#SXSW Things To Do and See in Austin, Texas

Even though SXSW is mostly about the music, any festival in Austin tends to incorporate just about anything to make it more interesting. Here are some alternate activities you can do if you're downtown and need a break from the music.
You can visit the Driskill Hotel, which is said to be haunted.
The lobby is open if you hate to use port-a-potties.
There are lots of great historic landmarks to see in Austin.
You can take lots of photos, like I did!
You can have Hermee make you a balloon animal.
You can even get advice for a penny!
You can play games on your phone.
You can walk your dog. Be sure to pick up after them!
You can get free drinks from the back of trucks.
You can bewilder your children with the sights and sounds.
You can walk around with an umbrella, making tourists think it might rain.
You can buy a book from a religious bald guy.
And if you're really bored, you can attempt to throw your boots over a phone wire.
There are still several days left of SXSW, so come visit us!

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