Dear God...

Please send me motivation to write my blog in 2011. Thank you.



Many people think endings are difficult. I think beginnings are difficult. Endings provide closure. They are comfortable, familiar. Beginnings are uncertain and can truly go in any direction, with a greater possibility of failure. Some call it writer's block. Whatever you may call it, it's the reason I took so long to start writing a blog. So my first post is a story, a true story, that happened to me.

Last week, I was in the Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, coming back to Texas from the national childcare provider awards celebration. My husband and I settled into two chairs at the gate where we'd board the plane. We noticed the American Airlines counter persons were bustling around, putting up some patriotic American decorations, including an American flag. I thought perhaps some soldiers might be coming in, and asked about it. I was told it was an Honor Flight, carrying a large group of World War II veterans who were coming in to visit the World War II Memorial. One of the AA attendants was passing out small American flags, while another made a public appeal for everyone to gather at the gate to welcome the veterans in with style. We were more than happy to participate. I was deeply moved by the experience. It was amazing to shake the hands of so many heroes. I looked into their eyes and sincerely thanked each one that shook my hand. We did quite a bit of hootin' and hollerin' for them too, applauding them and waving our little American flags for them. I am willing to bet I was not the only one standing there with tears in my eyes and a big lump in my throat. As the last veteran left the gate area, I noticed my face hurt from smiling. I am so glad I was there for that experience.