2013 Central Texas Air Show Photojournal

I won VIP Passes from KEYE-TV to the 2013 Central Texas Air Show.

My gift bag included two shirts, a tote bag, and VIP access.

These handy blue wristbands got us VIP parking and seating for the show.

Here's Johnny in his VIP shirt, peering up at a plane's wing.

Here I am in my VIP shirt with my handy tote bag, standing on the tarmac.

"Falcon Flight"

"Falcon Flight"

Here's the VIP tent, where we were also treated to complimentary food and drinks.

Pilot - Paul Fiala - Great Lakes

I got to meet Paul Fiala.

I loved the acrobatic planes, especially when they trailed smoke.

I was very moved when they did a Tora, Tora, Tora re-enactment of Pearl Harbor.

I was also touched deeply by the Vietnam era reenactment of a pilot rescue.

I had no idea there are planes that fold their wings in! Some also fold upward!

The acrobatics of Bob Carlton in the Jet Glider were incredible.

The Jet Glider is so lightweight Bob can move it by himself by propping a wing on a wheel.

I got to meet Bob Carlton too!

The air show announcer was full of great information and humor.

The MIG 17 went by so fast I only got one good photo of it.

Honoring "Missing Man" at the close of the show, while TAPS played in the background.

An air show is definitely something every American should attend. It reminds you of the power of the United States Armed Services, as well as their sacrifices and their pride. It reminds you that freedom is not free. It reminds you of all those we should never forget. It's a meaningful way to teach our children about the history of the greatest country in the world. 
May God Bless America! 

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