Mango Madness Street Fair, Nevis #travel #NevisMangoFest

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The Mango Madness Street Fair takes place in Charlestown, the downtown area of Nevis. This colorful island festival celebrates everything about mangoes. This is a collection of photos I took on July 10, 2015. Enjoy!

Visit Nevis to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of authentic island living in the West Indies. The people are wonderful, the scenery is breathtaking, and the food is fabulous!

Read more about my travels to Nevis HERE.

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Dinner at Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Nevis #travel #NevisMangoFest

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Nisbet Plantation Beach Club is one of the nicest restaurants on the island of Nevis. Even Prince Charles has visited Nisbet. Since I hadn't yet had a blue tropical cocktail during my week on Nevis, I stated with their delicious Tropical Dream.
I dined with Alistair Forrest, General Manager of Nisbet and a group of eight others, including journalists and friends from the Nevis Tourism Authority. The dinner menu was prepared by guest chef Gregory Austin of Barbados and it was fabulous meal.
We passed around a bread basket filled with lots of different types of breads and rolls. There was creamy fresh butter and fresh mango spread to top the breads.
For my appetizer, I chose the absolutely exquisite Seafood Bisque with Mango Infused Foam and Mango Coated Butter Breadsticks. The service at Nisbet is excellent and the wines never stopped flowing!
I'm not sure whose idea it was to serve Sorbet of Citrus Mango Champagne for an appetizer dessert, but I'm all for eating dessert before dinner just to make sure I have room for it!
I had some incredibly scrumptious shrimp for dinner, more specifically it was the Fried Turmeric Panko Crusted Jumbo Shrimps Stuffed with Jerk Mango, Creamy Spinach, and Wild Mushrooms.
For our second dessert, I thoroughly enjoyed stuffing myself with Mango Cheesecake. Gregory Austin is a fabulous chef and Nisbet is the perfect atmosphere for a delightful meal. It was the ultimate meal for my last meal on Nevis!

Some day I will visit Nevis again. Read more about my trip HERE.

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Giveaway! I Write Thank You Notes by Janna McFerson

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One day after school, Nettie came home and saw her mom working at the kitchen table. When she learned her mom was writing a thank you note, Nettie wanted to know why. “It may seem old-fashioned these days to write by hand, but it’s classy.” Nettie’s mom explained to her daughter. There are six simple reasons plus an easy way to write thank you notes -- included in the book -- no matter the sender’s age. This 34-page storybook has hand-drawn, full-color illustrations. It's the only how-to children’s fiction book on the importance of keeping the etiquette of handwriting thank you notes from sadly going extinct ... just like the dinosaurs.
Janna McFerson, the author of "I Write Thank You Notes," wrote and illustrated it as a first-time mom. When her first child was born 18 months ago (and her second just last week!), she wrote almost 200 thank you notes to all of her gift-givers. Those gifts inspired her to create something tangible her children could have and something she could share with other parent readers. Janna feels it's important to keep the dying etiquette of writing thank you notes alive. She's now writing a whole series of "Ready Nettie" books! I think it's an adorable book with a very relevant message to children, written in a fun way that instills the virtue of gratitude.
Order your copy of "I Write Thank You Notes" HERE.
Visit the Ready Nettie website and check out her Etsy and Facebook pages.

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Weekly Giveaway Linky - Wednesday Wealth (September 2-8)

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HOPE in a Box for Your Student #GiftIdea

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Your student needs inspiration every day. Whether they just started middle school or are finishing up their last year in college, a box of HOPE will make their day. HOPE in a Box goes much further than a standard care package with its message to "Hang On Pray Everyday."
You can inspire your student with these gifts that will remind them how precious they are in your mind and in the mind of God. These practical, meaningful products are the perfect reminder, even in the midst of a busy daily life, that they are never alone.
HOPE in a Box for Students includes a HOPE Backpack in a choice of four colors, a HOPE iPad cover in a choice of three colors, a HOPE Wristband in a choice of several colors, a HOPE bookmark, and a HOPE Pen and Notepad.
You can even send HOPE in a Box with a special greeting tucked inside and check out their free shipping offer! The sling backpack comes in Black and Red, Black and Royal, Black and Grey, or Black and Lime. Your student will think of you every time they reach inside their new backpack.
The HOPE iPad cover comes in Black Logo, Brown Cross, or Pink Floral. They will be reminded to hang on and pray every day when they reach for their email. These inspirational products may even help them to spark a meaningful conversations with other students around them.
HOPE in a Box for Students is a wonderful way to share the love of God with your favorite students. This amazing company also makes HOPE in a Box for Mom, HOPE in a Box for Dad, and others, as well as custom HOPE boxes and individual products that will inspire those you love.
Check out their entire line of products at


Giveaway! Lugz Women's Boots for Fall #fashion #endofsummer

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Welcome to the End of Summer
Giveaway Hop
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September 1-15, 2015

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The end of summer, and hence the beginning of fall, means one really fabulous thing to me: It's time to wear boots again! I absolutely, positively, love boots. Tall boots, short boots, flat boots, high-heeled boots, casual boots, dressy boots, all colors of boots. They can be worn with jeans, shorts, or slacks, and even with skirts and dresses. There is a great pair of boots for every occasion!
Check out this fabulous pair of Lugz boots I just got! These classic boots are perfect for my favorite style - Casual. I wear my blue jeans nearly every day, from fall until spring, and the Lugz Shifter MM Boots in black are a fashionable laid-back look with my jeans.
Lugz Boots are extremely well made. Some of their boot styles are lined with warm fleece or fur, but since I'm in Texas, there's no need for my feet to be that cozy. However, this style features a wonderful padded interior that makes them very comfortable to wear no matter the weather.
The ankle height is what I would call a short style and the super-padded ankle "collar" fabric hits me just below the ankle bones. They are very comfortable for walking. The cushioned insole has what I would call a shallow arch, just enough without being too high.
These black boots are well-made with a Matte Metallic perma hide upper material and a durable lug outsole. They provide excellent grip for walking even in inclement weather and the durability promises to be fabulous. I LOVE THESE BOOTS!
Lugz Boots for women are perfect for moms who have to keep up with their kids, for active lifestyle women who are into hiking the hills (or the malls), and for busy students who need durable and fashionable shoes that last a long time.
Lugz makes boots and shoes for men, women, and kids. They have lots of great styles in lots of great colors. Plus they come out with new styles every year! They even offer workproof shoes with steel toes and some great tshirts, vests, and jackets.
Don't these Shifter MM Boots look fabulous on me? Find your favorite shoes at www.lugz.com! And don't forget to enter below to win a pair of these in your size!
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Why We Fired Our Cable TV Company

We have been living in our "empty nest" home for a year. When we moved in, we contacted the local cable company to hook up our cable tv and internet. While talking to them on the phone, we were offered a bundle price for tv, internet, and landline phone that beat the price of tv and internet alone, so we hooked up all three. Besides, since we live just outside a small town in Texas, my cell phone (iPhone 4S - yes, really) often drops calls, so the landline was a good idea.

Fast forward to this year. Our bill this month for tv, internet, and landline went up $20. We called to find out why and learned the price we had been given had an expiration date. The rep on the phone said he'd be happy to give us a new bundle price. When we received that bill, our monthly fee went up even more.

We live on a tight budget, so that was totally unacceptable. After a discussion, we decided to disconnect our cable tv entirely. While we're at it, the landline is going away too. Since we have Netflix, hubby decided we needed an antenna so we can get local television stations. I reminded him we were on a tight budget, so look what he built with what was in the garage:
And it works perfectly! Isn't he AMAZING???
(The funny thing is, I tease him occasionally about all the "junk" he keeps in the garage, but he really can build just about anything from all that junk.)

Then he called to find out how much JUST internet service would be, since the company does not list any of their prices on their website. There was simply a $14.99 internet ad on their site. The rep informed him the speed of that offer was best just for email, but she offered him an "extreme speed" internet offer for $95. He asked if there was ANYTHING in between those two packages, to which she replied, "Oh there is one for $34.99." It was like pulling teeth to find out what they offer!

This morning, he drove out of his way to drop off all the cable tv boxes and verify that we were signed up for just the $35 internet service. While there, he was informed he could get the "extreme speed" internet for the same $35 as the "standard" speed. Seriously, this company just needs a price list on their webpage!

As for the landline phone, a single call to Verizon about the dropped calls scored me a very cheap upgrade to an iPhone 5S. That should fix the dropped call issue because the 4S only has 3G service, but the 5S will give me 4G service. I happily extended my contract for another 2 years with Verizon because I already have a rockin' low monthly fee with them for unlimited everything. Maybe they should teach the cable tv company how to do business!

Giveaway! $50 IncrediBundles for Babies Gift Card

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IncrediBundles.com is the home of extraordinary baby gifts! This line of foolproof baby gifts allows gift-givers to give the baby essentials that every new parent wants and needs.  You can send award-winning products to new parents, all bundled together in a reusable storage container. What a great way to give a gift that is innovative, practical, and chic!

There are so many IncrediBundle options...Learn and Grow Toy Bundles, Bath Bundles, Book Bundles, Sleep Bundles, Organic Bundles, Sesame Street Bundles, Diaper Bundles, and even Daddy Bundles. You can even use their Create A Bundle Tool to choose products across all their categories to give a truly personalized gift. Every IncrediBundle is carefully curated with the highest quality products. I know where I'll be shopping for baby gifts now!

IncrediBundles are even offered in different gift sizes, so you can choose the gift that fits into your budget! Want to really treat a new baby? Choose from options to provide a Year of Diapers, a Year of Books, or a Year of Toys. This option allows you to choose from a 3, 6, 9, or 12 month subscription. Make gift-giving even easier by selecting a gift card option for the new parents to choose exactly what they need. IncrediBundles.com enables you to give the gift that parents will use over and over and over again!

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Giveaway! Madame Irma Children's Watch - #2Cool4Drool Giveaway Hop

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I'm giving away a
Madame Irma Children's Watch
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This fun new way to tell time is designed for children ages 3-6. The Madame Irma way of reading this watch will help young children begin to better understand the concept of time in a way their young minds can understand.

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It's Time for a Breakfast Makeover and a Giveaway

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Now is the time to toss the toast made with enriched white flour. Now is the time to stomp the sugar cereals. Now is the time to dump the doughnuts. You can still keep your family's breakfast quick and convenient, but it's time for a breakfast makeover! Ozery Bakery and Tribest Corporation give your family healthier breakfast options.
Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds marries convenience and health. This family-owned company has created delicious, nutritious buns that are filled with real fruit and only the healthiest grains. Morning Rounds are completely free of artificial preservatives and they are GMO-free!
Morning Rounds are a great source of fiber and are a delicious low-fat choice that are made in small batches. Choose from four fabulous flavors - Date and Chia, Cranberry Orange, Muesli, and Cinnamon Apple (my favorite).
You can pop Morning Rounds in the toaster, top them with cream cheese or jam, or make a breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese. You can even make gourmet french toast with Morning Rounds. Since they are made with whole grains and no artificial ingredients, I store mine in the freezer for optimal freshness, then pop it in the toaster for maximum convenience.
Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds even won accolades in the Prevention 100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards 2015. Morning Rounds are delicious, soft, and have a natural sweet taste that your entire family will love. They smell freshly baked right out of the toaster! Morning Rounds are also a perfect choice for an afternoon snack.
Alongside your Morning Rounds, how about some fresh squeezed orange juice that is free of processed ingredients, artificial ingredients, and added sugar? The Tribest Corporation CitriStar easily and quietly extracts all of the liquid (and Vitamin C) from oranges, grapefruits, and any other citrus fruits.
CitriStar is also really fun for the whole family to use! Remember how your mom had to press and turn, press and turn, press and turn, just to get one glass of juice? This fabulous kitchen appliance does all the work for you. Just press half of any citrus fruit on the top and CitriStar spins its juicer, and the juice flows through the colander and into your glass.
CitriStar is compact, so you can store it on the countertop or easily tuck it away when not in use. It's made of four simple pieces, plus a handy lid, all of which are super easy to clean. It has a powerful 50 watt motor and the auto start/stop feature means an easy one-touch operation.
CitriStar has the ability to quickly squeeze the maximum amount of juice from the smallest limes to the largest grapefruits, so your breakfast juice can be any citrus combination that you want. I really love my CitriStar!
Give your breakfast a makeover with Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds and Tribest CitriStar! It's time to get back to wholesome and healthy options. It's also time for a fabulous giveaway! Enter below to win a breakfast makeover!
One winner will receive a selection of Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds and a Tribest Corporation CitriStar! Open to US residents ages 18 and older. Giveaway ends on 9/18/2015. Good luck!

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