I Got A Car!!

I'm very happy with my choice. I ended up buying a 1995 Chevy Cavalier. The paint job has Texas sunburn, but overall it's in fantastic shape. One owner before me. We put new tires on, got new hubcaps, got an oil change, updated all the fluids, got a car was, cleaned the inside with Armor All, and I am absolutely thrilled with it. I'm excited to have a new car. I haven't missed my Charger, but I have missed the freedom of having a vehicle. I will be sharing this one with my son for now, since the car his bio father gave him isn't running yet. And if I win a car in a sweepstakes (a dream of mine), I will just give him the car. It needs a name. Suggestions? UPDATE: The car is named Ramsey!!! Thanks for the idea Nicole!

The best part of this, is that it's paid off. I got it for $1200 which is a fantastic deal, as the car is mechanically pretty darn sound, regardless of its high mileage. Dave Ramsey would definitely be proud. I love it. I'm so happy with it, and even happier that I will never ever ever owe another car payment on this vehicle I now own.