What To Do In Hawaii - Foster Botanical Garden #travel #hawaii

There are so many wonderful things to explore in Hawaii. I am so entranced with the beauty of the island of Oahu and visiting Foster Botanical Garden gave me the opportunity to see stunning flowers, majestic trees, and much more.
At the entrance to the garden is a Visitor Information Booth where we received a map for a self-guided tour. It's only a $5 entrance fee for travelers to Hawaii, which is a fabulous bargain for a fun and educational half-day trip! They also offer guided tours at no extra charge.
Foster Botanical Garden is a beautiful home for many birds and lizards. Fortunately, there are no snakes in Hawaii! As we followed along on the self-guided tour, I was amazed at  all the different kinds of palm trees.
Throughout the garden, which covers 21 acres, there are small plaques on many of the trees that provide the name of the tree. The Upper Terrace, which is the oldest part of the garden, dates back to 1853, where huge trees tower overhead.
There are other special areas in the garden, such as the Lyon Orchid Garden and the Butterfly Garden, among others. The weather in Hawaii is simply wonderful, ranging in temperature from about 75-85 most of the time, with small, intermittent showers that keep the islands' plants and flowers growing.
In the couple of weeks we've been here, we have seen a short rain shower nearly every day, followed by hours of wonderful sunshine. The combination of rain and sunshine produces lots of rainbows, which is why Hawaii is called the Rainbow State!
Lots of the trees in this tropical wonderland had fruits growing on them. I got to see some fruits I've never even heard of! Foster Botanical Garden encourages visitors to avoid touching or eating the plants to avoid any adverse reactions.
There are 24 "exceptional trees" throughout the garden, marked with gold labels, designated by City Ordinance. There is also a Prehistoric Glen that features cycads, which are deemed "living fossils" because they were here long before the dinosaurs.
The picture above is just one of the Exceptional Trees! I was amazed at the height of some of the trees and even more amazed at the width of some of them. We had so much fun following the self-guided tour - it was like a scavenger hunt, looking for the next numbered plant.
The flowers were everywhere, including on many of the trees. Many of them were in different stages of blooming, so I was a bit sad the Cacao tree wasn't in bloom yet, but I giggled at the Sausage Tree (yes, it's a real thing!).
The Baobab Tree (below) was so impressive! It would probably take at least 10 people holding hands to reach all the way around the tree.
The Pitcher Plant (below) is a carnivorous plant, which means it eats meat. The cup shape contains a sweet smelling juice that entices insects inside. Since the insects cannot get out of the juice, they become a meal for the plant. Isn't nature amazing?
Below are some of the beautiful flowers throughout the garden:

There is also an Economic Garden filled with lots of herbs and spices. I could smell it long before we walked through it. I also found this fun totem pole near the giant Baobab Tree, which made for a fantastic photo opportunity!
Foster Botanical Garden also has a number of Corpse Flowers. These incredible plants only bloom every 5-7 years. The one below is due to bloom this week! When it blooms, it emits a horribly stinky smell. Although I would have liked to see it bloom, I'm not sorry I missed the smell.
Pineapples are nearly synonymous with Hawaii, but did you realize that they didn't originate here? They were actually introduced into the Hawaiian Islands in 1813, by a Spanish advisor to King Kamehameha. In 1901, James Drummond Dole started what we now know as the Dole Pineapple.
Foster Botanical Garden is a wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon. There are a few picnic tables outside if you want to bring along a picnic lunch. Be sure to stop in the little gift shop to find unique gifts, some made by local artisans.
Foster Botanical Garden is located at 50 North Vineyard Blvd, in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. They are open seven days a week and offer a daily guided tour at 1pm. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly. Make sure you wear sturdy, comfortable shoes and apply sunscreen. Find their web page HERE.

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