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If you're looking for authentic local cuisine on the island of Nevis, you simply must eat at Rodney's. This sweet island woman uses treasured recipes handed down through the generations. The restaurant patio is the perfect spot to enjoy fabulous food and island breezes.
I dined with Yvette Jackman of the Nevis Tourism Authority and we chatted about all the amazing things I'd seen so far on Nevis. Rodney served up a small glass soursop fruit juice, which I've never tasted before, then a tall glass of passion fruit juice to go with my lunch. Both juices were delicious and refreshing.
For lunch, I dined on fresh fish, fruit, veggies, and Rodney's famous Johnny Cakes. She uses her own special recipe with corn meal as the primary ingredient and they are simply delicious. The fish was absolutely exquisite. It was a perfect Nevis island lunch!
Read more about my trip to Nevis HERE.

Visit the Nevis Tourism Authority to plan your trip!


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The Extraordinary Beauty of Nevis #travel #NevisMangoFest

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This post needs almost no narration. I took all these photos on Nevis. They barely come close to portraying the extraordinary beauty across the island. Enjoy!

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Cool Mee Seat Liners for Car Seats and Strollers

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It's finally reached 100 degrees here in Texas and it's simply miserable. Can you imagine how it must feel to a baby or toddler, strapped into a car seat or stroller? Manufacturers are constantly make the padding and material for car seats and strollers thicker and softer, but then less air flows through it, which means your child is sweaty and miserable. The car seats and strollers end up soaking wet (and often stained) and who wants to be strapped into that?
There is a solution! Meeno Babies has created Cool Mee Seat Liners that are specifically designed to keep kids cool while they're in their car seats and strollers. These universal seat liners are made from 3-ply, poly-mesh material that promotes airflow between your child’s body and their car seat or stroller. Warm air escapes, preventing overheating and perspiring, keeping your baby cool and comfortable!
Cool Mee Seat Liners are available for infant car seats (0-12 months), toddler car seats (1-4 years), and strollers (1-4 years). There are four colors to choose from - light pink, light blue, silver, and black. These award-winning liners have even been safety-tested and crash-tested. Cool Mee seat liners can also be washed in the washing machine. Use them all year long to keep your baby cool and comfortable. No more sweaty babies, no more damp car seats, and no more stained strollers! I think it's a fabulous idea and I'm sure your baby will think so too!
These liners are a great idea for a baby shower gift or new mom gift! Order your Cool Mee Seat Liners HERE. Check out the Cool Mee video on their website while you're there. I noticed Meeno Babies is having a sale on them right now, so order today! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too.


Historical Sites on Nevis #travel #NevisMangoFest

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There are many historical sites to visit on the island of Nevis. Some of the most striking are the churches. Funky Monkey Tours offers a unique way to see the entire island while riding on a Polaris 4x4. My tour was so much fun and our tour guide seemed to know everything about Nevis!
The historical part of our tour started at St. Thomas Lowland Church. Built in 1643, this church is the oldest church on Nevis and the first Anglican Church in the Caribbean. It is still used today for church services!
When first walking into the church, I noticed the vaults on the floor, where people are actually buried. Since Nevis is a volcanic island, it's near impossible to break through the ground to bury anyone six feet deep (like in America), so graves are mostly above ground.
It's a charming old church that sits high on a hill, above the Caribbean sea and overlooking the island of St. Kitts. There are even vaults on some of the walls inside the church. Can you imagine going to the same church as your family members from the 1600s?
We next visited The Cottle Church, built in 1824. It stands on the Thomas Cottle plantation. It has the distinction of being the first Caribbean Anglican church where blacks and whites worshipped together.
Although it no longer hosts church services, it's the site of many weddings on the island of Nevis. The walls are made of rock and the gorgeous arched doorways and windows are the perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photos.
Nevis is the site of many plantations, originally producing sugar, so the island is dotted with old sugar mills. Although the mills are no longer used, some of them still stand high while others are beginning to break down.
Some of the sugar mills that are in good condition have been repurposed, like the one at Montpelier that is now Mill Privee and hosts private dining with candlelight within its 300 year old walls. Golden Rock Inn has converted an old sugar mill into a beautiful two-story hotel room where you can stay the night.
We toured several of the old sugar mills and found one filled with bats hanging from the ceiling. They didn't much like us visiting because we woke them up and some of them started flying around. I was assured they would not bite me.
Another old sugar mill housed a huge honeycomb. Thankfully it was many feet up from the ground so none of the bees even noticed we were there. It's fascinating to imagine the earlier settlers in Nevis building these sugar mills.
As we worked around the island to the Atlantic side, we saw more old sites right down near the beaches. I have a love for old historical sites, so I really enjoyed this part of the tour. While down near the water, I enjoyed a Ting With Sting, which is a popular fizzy drink with a shot of rum.
This side of the island seems to be the rocky side of the island and the Caribbean side the more sandy side. Both are beautiful in different ways. The Atlantic waters are a deeper blue color and the Caribbean waters are more turquoise.
Nevis is an incredible place to visit! Tomorrow I will share my photos of some of the most beautiful plants and flowers I've ever seen. I took those photos on the second part of the tour, when we visited some of the more jungle-like settings on Nevis.
Check out the Nevis Tourism Authority at www.nevisisland.com for more information about visiting Nevis in the West Indies. I really miss being there and can hardly wait to one day return! Read more about my visit to Nevis HERE.

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Mr. Clean #15MinReno Plus a Giveaway! #ConnectMrClean #spon

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A fifteen-minute renovation sounds pretty unbelievable to anyone who has ever attempted a renovation. Even though Jonathan Scott can renovate an entire home in what seems like fifteen minutes during his television shows, in reality they take much longer. Renovations also cost a lot of money and take a lot of effort. Jonathan of HGTV Property Brothers says the first step to updating your home is giving the place a really good cleaning!
Jonathan is a home renovation expert and his secret weapon is Mr. Clean. By combining the power of Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser and Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner, you can achieve a standard of clean that could mean avoiding major renovation or replacement purchases. Whether you're selling your home during this busy moving season or just want to freshen up your home, Mr. Clean's products are tougher on dirt all around the house.
I decided to take on a 15-minute renovation in my kitchen. This old refrigerator was sparkling clean when we bought this house almost a year ago. I sheepishly admit that I've not given it a really good cleaning since then. Sure, I cleaned up a few spills here and there, but scrubbing down the entire fridge is one of those jobs I really dread.
I took a really good look at my fridge, both inside and out. It was dirtier than I thought. All over the exterior, I found dirt, grime, fingerprints, and what looked like spots of dried-on food. I wasn't so sure that I could actually get it clean in fifteen minutes.
Then I looked inside the fridge, you know, where I keep all the food we eat, and was really disgusted with how bad I let it get. I almost didn't want to post any before pictures of the inside! It's pretty easy to ignore dirt in the fridge when you can just plop of big bottle of wine over it.
The bottom shelf was pretty bad too. I really couldn't blame the age of this ten-year-old fridge on the dirt, food, and who knows what else that was lurking on the bottom of the fridge. So I emptied the fridge and set all the food on my kitchen table. That took me about two minutes.
I opened the Mr. Clean Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner and squirted some of it on the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, then got it damp with some warm water and got to work on my dirty refrigerator. In about ten minutes, I cleaned every inch of my fridge both inside and out. I didn't even have to scrub hard!
I was really impressed with the difference. My refrigerator is about ten years old, but it looks almost brand new after using Mr. Clean. These products not only cleaned up the dirt, grime, food, and fingerprints, but they also left a clean, sparkling shine.
It's truly a clean that I would expect to see if I was looking at a house to buy. It's also a clean that I would want my house to portray if I was trying to sell my house. Check out these close-up pictures!
#15MinReno TIP: Mr. Clean will also work wonders on that pesky stove top, where grease and grime accumulate in tough to clean crevices.
#15MinReno TIP: Mr. Clean will keep your kitchen counters and islands looking shiny and untouched.
I took another few minutes to put all the food back in the fridge and was delighted that it really only took me fifteen minutes to completely revive the look of my refrigerator. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser and Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner made it a quick and easy chore.
With loads of unexpected uses, from restoring luster to floors, reviving tired looking appliances, or even restoring your walls without having to repaint, Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser and Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner are the #15MinReno tools everyone needs in their arsenal.
I even used the screwdriver that came with my Mr. Clean products in my #15MinReno package to tighten up the handles on my refrigerator. Now it's time to tackle cleaning up the old microwave oven that came with the house!
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