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Giveaway- Hollowpoint Apparel
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  Giveaway- Hollowpoint Apparel

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Giveaway- Hollowpoint Apparel

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Giveaway! Organize Your Home With Zumi

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Zumi is an organizational line of Swiss products that can help you get all that loose stuff in your home organized neatly. These flexible, lightweight storage containers that zip closed, snap together, and fold flat when you need to store them.
Zumies come in lots of sizes, shapes, and colors. Choose from a Zumi as small as 5"x3"x3" to as large as 21"x16"11". Store everything from tiny craft supplies to big blankets. The variety of Zumi shapes means you can organize most anything.
Zumies also snap together, so you can secure them together based on what you're organizing. Several of the Zumi bags even feature a handle to make it easy to carry them on your travels, to the beach, or to school.
I organized all my earbuds, cords, and portable chargers in a couple of Zumies, then snapped them together so I know exactly where to find them all. Plus I can see right through each Zumi so I always know what's inside.
I use my biggest Zumi to store sheets and blankets, so when company comes to visit, I can grab it and have everything inside to make the bed up. Since Zumies are a soft plastic, I can gently press them down to store a stack of them, or I can put some extra stuff in knowing they are flexible enough to handle it.
Zumi storage bags are perfect for traveling because the airlines want to see your liquids in a clear plastic bag. The smallest ones are perfect for organizing personal care items. I love the fun prints that edge each bag. Zumies are also very affordable!
The triangular Zumi is perfect for office supplies and school supplies. I can even store my full size scissors in it. I think the Zumi organizational system is fabulous. I've got them all around my house, storing things in my kitchen, bathrooms, office, and bedroom. They'd be great to help organize the garage or garden shed too.
Get organized with Zumi at www.zumi.es!

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My Nevis Accommodations - The Hermitage #NevisMangoFest #travel

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The Hermitage dates back to 1670, possibly even earlier. It was once a sugar plantation. It's a large property filled with gorgeous trees, flowers, and plants. It's tucked away in the tranquil hills of Mount Nevis. It faces Mount Nevis and the back balcony views the Caribbean sea.
I was welcomed there for the week of the Nevis Mango Fest. My "hotel room" was a wooden cottage called Pasture House, possibly because of the small pasture directly below my balcony where the monkeys would come play at dawn and dusk. As I walked into Pasture House, there was a sitting room filled with charming antique furniture.
There was a sofa, two chairs, and two side tables. There were two large wardrobes, one for hanging clothes and one for linens and folded items. There is a locking safe available in the room as well. There were fresh flowers on the sofa and in a vase. It was impeccably clean and very comfortable.
There is no air conditioning, but the temperature of Nevis doesn't fluctuate much and there are always wonderful sea breezes. There are screened windows on all four sides of the cottage, with shuttered blinds that prop open and closed for either stronger breezes or more privacy. It's beautiful summer weather all year long!
In the corner of the sitting room there is a kitchenette, complete with sink, cooktop, fridge, coffee maker, microwave, and dishes. The little wooden cottage is designed to be a home away from home. Staying at The Hermitage is a truly authentic, charming Caribbean experience.
There is running water, both hot and cold. There is electricity and plenty of outlets. There is wifi available, albeit spotty, but who really cares when you're enjoying a Caribbean island? There is a large bedroom in Pasture House, with a big comfortable bed, side tables, and a desk.
The bed features a canopy of mosquito netting, but in reality I only got about five mosquito bites the entire week I was touring around outside on Nevis and I found no mosquitoes in my cottage. I only saw a couple lazy flies sunning themselves on the balcony and a few ants enjoying a mango outside on the ground.
The back door of the bedroom leads to the balcony. The day I arrived, there were tiny flower petals spelling out the word "welcome" on my bed. Each day that the housekeeper cleaned, she left fresh flowers on my bed and sofa.
The bathroom has a door from both the bedroom and the sitting room. There is a tub/shower combination, a sink, a toilet, a vanity table and two mirrors. The shower water pressure was fantastic. They provide shampoo, conditioner, soap, and plenty of towels.
The balcony is amazing. It features two cushioned wooden chairs and a wood table, an iron dinette set with table and two cushioned chairs, and a hammock. I could see three directions. Facing outward, I could see the pasture below, trees further down the mountain, and the sea in the distance.
To the right and left I could see all kinds of trees, including a cocoa tree, cinnamon tree, mango trees, palm trees, coconut trees. I could see many plants and flowers, including a gorgeous vine that grows up the corner of the balcony, featuring tiny purple flowers. Several times I even saw a hummingbird enjoying the flowers.
The hammock was my favorite spot on the balcony. I enjoyed swinging softly in the trade winds and even fell asleep there a couple of times. I could hear the birds, some of which visiting my corner vine regularly. I could also hear roosters and donkeys, which roam the island.
The Hermitage has several types of rooms available, for different sizes of families. They offer Luxury Cottages, Deluxe Balcony Rooms, Hillside and Garden Rooms, and Private Villas. There is a restaurant at The Hermitage that offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even afternoon tea. There's also a wonderful pool just up the hill from my cottage.
The Hermitage food is amazingly delicious. I had breakfast there every morning and ate there on Wednesday night for the weekly family-style Pig Roast. They are well-known for their delicious Rum Punch, which is incredibly tasty (I had several).
Everyone who works at The Hermitage is absolutely wonderful. They go out of their way to make you feel at home. They learn your name and greet you warmly every time they see you. No one is ever rushed and everyone is authentically happy to have you visiting.
You'll find that while the monkeys are largely afraid of people and run when they see you, you'll probably hear them on your roof. They like to climb up and chase each other across the roof, using it as a launch pad into the many mango trees. They love to eat the mangoes. The lizard below kept a watchful eye on me all week on the balcony.
The Hermitage is a fabulous place to stay on Nevis. I would absolutely stay there again. I walked the grounds many times during my week there and took many more photos of the other buildings, the pool, the restaurant, the trees and the flowers. Stay tuned for more of my posts about my journey to the peaceful, beautiful island of Nevis in the West Indies!

Want to book a room at The Hermitage? Check out their website HERE.
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Mango Restaurant - Four Seasons Nevis #NevisMangoFest

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The Island of Nevis has many wonderful restaurants and it's only fitting that the first meal I ate while I was there for the Nevis Mango Fest was one named Mango. Located at the Four Seasons on the Caribbean Sea side, Mango is an open-air patio with a fabulous view. It's a wonderful place to watch a sunset.
As darkness falls, Mango turns on lights to shine on the water and the fish come up to the light. The large barracuda soon follow, darting through the waters hunting the fish. It's an amazing sight to watch their silvery reflections swimming through the waters just feet away. We could also see the lights from the island of St. Kitts across the sea.
Guest Chef Scott Higby, from the Four Seasons in my hometown of Austin Texas, was featuring a special menu at Mango on the evening of July 5. Who knew so many foods could be made to celebrate the delicious mango fruit?
I started with a Mangojito to drink, which was absolutely delicious. I dined with Greg Philip, the CEO of the Nevis Tourism Authority and Alistair Forrest, the General Manager of Nisbet Plantation. We had a wonderful meal and fantastic conversation in a tranquil environment.
Mango Gazpacho
Smoked Quail 
Mango Goat Cheese Mousse

Definitely a five-star meal!

Solar Power Flagpole Light and Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons - Reviews

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I love discovering products that make my life easier! July is the month in which most people hang out their American flags and we just installed a flagpole in the backyard of our new home. Did you know you should never let darkness fall on an American flag? If it's up overnight, it needs to be lighted.
This BYB Solar Power Flagpole Light was the perfect solution for us to be able to leave our flag up all year long. It requires no wiring and is powered by the sun. The top of the light features little solar panels that soak up the sun all day long.
The bottom of the light features a ring of energy efficient soft lighting that stays on from dusk until dawn. We set our new light outside for a few minutes then tested the light in the bathroom to make sure it was working properly before we installed it on our flagpole.
Installation is so simple! You just place the solar light on the rod between the flagpole and the top attachment ornament piece that comes with your flagpole. That's it. This solar flagpole light is designed for in-ground flagpoles 15-25 feet tall with a half-inch thick rod that uses a standard spindle threading ornament.
I am absolutely thrilled with this solar power flagpole light. It looks good during the day and provides ample soft lighting all night long, without being so bright that it's distracting. Neither the wind nor the rain has hampered its performance.
It even provides enough soft light that I no longer have to flip on the back porch light to let the dog out at night, which means no more bugs flying straight at the porch as soon as we go outside. The lighting does not attract bugs at all. Buy it HERE on Amazon.
BYB Light
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This Amazon retailer sells a number of products and they also sent me a set of their 1Easylife Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons. There are six measuring spoons in the set, ranging from 1/8 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. A handy ring keeps them all together.
These measuring spoons are so much more elegant than my old ones. They are polished to a gleaming, satin-brushed shine! The measurements are stamped into the steel handles and the round scoops make measuring simple, even out of a spice jar.
With dual measurements on each spoon, I can use them for dry measurement or liquid measurement. These would make a wonderful hostess gift or wedding gift. These measuring spoons are both practical and affordable! Buy them HERE on Amazon.

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Monogram Beach Towels - The Custom Studio

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Summer is the season for water fun! Whether your favorite thing to do is lay in the hot sun by the swimming pool, go water skiing on the lake, or try your hand at surfing on a beach, you're going to need a fabulous beach towel. The Custom Studio has a huge selection of Monogram Beach Towels you'll love!
This gorgeous Spring Flowers Monogram Beach Towel with my name on it arrived just in time to get packed into my suitcase for my trip to the island of Nevis. This towel is so incredibly soft that it feels like a blanket. It's a super thirsty and absorbent microfiber material that dries quickly.
The colors on my towel are amazingly rich and bright. The Custom Studio uses a high heat process that embeds the ink into the fibers of the fabric so the color is permanent. The back side of each design is white. The towel measures 30" x 60" so it's plenty big!
You can choose from over 60 gorgeous designs and personalize your towel with your name or initials. The Custom Studio even offers free shipping! This is the most luxurious beach towel I've ever owned.
Shop The Custom Studio at thecustomstudio.com. Check out their personalized serving trays, coasters, shower curtains, phone cases, tablet cases, and laptop sleeves too. Their custom collections also make wonderful gifts!
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The Island of Nevis, West Indies #travel #NevisMangoFest

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You may or may not have missed me the past week. I spent seven glorious days visiting to the island of Nevis in the West Indies. Stretching about 36 miles across, the island is home to no more than 12,000 residents. This hidden gem boasts views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, under the watchful eye of the dormant Mount Nevis.
I've taken hundreds of photographs and I'll be sharing them over the next couple of weeks. I have learned so much about Nevis. The island is absolutely gorgeous, from the mountain to the beaches. I'll be sharing about the food, the history, the landscape, the people, and more.
Although it will take me some time to organize my photos and write from the journal I kept during my week there, I wanted to share a few of my pictures to whet your appetite. I visited Nevis from July 5-11, 2015, courtesy of the Nevis Tourism Authority to enjoy the annual Nevis Mango Fest.
The islanders of Nevis are incredibly wonderful, warm, welcoming people who will make you feel like you are part of their family from the moment you step onto the island. They constantly exude peace and happiness, and a true appreciation of knowing they live a blessed life in paradise.
I met many local chefs and guest chefs during my stay. I ate so many different kinds of local food (and way too much food). Some of the foods I'd never tasted before, some of them I'd never even heard of before. It was truly a culinary adventure under beautiful blue skies.
I learned about the history of Nevis, visited several museums, and kept a journal all week long in the hopes of not forgetting even a single moment of my time there. I was amazed to learn how some of American history is actually rooted in the influence of Nevis.
I encountered the wild life of Nevis, even up close, and that's a story I'll save for later, but it's one I will be telling forever because it's a great story. I marveled at the flowers, plants, and trees, from their rich colors to their gigantic size.
Make sure you're subscribed to my blog so you don't miss a single post about my journey to Nevis. I hope my stories over the next few weeks will make you feel as though you were there with me, and I strongly encourage you to make plans to visit -- it will be an experience of a lifetime!