Demeter Thanksgiving Reed Diffuser Set

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Give your Thanksgiving host something other than wine this year that will last long after the holidays are over. The limited-edition Demeter Fragrance fall inspired diffuser scents, now in a three-piece set of Cranberry, Pumpkin Pie, Mulled Cider. Demeter Thanksgiving Reed Diffuser Set consists of 3 full-size, 4 oz Diffuser Oils in classic Thanksgiving scents will enhance any atmosphere for months to come.
Demeter Diffuser Oils constantly and subtly scent an 8 x 10 space for 2 – 4 months, and use the same great oils as in in our Colognes and other products. Just place the natural reeds included in the set in the glass bottle to draw the essential oils into the air, scenting your space with delicious aromas. All Demeter Oils are also available in 1oz cologne sprays. Demeter Thanksgiving Reed Diffuser Set is available for a limited time on DemeterFragrance.com for suggested retail price of $45 ($75 retail value). The limited edition Thanksgiving set will be available throughout November 2017.
Demeter’s Cranberry is the scent of the freshest ripe berries, unsweetened, tart and full of citrus. Just like a storybook New England Fall moment with memories of the cranberry bogs of Massachusetts. A wonderful scent!
What Thanksgiving would be complete without Pumpkin Pie? The memories of the laughter in the air and the smell coming from the kitchen dominates; pumpkin, sugar, cinnamon, a touch of ginger and hint of cloves. This scent is my favorite!
Inviting and warm, Demeter’s Mulled Cider is a delightful scent anytime, anywhere. Simply delicious, brimming with the scent of sweet apples, mulled fruits, and spice. This set is perfect for this time of year and is definitely a holiday gift that everyone can appreciate!

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Bloom Mineral Beauty - Dead Sea Skin Therapy

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This year, stuff their stocking with beautiful skin care products! Bloom Mineral Beauty provides the finest skin care and beauty products utilizing exclusive Dead Sea minerals. The Dead Sea is well known for its therapeutic properties. For centuries, people have traveled from all over the world to its shores to soak in its salty, majestic waters (even I've been there and floated in the waters!). Research into general Dead Sea benefits and the minerals found in Dead Sea Salt and Dead Sea Mud has shown a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkling. The minerals also moisturize, detoxify, and soften the skin.
Bloom's Shielding Body Lotion is a luxurious lightweight body moisturizer enriched with Soy, Aloe Vera, Dead Sea Minerals and Glycerin to hydrate and create an all day protective moisture barrier. Bloom's Shielding Foot Cream is a non-greasy, deeply moisturizing foot cream enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, Calendula, and Aloe Vera to deliver smooth, hydrated skin. Bloom Mineral Beauty uses the highest quality ingredients available through science and nature. Their products are formulated to be mineral rich and are Paraben-Free, Petroleum-Free, and GMO-Free. I love the way it easily smooths onto my skin and leaves it feeling silky soft all day. Cold weather is brutal on my skin and Bloom Mineral Beauty gives me a great barrier against dryness. These two are excellent products!
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Custom Intertwined Double Ring from Nelle and Lizzy

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If you're looking for something really unique to give as a Christmas gift this year, I've found it! These custom intertwined double (or even triple!) rings from Nelle and Lizzy are perfect gifts for moms, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters. They will stamp a name, word, or date on each ring for you, so it's a truly personalized gift and a keepsake item that will always be meaningful.
I got my Intertwined Rings with my grandsons' names on them, so they'll always be wrapped around my finger. The beautiful sterling silver rings can be stamped using either the Nelle font or the Lizzy font. Their signature lavender and rose bud packaging is available at checkout and gives the gift such a nice touch. It's a perfect holiday gift idea, new mom gift, and bridal gift. Whose names will you have stamped on yours?
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Mooshu Trainers - More Fun Than Any Other Toddler Shoes!

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Oh, the joy of finding out your new shoes squeak! My two year old grandson absolutely loves them and told me, "I a squeak toy now!" These adorable toddler kicks have so much style and each pair features removable squeakers in the heel to encourage tots to walk heel to toe. Be sure to give them room to run because they are going to love getting outside in Mooshu Trainers!
Your little ones can step into Christmas in style this year with adorable Mooshu Trainers for boys and girls. The perfect present for under the tree, Mooshu Trainers are well-designed shoes with flexible soles and soft materials that bend with each step. Cute, comfy, and fun, these stylish shoes are gentle on growing feet and encourage a proper heel to toe gait.
This pair is the Sawyer Boat boys toddler squeaky shoes in chocolate. They look great with all his slacks and jeans, and with the quality of materials I know they will last into next summer with ease so he can wear them with shorts. Mooshu Trainers come in tons of styles, like boots, loafers, sandals, and more. Plus, every girls' shoe that has a bow is also removable and can double as a hair clip.
The velcro strap means my grandson can put on his own shoes and take them off all by himself. So far, he hasn't been willing to take them off. As a bonus, he's easier to keep track of when he's wearing shoes that squeak. I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of these shoes and my grandson gives his stamp of approval too.
Dress up your little darling in shoes that even Santa would envy! A great stocking stuffer for any toddler’s first holiday, Mooshu Trainers will delight parents and kids this Christmas. Go check out all their great styles for boys and girls at www.mooshutrainers.com.

Check out these cute Mooshu Trainers in action!



Children's Book: Wild Zoo Train by Carmela LaVigna Coyle

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Wild Zoo Train is such a fun read-aloud book for children! Written by Carmela LaVigna Coyle, the story is filled with fun sounds like the clickety-clack of the wheels on the track and the ding-ding-ding of the bell on the roof. Illustrated by Steve Gray, these darling pictures draw children into the tale of the train that journeys through the wilderness.
Along the way, children learn names of the animals they see in their natural habitats. On this Wild Zoo Train ride, kids travel from the canyons to the jungles, and even the arctic pole. These stops aren't anywhere on the zoo map, but the conductor of the train knows the way. It's a great picture book that kids will love and it's a beautiful hardbound book you'll love to have in your kids' library.
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Acer 15.6" Touch-Screen Chromebook - The Perfect Gift

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The Acer 15 Touch-Screen Chromebook is phenomenal! It has a stunning 15.6-inch display, 27 percent larger than 13.3-inch Chromebooks on the market. The larger size increases productivity by providing a more comfortable way to view multiple tabs and apps. Acer continues to be the only Chromebook provider in the industry with a model with a 15.6-inch display.
The Acer Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT-P39B model retails for $399 and has a 1920 x 1080 full HD display, Intel Pentium processor, 4GB of memory and 32GB of internal storage. It is available at BestBuy.com and, as of this writing, is on sale for only $349. I've been testing out the Acer Chromebook 15 for about a week and, as someone who isn't technically inclined, this is the perfect choice for me.
I love that it is ready to use right out of the box. I literally opened it, plugged it in, pressed the start button, logged into my Google account, and was ready to rock! I instantly had access to all my apps and the Acer Chromebook 15 even automatically loaded all my bookmarks from my previous laptop since I am a loyal Google Chrome browser user. Chrome OS is awesome! I love the endless apps available in the Google store too. Streaming videos and movies is seamless.
It's very slim and lightweight, making it easy to take anywhere. It's sleek, brushed aluminum casing is beautiful, professional, and modern. The anti-glare, wide-viewing-angle technology makes viewing a true pleasure with a big, clear picture. I easily get 12 hours of battery life from the Acer Chromebook 15 (my phone doesn't even get that). I love the touchscreen, but the big touch pad is easy to use, easily eliminating the need for a mouse. There are multiple USB ports, plus a headphone/microphone combo jack.
The Acer Chromebook 15 is fast and powerful. It’s ideal for sharing by multiple users, such as families, schools, or at different shifts at a business. Users can log into their own account to access Gmail, Docs, website bookmarks, and other information. Storage on Google Drive protects files, documents, and photos safely in the cloud, and ensures that the most current version of the file or document is always available and safe. I highly recommend the Acer Chromebook 15!
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Cookbook: Soups, Stews and Breads by Gooseberry Patch

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No kitchen is complete without cookbooks. This amazing publication by Gooseberry Patch is a huge collection of over 400 recipes. Soups, Stews and Breads offers you the ultimate in comfort food for the fall and winter. This big 9"x9" softback book features step by step directions and beautiful color photos that will make your mouth water. The front and back cover even have flaps to keep the cookbook open to the recipe you're making. I love this cookbook. It's a fabulous holiday gift idea!
You'll love making French Onion Soup, Beefy Hamburger Soup, and Cheesy Vegetable Soup. I never knew there were so many soups! Make hearty chowders, chilis, and stews in a jiffy with this handy cookbook. Do you love bread? Grandma Bel's Honey Muffins, Dakota Bread, and Soft Bread Pretzels are just a few recipes in the breads section. Learn how to easily make your own tasty croutons and crackers at home. There is even a chapter full of sandwich recipes to enjoy with your soup. They've included many quick-fix and slow-cooker recipes in this collection, plus there are tons of tips and serving ideas. Soups, Stews and Breads is the last soup cookbook you'll ever need!
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Personal Safety Throughout the Holidays

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There are many places women go alone, especially during the holiday season. We like to do our Christmas shopping without the kids in tow and husbands rarely want to go along for a trek through the mall. The holiday season is also the time of year when criminals are looking to make an easy score, and women are often their targets. Sabre has a wonderful line of personal safety products for both women and men.
The Black and White Designer Pepper Spray with Key Ring is both beautiful and effective. It has an impressive 10-foot range with 25 bursts (up to 5x other brands) in a powerful stream delivery to reduce wind blowback. This stylish key ring makes it easy to take pepper spray on the go, and the locking top safety helps prevent accidental discharge.
The Personal Alarm with Clip and LED Light is really easy to activate, just press the button to turn alarm on and off. Its 120 dB alarm is audible for 600 feet to alert others and will send your attacker running away. It easily clips to clothing or other personal items, and the LED flashlight has three different modes - on, slow flash, and fast flash.

Visit www.sabrered.com to get your personal safety items for the holidays and all year long. Tuck these items into Christmas stockings for your teenagers and college students too!

New Preschooler Books for Learning Opposites and Counting

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Books are an exciting way for preschoolers to learn new concepts. Young children love to snuggle up to someone who is willing to take a few minutes to read to them. These wonderful new books by Anna Kovecses will teach and delight with lift-the-flap features!
In "Counting Things," children learn to count to ten with Little Mouse. This cute board book features a large lift-the-flap on every page, making learning to count easy and fun! With stylish, retro-modern illustrations this is the perfect introduction to counting for young children. I love how the flap introduces the concept of "one more" item, an important first step to learning to add.
In "Opposite Things," Little Mouse teaches children about opposites in an easy and fun way! On every page there is a lift-the-flap and underneath children will find the opposite of each thing. These board books are sturdy and durable, perfect for preschoolers just learning to handle books properly.
My two year old grandson loves these books! He is learning to count easily, and although opposites can be a more challenging concept, these books have been a wonderful tool to help him grasp the idea. These books are a perfect holiday gift idea for preschoolers!
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Do You See What I See? Readers.com

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Age gracefully, and fashionably, with these beautiful reading glasses from Readers.com! Getting older doesn't mean you have to wear polyester pantsuits and blue wigs. Grab a few pair of stylish reading glasses so you can read all those holiday cards without squinting. I leave a pair of readers in nearly every room of my house, so I never have to try to remember where I put them. With over 700 styles available at Readers.com, you'll find several styles you will love.
Not sure what to buy for the older generation family members for the holidays? A new pair of reading glasses from Readers.com will fit right into your budget and you can give the gift of better sight. They also have a great selection of sunglasses, which you will need to protect your eyes even in the winter, especially if the sun is reflecting off new-fallen snow. Check them all out at Readers.com!

Relieve Your Pain Through The Holidays

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If your relatives are a pain, Salonpas has all kinds of great products to help you relieve the suffering! Don't suffer through another Thanksgiving meal or Christmas celebration without the many pain management solutions of Salonpas. These topical medicines provide strong, safe, long-lasting pain relief, through the holidays and all year long!
Salonpas makes patches, sprays, gels, roll-ons, and creams that will help take away the aching of sore arms that made too many pies, the arms that carried too many kids to see Santa, and the legs that walked too far through the shopping mall. If your back hurts from playing your annual Thanksgiving family football game in the backyard, slap on a Salonpas patch and sit back for some eggnog.
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Surviving Toddler Mealtimes During the Holidays

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You've dressed them in their best holiday clothes so that they look absolutely adorable for pictures, then comes mealtime and the food goes everywhere! It might be funny, except you probably spent a pretty penny to dress them for the holidays. These ingenious products will help you survive those messy meals and get more of the food IN your toddler than ON your toddler and all over the floor.
BapronBaby's unique ezClean Toddler Bapron with ezClean fabric is the perfect choice for the holiday table! Made of an eco-friendly polyester that is treated for total waterproof protection and maximum stain resistance. Baprons (think bib + apron) contour to your toddler's body and allow for a comfortable fit that grows with them from size 6m-3T. The design also bowls up in the lap to catch spills and splashes so toddlers can try again with dropped food.
The unique, patent-pending design allows your child to eat without constriction around their neck like a traditional bib and your tiny tot can't remove it without a grown-up, which means less mess for everyone! It also rinses clean in the sink between meals, saving you headache and laundry. Baprons also come in adorable prints. Get yours HERE!
Check out JJ Rabbit’s ergoFORKS+SPOONS! These forks and spoons are perfect for babies ready to handle their own food. The angled handle is easy for baby to hold, and easy to pick up and put down. The curved tip allows for easy self-feeding, and the elevated spoon tip helps to keep food spills off the table. They are biodegradable, free of BPA, Phthalates, and PVC, plus they are top-rack dishwasher safe. You'll love these products all year long. Order them HERE!