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Cerra - The Seven Intentions - Wisdom - #SSCerra

Day six of Cerra is Wisdom. I took out my fragrance card today and was really pleased by the scent. It is a mixture of citrus, lavender, geranium, and sage. Today's affirmation is I am sharing my wisdom in a way that enriches the people around me.

Wisdom tries to trip me up all the time. Just when I think I know what I'm doing, I learn something new that changes the way I was thinking. One of my favorite books of the Bible is Proverbs because it's full of wisdom that is tried and true. I hope that my blog is a way in which I'm sharing wisdom in a beneficial way. All these life experiences have to count for something, right?

The Dissolving Notes in my Cerra gift pack are the Wisdom scent. My first impulse was to write down the names of everyone who makes me mad and then dissolve them. But I really don't think that's what Cerra had in mind. So I wrote down the negative forces in my life - stress, pride, selfishness, jealousy, anger, etc. - then put each one in water to dissolve it. It felt good to see a physical removal of those things. Maybe I can dissolve my bills too! Or how about my waistline?

Wisdom...the knowledge to know right from wrong, and act appropriately.

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My First Twitter Party Ever - I WON BIG #SSCerra

Wow, I'm in shock! I finally took the plunge and tried a Twitter Party. I used Tweet Grid and with some prompting from some very patient and wonderful people, I figured out (sort of) what I was doing. Then, in the last five minutes of the party, I won a huge door prize! I won $100 gift certificate to Cerra.com and $100 gift certificate to the spa of my choice. How amazing is that? Huge thanks to @shespeaksup and @RachelFerrucci.

I used my COURAGE to try something new. I used my CREATIVE ENERGY and INSPIRATION to come up with tweet messages to make others smile. I sought out others' LOVING KINDNESS and WISDOM to show me how to use the new platform. I was GROUNDED in humility and joy with winning and now express my deepest GRATITUDE to all.

Cerra - The Seven Intentions - Courage - #SSCerra

Today is the day of Courage. I'm on Day Five of the Seven Intentions and although it didn't quite work on the timeline I had planned, I'm determined to finish my seven. I love, love, love the fragrance card for courage. It contains basil, eucalyptus and thyme. To me, it smells like Christmas trees so I love it. My daily affirmation today is: I am becoming more courageous as I speak my truth.

I'm not so sure people who know me would want me to become more courageous. I'm often the squeaky wheel. You may remember my post a few weeks back about my bad experience with a certain hotel. I started out with the manager who did not respond. Then went to the booking company with no results. Then posted on my blog, my facebook and my twitter, and started tweeting out to millions. I even emailed the CEO of the hotel chain and the booking company chain. Shortly thereafter, I got a phone call and my money refunded. I really never have a problem speaking up.

I love to do public speaking events too. I've been a trainer in the field of child development for a number of years now. I love being in the spotlight. I guess my most difficult situation is small informal events. The small talk part of it is kind of uncomfortable to me. I've started reaching out more recently though, attending some bunco nights with church ladies, some smaller-scale scrapbooking events, and even having people over for dinner. So there, that's my truth in social events. And I am becoming more courageous.

I headed over to the Cerra website boutique to see what products are available in the Courage line. I think I'll order the scented candle. I'd really love to see Cerra make each of the seven scents available in a candle tart. I cannot burn candles during hours my home daycare is open, due to regulations, but I can use an electric candle tart warmer. So Cerra, be courageous and expand the line of products.

Book Review - Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants

Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man by Elliott Katz is a wonderful collection of advice and guidance. It is written as a story of a young man having a conversation with his beloved grandfather. The grandfather provides his insight to his grandson through a notebook of quotes, quips and suggestions he's collected over many years of life. It is a sweet story line, maybe even a tiny bit cheesy in a couple places, but this book is truly a great collection of things that can help men of all ages become better husbands. It would be a great gift for any man. It would also be a super book to incidentally leave laying around the house FOR your man. The title alone will intrigue him! As I read through this book, it occurred to me that my two teenage sons could greatly benefit from reading this book. My husband is wonderful already, but I'm going to ask him to read it to see what he thinks too. In my opinion, becoming a better man (or woman) is a journey rather than a destination, and all of us should continually strive to be a better spouse. The book itself is just over 100 pages, so it's not a heavy read and doesn't take long to read through. I think every man should be his wife's strong, protective hero and this book is a great place to start.
Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


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Tell Someone You Love

Every where you go you see pink ribbons, reminding us to get a mammogram but I am not convinced that everyone who needs one-has had one.

A few weeks ago I spoke to a group of ladies at a church and I asked them how many of them had had a mammogram this year. Hands were raised. Then I asked how many should have had one this year but had not done so. They didn’t want to raise their hands, but some did. Later at lunch a lady explained to me why she hadn’t. She had an appointment then someone in her family had a crisis and she had to cancel it. So far she hadn’t found the time to reschedule.

That’s the way we are…

We take care of others and forget our own needs.

I asked the women there to please remind their friends, sisters, and moms to have a mammogram and they promised they would. Now I’m asking you? Have you had your mammogram? If you haven’t go make your appointment NOW!

Then call every important woman in your life and make sure they have had theirs. You never know. You might just save a life.

Reprinted with permission from nanahood.com.

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Dance With The Animals Rock N Learn DVD Review

Rock N Learn has certainly figured out the best ways to teach children! By combining music, dance, songs, colors, narration, and rhymes, Rock N Learn DVDs are teaching my preschoolers dozens of new things every week. We received a Dance With the Animals DVD and as soon as the kids saw the Rock N Learn logo, they were begging me to put it in the player for them.
As a preschool teacher, it is such a relief to find wholesome, educational videos that children love, parents approve, and I recommend. Dance With the Animals teaches the children a wide variety of information and facts about many different animals. It's a whole science lesson in itself!
The children were captivated by the new things they were learning. Animals are always fascinating to kids and this was no exception. I especially love that the video spanned forest animals, farm animals, underwater animals and so much more.
It didn't take the kids long before they were up on their feet dancing like the animals and giggling with joy. I love to see them having so much fun while they are learning!
Dancing is fun no matter the age of the child and these videos really appeal to all ages of children. The Rock N Learn website even has videos for older children too. Wouldn't your child prefer to learn math with Multiplication Rock or Division Rap? SEVEN of their DVDs help children learn test-taking strategies for science, math, reading and more!
This is one of my favorite photos of the kids while they watched Dance With the Animals! This video has won THREE awards: the iParenting Media Award, the Creative Child Magazine's Seal of Excellence, and Dr. Toy's 10 Best Videos award. This amazing company has even developed Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch so you can take your child's learning along while you run errands!

I highly encourage you to put at least one of these awesome DVDs and CDs on your holiday gift list for the children in your life! Imagine how much fun they can have during the winter break from school, while you have the satisfaction of providing them with wholesome, educational gifts.
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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Cerra - The Seven Intentions - Loving Kindness - #SSCerra

I've got to admit it, this Cerra program definitely has me reflecting more on their seven intentions. I was talking to someone from my church who mentioned our pastor encouraging us to list 100 blessings and my mind immediately went to the "gratitude" intention. I have not listed my 100 blessings yet, so that will be another post. This post is about Loving Kindness. I opened my new fragrance card and its scent includes fruit, lavender, and cinnamon bark. It smells really good, and stops just short of "too sweet."

Today's affirmation is: I am embracing myself and others in love and compassion.

I decided to check out the website today and use a Cerra Moment to help me be aware, act, and reflect. Since I've started a new little boy in my home daycare today, it's been a rather hectic morning. It usually takes a few weeks for children to settle into the routine, which requires a lot more direction from me. I tend to shadow the new children, helping them learn our rules and procedures for different play areas. I'm close by to help them understand what I will and won't allow here, such as stopping toy-grabbers or rock-throwers before someone gets hurt. Being on high alert takes more out of me during the day, so naptime is especially rejuvenating for me (assuming the new child actually naps, which sometimes doesn't happen the first week). Thankfully he is momentarily asleep (along with the others) so I can take a few minutes to focus on Cerra's loving kindness.

First, I used the recommended Cerra Moment of Easy on the Eyes. I relieved tension around my eyes using a self-massage method and music (which was playing anyway because of nap). It helped me to remember that loving kindness starts with caring for myself. If I don't take care of myself, I cannot properly take care of my little ones. And since they are my "God's work" I need to be ready for whatever comes my way so I can respond in loving kindness. Simply put, God is Love. So when I show loving kindness, I am sharing God in every minute of my daily life and work.

Fix Error 400 Bad Request in Blogger

Wow, that was scary for a few minutes. My home page of my blog worked but each time I clicked an additional page, I got an Error 400 Bad Request. Apparently it isn't a new problem and has something to do with a corrupted protocol transfer. I was able to fix it using this procedure: log out of Blogger, clear cache and cookies on my browser (I use FireFox), close browser, empty recycle bin, shut down computer, wait three minutes, reboot computer, log in to Blogger. I hope this information is helpful to someone else. Thank GOD it worked for me. I was slightly annoyed. Okay I was freaking out. But I'm okay now.


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Lovable Labels - Review

As a home daycare provider, I can really appreciate Lovable Labels. I have eight preschool children here every day and oftentimes it is a big challenge to figure out who's stuff belongs to whom! Honestly, if I find a pair of sunglasses with no name on them and I ask the kids, you can bet at least six of them will claim that one pair. If everything was labeled, my life would be much easier! But then there's the problem of cheap labels that wash off or fade the first time they're wet.
Finally Lovable Labels came up with the solution...Personalized durable labels and tags are their specialty! I especially love the allergy alert labels, what a life saver. Check this out:
  • waterproof CHECK
  • dishwasher safe CHECK
  • microwave safe CHECK
  • washer and dryer safe CHECK
  • sun safe CHECK
  • bleach safe CHECK
  • sunscreen safe CHECK
  • temperature safe CHECK
  • durable CHECK
  • beautiful CHECK
Look at the beautiful Think Pink sticker labels I got from Lovable Labels! Every purchase of Think Pink sticker labels also provides 50 cents towards Breast Cancer Research. How awesome is that?
Lovable Labels' website is online so anyone can order from them and they are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They offer labels, clothing dots, iron-ons, bag tags, metal tags, and even wristbands for ID or medical reasons. Moms and Dads, peace of mind is now affordable!!!
I can easily see the labels on cups, clothes, lunchboxes, backpacks, and childcare supplies such as wipes and bottles. Parents can label all those expensive school supplies they send to school, never to see again. And all those items that go to camp with kids, like canteens, metal dish sets, even sleeping bags need to be labeled. Is your child in gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, dance, teeball? The places to stick these labels are endless. My favorite use was to cover the camera lens on my laptop....you never know who might be peeking back at you!!!
Disclosure: I received my labels at no charge in exchange for my honest review of the product. 

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Book Review - One Call Away by Brenda Warner

One Call Away is a true Memoir written by Brenda Warner, with Jennifer Schuchmann. Wow, what a life she's had! And what an unshakable faith she has. This book really touched my heart. It was easy to like her in the beginning of the book, as she proudly became a US Marine and as I followed along with her life struggles, I liked her even more. I was able to relate to many of the things she experienced early in her adult life, such as an unfulfilling marriage that ended because of physical and mental abuse, single parenting two children, and living far below the poverty line. She faced other challenges that I cannot even imagine having piled on top of that, such as having a special needs child. There were many times throughout the book where her faith could have faltered, but she steadfastly stood with Jesus and I was amazed at how many people her faith impressed. I believe she led many to Jesus without ever even knowing it. I celebrated as she met the man she wanted to be with and yet understood how hard it was for her to trust. As her relationship with a soon-to-be-pro-football star grew, so did the challenges in her life. It was at this point that our similarities tended to taper off because never in my life have I had the kind of money she now has. At the same time, I see what good she has done for many people and am glad she is in the position to share her wealth. Her life has changed but her scope of challenges has never stopped. Different times of a person's life calls for different strategies for coping and Brenda has shown what is most important to her - a faith in God and a love for her family - and those things should be central to all people regardless of their stance in life. I really enjoyed this book and read it in just a couple of days. I probably should have been impressed with the football player's name, but honestly I don't like to watch football games (much like the author). I give this book five stars!!
Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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