip balm, coupons, to do lists, my grocery list, you name it. Then I can never find what I'm looking for inside my purse. I hate holding up the line at the checkout counter because it takes so long to find what I need. GlitzSee has come up with a gem of an idea!
This adorable topaz gem is a purse light! Just leave the switch in the on position and when you need light, just give it a little shake and it'll light up for 15 seconds. It has a loop on it so you can hook it to your keychain. It's very lightweight and durable. GlitzSee also comes in aquamarine and amethyst.
It measures about an inch and a half in diameter so it 's small enough not to take up much room, but big enough to light up the darkest caverns of my purse. I showed it to my daycare kids and they thought it was the "coolest crystal" they ever saw! I think it's a great idea. It will sure come in handy when I'm trying to find the keyhole in the dark too!
You can purchase your own GlitzSee gems here http://www.glitzsee.com/shop.php. This would be a cute addition to an Easter basket or get the set of all three gems for a Mother's Day gift!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Nutrisystem Update - Week 19 #NSNation

I just finished up Week 19 on the Nutrisystem Program
and I'm holding steady at 21 pounds lost.
I'm walking more, standing more, and sticking to my 
Nutrisystem plan so that I'll continue to lose weight.
My measurements have not changed since my last measure,
but I did have to get rid of all my fat jeans!

Want to lose weight and get healthy too? 
 Join Nutrisystem today by calling 1-888-853-4689 
 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog.

Four More Planet Weidknecht Winners

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Miracle Gro Expand n Gro


Guidecraft Table and Chairs - Art and Preschool

As a Guidecraft Educator, it is a genuine pleasure for me to share the high quality furniture, educational toys, and amazing learning materials from Guidecraft with you! The children who come to my home daycare now recognize the Guidecraft logo on the boxes when they are delivered and they're always very eager to find out what has arrived.
As my husband assembled this Classic Expresso Tables and Chairs Set, he said, "I am so impressed with the quality of this furniture." Even though this pile of pieces looks daunting to me, he actually assembled them all within 15 minutes. The directions were only a page long and very easy to follow. This gorgeous new set is the new art table in my home daycare.
Free art expression is one of the most important parts of an early childhood program and every day I offer the children plenty of time to create. Sometimes it will be paper and markers, or colored pencils, or crayons. Other times it'll be sculpting materials such as dough or these Wikki Stix (review coming soon). Having a solid and sturdy place for them to work together as a pair is essential. I previously had a plastic table here and its tendency to slide across the carpeting frustrated the kids.
The Guidecraft children's furniture is not only amazingly beautiful (just look at that wood grain!) it's also very functional and versatile. The children have decided this table is also a great place to read a book from the book center instead of sitting on the little couch holding books on their laps. It's also near our Guidecraft floor easel and the table has become a desk for "students" while the "teacher" teaches from the easel as they play "school."
Using art trays provides a boundary for the younger children so their art doesn't end up on the table. The finish on the tabletop has resisted scratching without fail. I expect this set will last until I retire from teaching preschool. Be sure you are providing a dedicated area for your children to be creative. The benefits of free art expression go far beyond preschool. Learning how to hold a writing implement properly is a skill learned through experience and if a child isn't exposed to a wide variety of sizes and shapes of art materials, their ability to write the alphabet at 4 and 5 can be very delayed.
In addition, working with dough and other sculpting materials helps develop and strengthen their little fingers in preparation of kindergarten and beyond. Working together in pairs helps develop social skills like sharing, planning and negotiation, which benefits them their entire life. Guidecraft offers furniture that parents and teachers can rely upon to provide a safe, sturdy area to play and learn. You can purchase the Classic Expresso Tables and Chairs Set at http://guidecraft.com/. Be sure to connect with Guidecraft on Facebook and Twitter to be first to hear about new products and special promotions!

Blessings Unlimited Review

I am always looking for unique items to dress up my kitchen. I tend to have a simple and traditional style of decorating. Blessings Unlimited is a new business that combines home decor and faith. Their products are distributed by independent representatives through home parties and catalog sales. I was browsing through their online catalog when I came across this beautiful Enjoy Life Bread Basket and I just knew it would look fabulous in my kitchen.
It can be used with all sides flat like a hotpad, or with the sides up and the corners tied into bows to make a basket. The fabric material is quilted and the lettering on the outer band is stitched on rather than screen printed. It's a wonderful quality decoration and the colors are just beautiful. I'll be getting lots of use out of my new bread basket!
I love the Bible verse stitched on the other side...God has given us these times of joy. Psalm 81:4. This basket would be a wonderful gift for Mother's Day or Easter. The bread basket is actually larger than I originally thought when I saw it in the catalog and I was able to put a whole package of hot dog buns down in the bottom of the basket, with room left over! I'm thrilled with my new bread basket. You can purchase this and other wonderful home decor items from Kat at http://www.myblessingsunlimited.net/katjaros/default.aspx. Link up on Facebook and Twitter too!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
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Easter Gifts That Last All Year

Give your young children the gift of learning to love to read this Easter! Books are so important even to the youngest children. Having age-appropriate children's books is important and Parragon Books has created a wonderful new line of Little Learners titles that would be a perfect addition to your child's Easter basket.
Your baby needs to start with soft cloth books. Cuddling, holding and tasting come easy to your baby, so their first books should be something they can "love on" without limitations. A combination of slippery fabric and soft fuzzy fabric provide baby with sensory exploration and the satin ribbon around the edge is safe for chewing.
Each page is padded and the simple story rhymes, providing baby with a loving little story that teaches about love. Listening to adults read is an important part of baby learning to talk.
As baby grows into a toddler, they learn to throw things! It's their favorite game...toddler throws, mom picks up...only mom gets tired of the game much faster. Parragon Books Little Learners came up with the ingenious idea of stroller books.
Both books come with a soft strap that wraps around the stroller to keep the books nearby for your toddler and secure so they aren't tossed or lost. Darling illustrations and soft colors help toddlers learn numbers and colors.
A secure velcro tab means mom can move them from the stroller to the swing, to the restaurant high chair, to the carseat, and even to the diaper bag straps. An impromptu story reading can help to refocus a fussy youngster when mom is standing in the checkout line! 
This chunky shaped Yum Yum book is perfect for toddlers' hands. Featuring favorites from the kitchen, the book helps teach first words. The thick foam pages are covered with a coated cardstock to hold up to busy little hands.
The single word on each page helps young children begin to understand that every object has a name. As your toddler grows you can help teach letter recognition by pointing out the first letter of each word and saying something like "p is for plate." 
Physical interaction with books at a young age is very important, but not more important than safety. By purchasing books that are appropriate for your baby's age, such as board books with rounded corners, you can be assured that baby won't poke her own eye or get a paper cut.
I fondly remember touch books from when I was young. Parragon's Little Learners Touch and Feel Animals book is full of textures. I love the descriptive language used throughout the book that extends a toddler's vocabulary.
The animals sweet faces and furry bodies draw a child into the story and encourage them to explore with their tiny fingers. These books are all very well constructed and will stand up to many readings.
Their finger puppet This Little Piggy book takes interaction to a whole new level. This classic nursery rhyme is chanted to babies of all ages and Parragon has provided a fresh new look with a piggy whose face can be animated by parent or child through a hole in the back of the book.
The peekaboo piggy face pokes through each page of the story, and his fuzzy cheerful face is sure to delight young boys and girls. This one will be a favorite!
The cleverly designed I Feel Happy toddler book has big sturdy tabs that pull out of the pages, to teach your toddler about feelings and the concepts of opposites. Teaching children about how to recognize and talk about their emotions helps them develop better social skills.
Learning to express how they feel about the world around them is an important step in learning how to relate to and understand other people's feelings. Books are a wonderful way to teach young children so many different concepts and ideas, while teaching them in "baby steps" how to care for books.
Instead of filling up their Easter basket with candy, fill it up with beloved books that will be adored all year long. Fill their heads with wonderful stories and fill their hearts by spending time snuggling and reading together. You can find these beautiful, high-quality infant and toddler books at the links below, as well as other Little Learners titles from Parragon!

Grocery Coupons to Print

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Jordan Dene Cotton Half Apron - Review and Giveaway

Are you a teacher? A crafter? A chef? A scrapbooker? A coupon queen? Need pockets galore? Then check out this versatile, high quality half apron!
Jordan Dene is a sewing artist who offers her aprons, half aprons, pillows, costumes and more on Etsy. I love browsing through her estore! There's even aprons for kids. I immediately fell in love with this lime green cotton half apron because it is perfect for wearing during my daycare hours. My group of eight preschoolers goes outside twice a day, so these four deep pockets mean I can carry my cell phone, extra tissues for runny noses, a couple of bandages for playground boo-boos, and some ponytail holders for my girls if it's windy. It also gives me room to store the assorted treasures they find, like crystal rocks, flowers/weeds for mom, barrettes that fall out of their hair, and even an occasional small toy that needs its own timeout because the kids can't share. I will NOT carry a roly-poly in my pocket for them though!
The bright color is perfect for spring and summer and goes well with the earth tones in my daycare rooms. This apron is handmade without a single dropped stitch anywhere. It's absolutely perfect and made in the USA. It has long apron strings so it's a one-size-fits-all and is made of preshrunk fabric. Best of all I can throw it in the washer and dryer! I love the style of all the Jordan Dene aprons and am very tempted to get some more. You can purchase them at http://www.etsy.com/shop/jordandene and follow her on Twitter.
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Thermos Nissan Travel Mugs - Review

Thermos is a VERY well known name. As far back as I can remember, it's been a household name. I am sure I carried several Thermos products to school in my lunchboxes over the years. This highly trusted company has now created a sleek line of travel mugs. I received this Thermos Nissan Travel Tumbler. I love the modern stainless steel look to it and the textured, silicone rubber racing stripe around the middle ensures I'm not going to drop it on the floor of the truck.
It is vacuum insulated which means Thermos put a layer of TherMax insulation between an inner and outer stainless steel wall. This superior invention will keep your food or drink hotter (or colder) longer! It has a cold performance rating of six hours and a hot performance rating of three hours. The flip top lid snaps closed securely and even snaps open to the lid securely so that the tab isn't falling forward to hit my nose while I'm drinking. It holds a full 14 ounces and fits perfectly in the pathetically small cup holders in the truck. Plus, when it's holding hot stuff, the outside stays cool and when it's holding cold stuff, it stays condensation free. Now that's Thermos quality!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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