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Lime Beach Bar on the island of Nevis is a wonderful local restaurant with fabulous views of the Caribbean sea. I enjoyed a delicious lunch there with the delightful Yvette Jackman of the Nevis Tourism Authority.
Since it was my first lunch on Nevis when I was there for the Nevis Mango Fest, I had to walk the few steps to the beach, kick off my shoes, and put my feet into the water. The temperature of the water was perfect and I wished I had brought my swimming suit.
The view was spectacular with the soft rolling waves, boats gently bobbing in the sea, and big puffy clouds floating by me. Standing in the water on Pinney's Beach was simply paradise!
Off to one side, I could see the outline of St. Kitts, the sister island to Nevis. Although I could have stayed on the beach for hours, the delicious smells wafting from Lime Beach Bar reminded me I was very hungry.
Lime Beach Bar is an open-air restaurant, as are most of the restaurants in a place where the outdoor temperature is always comfortable. The cool sea breezes rustled the palms as we entered the restaurant below the rooftop balcony. I hear they host music bands there too!
We sat facing the sea and I noticed all the flags from around the world hanging from the ceiling, even an American flag. It was quiet and peaceful, since it was the off-season for Nevis tourism. I don't understand how they can have an off-season when the weather's always perfect there!
The atmosphere of the restaurant for lunch was very laid-back and I even spotted a lazy cat stretched out on one of the booth seats. She was slightly surprised when I scratched her belly and disturbed her rest!
We enjoyed an appetizer of pumpkin puffs. They are quite similar to what I've had in American restaurants known as hush puppies (fried bread puffs) except these were made of pumpkin. They were absolutely scrumptious.
For lunch I ate the Shrimp Wraps with a side of rice. Since Lime Beach Bar uses local foods, everything was incredibly fresh and delicious. I ate every bite of my meal.
The staff is attentive, the atmosphere is wonderful, the food is excellent, and the views are amazing. I definitely recommend Lime Beach Bar (and make sure you take your swimming suit for a dip in the sea)!


  1. We went to a bar in Panama City Beach that had this open air laid back vibe and it was wonderful. And fresh seafood? YUM!

  2. Looks like a wonderful dining experience!

  3. My clients love going to Lime Beach Bar after their Explore Nevis tour.


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