Earth Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Many makeup products contain toxic chemicals and when they are applied to facial skin, they are seeping right into your body. Annmarie Skin Care has just created Earth Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation with only four ingredients that are free of hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, and carcinogens.
Earth Minerals is a whole new way to wear makeup! This natural mineral powder blends with oil or serum to give you a perfected complexion naturally. You choose the mineral powder color that is best suited for your skin color, and you can even combine the colors to customize it.
You can also control how much color goes on your face with Earth Minerals. If you want just a slightly tinted glow, use a little of the powder. If you want a deeper color, use more of the powder. These 100% pure mineral powders contain no additives and provide natural UV protection.
The four ingredients used to create these pigmented mineral powders include zinc oxide, which has been shown to promote skin healing, titanium dioxide, which blocks UV rays, iron oxide, which is water resistant and provides the color, and mica, to add radiance.
I've been using Earth Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation for about two weeks and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. It's very easy to use and gives me an even, glowing complexion. I am so happy to be able to use a makeup that contains no toxins. You should try it and see for yourself!
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Kill Cliff Recovery Drink - Review

Kill Cliff Recovery Drink is a premium sports drink that contains quality micronutrients to help you recover from strenuous activity and physical exertion. It has no sugar and no artificial colors, plus each drink is only 20 calories and only 25 mg of caffeine. It's a great alternative to everyday beverages.
Kill Cliff Recovery Drink is available in four flavors - Blood Orange, Lemon-Lime, Pomegranate Punch, and Blackberry Lemonade. I've tried them all and they are delicious! The fizzy carbonation makes them taste light and bubbly. My favorite is the Lemon-Lime.
They are packed with essential vitamins, electrolytes, plant extracts and enzymes. Available in single serve cans or four-packs, Kill Cliff can be found at their online store, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Walmart stores in Florida, and select grocery and convenience stores across the states.
Kill Cliff was founded and created by a former Navy SEAL and a portion of the proceeds from every Kill Cliff Recovery Drink sold goes to supporting the Navy SEAL Foundation, which helps support warriors and their families.
Visit www.killcliff.com for more information on these delicious recovery drinks! Be sure to check out the Kill Cliff Bars too! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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Weekend DIY Home Improvement Fence Project

A new fence improves the look of any yard. Our backyard isn't very large, but putting up a fence can be a costly expense anyway. Fortunately, the fence posts are cemented into the ground and are stable enough that we didn't have to replace them. Our neighbor on the other side of this fence has three large dogs who jump on the fence when they see our dog outside, and we were worried because some of the pickets are very close to breaking.
Rather than remove their existing fence, we decided a double layer between our dog and their dogs was a better long-term solution. Our purchase included the 2x4s and pickets and I did the hard work of supervising and holding boards for cutting while my husband built the fence. We also added a layer of dirt and a layer of dark mulch to fill in the area below the fence to hopefully keep all the dogs from digging. We left an open area near the concrete wall for drainage during rains. The whole project was done in a day. We are so pleased with the results! The fence on the other side of the yard will be completed another weekend day.
Ignore the condition of the grass, please. This is our first spring in this house, but my husband will have the yard whipped into shape in no time. We are working on plans for a wood deck with built-in vegetable garden boxes, too! What did you do over the weekend?

Repurpose Tableware Made From Plants

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
We have all used paper plates and plastic cups. Feeding a group of people is much easier when you use single-use items. It reduces the need to wash so many dishes and makes clean up a breeze. But there is a twinge of guilt and regret to see all that ending up in the trash. Repurpose Compostables offers a solution with their single-serve, sustainable, durable tableware that are 100% made from plants.
I received a package from Repurpose that includes plates, bowls, cups, forks, spoons, and knives, so I could experience them myself. These products are very durable and their performance rivals some of the biggest names in paper plates and plastic cups. Repurpose products are made from corn, sugar, and bamboo - plants that are renewed annually. The products are 100% compostable in an industrial composter in just 90 days.
Repurpose tableware is BPA-free, chlorine-free and petroleum-free. The inks used on the products are soy-based. The products can withstand heat up to 200 degrees. The heavy-duty plates and bowls are cut-resistant and leak-resistant. The hot cups feature eco-insulation so drinks stay warm without double stacking. Even the production of Repurpose tableware uses less fossil resources, lowering the overall carbon footprint.
Many of us look for ways to help our Earth and using Repurpose products instead of paper plates and plastic cups is an easy change that could have an enormous impact. I compared prices in the store and Repurpose product prices are aligned with those of similar performance standards, which means I'm not paying any more for products that are better for my family and my world. That makes them WAY BETTER! I love Repurpose tableware products and highly recommend them!

Fancy Nancy's 10th Anniversary

Disclosure: I received product at no charge.
Fancy Nancy is known to millions of little girls across the globe for her dazzling clothes, impressive vocabulary, and a fondness for all things French. Fancy Nancy is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with the publication of two new books - "Fancy Nancy 10 Anniversary Edition" and "Nancy Clancy, Star of Stage and Screen" - plus a 10th Anniversary RV Tour and the launch of the new website at www.fancynancyworld.com