Surpahs V-Blade Mandoline Adjustable Slicer #review

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Surpahs V-Blade Mandoline Adjustable Slicer is a 5-in-1 slicer with blades for a julienne slicer, waffle cut slicer, grater, coarse shredder, and fine shredder. It comes with a storage box for the blades and a hand guard that holds food in place for slicing.
The V Blade design slices, grates, and shreds. Knob-controlled slicer allows easy adjustment for slicing thickness from 1-9mm - from paper thin to thick. These professional grade blades are 420-grade surgical stainless steel.
The Surpahs V-Blade Mandoline Adjustable Slicer cuts preparation time and provides consistent results. Its design allows for slicing on the countertop, a cutting board, or even over a bowl. It cleans up easily by hand and folds flat for storage. It comes with a lifetime warranty.
Slice cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, pears, apples, and citrus garnish. Grate cheese, ginger, nutmeg, and chocolate. Shred cabbage, carrots, and vegetables for salad. Use more fresh sliced veggies in your favorite foods! Make salad toppings, pizza toppings, onion rings, French fries, potato chips, vegetable pasta, coleslaw, zucchini bread. Kids love julienned vegetables!
I found the Surpahs V-Blade Mandoline Adjustable Slicer easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store. I even actually chose more fresh vegetables and fruits at the store when I went grocery shopping than I usually do, and prepared more of them for my family because it was so easy to do.
I prefer the Surpahs Slicer over the bulky food processor that I was using, because the food processor takes about 20 minutes to clean properly and has to be completely disassembled for cleaning. I love the ease of changing out the blades and my favorite blade is the waffle cut. Get yours today!
Makes a great gift!
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Berlin Natural Bakery from the Heart of Amish Country

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Berlin Natural Bakery makes delicious non-GMO foods and snacks for the whole family. Baked with love in the heart of Amish Country, Berlin foods are the perfect way to encourage your family to indulge in healthy grains. My family has been enjoying a wide variety of Berlin Natural Bakery foods over the past week and we are so impressed!
My favorite are the Chocolate Crinkle Spelt Cookies. They are so soft and fresh, and simply melt in my mouth. We used the White Spelt Noodles to create a delicious Chicken Alfredo Dinner. Spelt is an ancient grain and Berlin Natural Bakery has managed to create amazing foods made with spelt that promote natural health.
Berlin Natural Bakery offers sweet breads, cookies, bread sticks, bread loaves, dinner rolls, flour, and so much more. Their products are non-GMO Project Verified so you can feel great about giving your family the very best foods. Everything tasted so fresh, and the breads freeze and thaw just as fresh.
We love the Righteous Raisin Spelt Bread. I like to pop a few slices in my toaster then slather on some real butter while it's still warm. The Spelt Dinner Rolls are the perfect companion to a Spelt Pasta meal, like our chicken alfredo, or even for breakfast with a sausage gravy.
I think my absolute favorite Berlin Natural Bakery food is the Pumpkin Streusel. It's soft and tasty, with a sweet cinnamon glaze on the top. I love to warm it just a bit in the microwave and eat it with a fork. It's more like a cake than a bread.
Try the Spelt Angel Food Loaf with some fresh strawberries and cream for a special dessert. You will be delighted to serve these foods to friends and family. I highly recommend these delicious foods from Berlin Natural Bakery, and I cannot wait to order more!
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MunchPak - Snacks from Around the Globe

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It is so fun to try out new snacks! MunchPak.com is an online snack subscription service for the young and adventurous at heart. They specialize in finding cool snacks from around the world and shipping them to customers across the globe. They offer 3 different MunchPak box sizes; MunchPak Mini (5+ snacks), Original MunchPak (10+ snacks), and FamilyPak (20+ snacks).
Your snacks arrive right to your door! You can customize your MunchPak with a variety of snack options such as Spicy, Chips, Gummy, Sweet, and Crunchy, which you can select as preferred or non-preferred. They even offer drinks, like soda, coffee, juice, and/or tea.
You can choose for your subscription to renew every week, every two weeks, or every month! MunchPak also offers customizable gift subscription options. Their online store even allows you to specifically purchase your favorite snacks and drinks. MunchPak has just released a Snack Scanner app which is available for download on both Android and Apple devices.
We've been snacking out of our MunchPak over the last two weeks and it's been so much fun to try new snacks. I especially loved the Toffee Waffles, Caramel Corn, and the Pizza Pretz. My husband's favorites included the Ding Dong Hot and Spicy Mixed Nuts and the Sriracha Almonds. The MunchPak has something for everyone!
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Floor Bloom Floor Pillows - Brighten Up Your Room!

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Floor Bloom floor pillows are a fabulous way to brighten up any room! This big, fluffy, colorful floor pillows are perfect for family rooms, kids' rooms, playrooms, home libraries, and even classrooms. Kids of all ages love to sit on the floor and Floor Bloom helps them sit comfortably in style.
I received a gorgeous rainbow floor pillow and a beautiful sunshine floor pillow. I was surprised at the large size and impressed with how comfortable they are to sit upon. Floor Bloom also offers some stunning flower pillows, plus extras like clouds and flower leaves when you purchase a bundle.
The pillows are packed with soft padding, nice and thick, with a soft smooth fabric that's double-stitched for durability. Floor Bloom floor pillows will quickly become the favorite spot for sitting in any household!
Floor Bloom is also the perfect gift for your student who is heading off to college this fall. Dorm rooms are small and offer few places for friends to sit, but these floor pillows can be stacked under the bed easily or piled on top of the bed for a fun look.
Kids of all ages will delight in Floor Bloom floor pillows. They are the perfect pillow to sit on to watch television or work on a laptop, to lay on to read a book or watch a movie on a tablet, or arrange a whole set in a circle to play a board game as a family. My family loves Floor Bloom!
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The Ultimate Summer Sandals - Sole Provisions Vionic Nala

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After my first real winter in over 25 years, I am so glad it's sandal season. Although my fellow Kansans have assured me that it was a mild winter, I'm happy to pack away my fur-lined boots until next winter. I've found the ultimate summer sandal in the Vionic Nala from Sole Provisions!
The Nala sandals are incredibly comfortable and super fashionable. They are chic enough to wear to work with a skirt and easily transition to a great summer look with even my blue jean shorts. The amazing "bling" on the straps makes every take notice and I get tons of compliments!
The Nala by Vionic features a microfiber wrapped EVA midsole, a durable rubber outsole, and a shape that fits the foot perfectly. The ankle strap is adjustable and even the fabric that fits between your toes is made of a soft ribbon for ultimate comfort.
The Nala comes in white, teal, red, gold cork, and black. I had a difficult time choosing which color I wanted, but I decided on the white since it's the most "summer-y" look. I may end up buying another pair in teal since they are so comfortable.
After getting my first warm-weather pedicure, I wore my Nala sandals with a white blouse and a pair of navy capri pants. I walked around nearly all day in these sandals in the downtown area and my feet still felt great at the end of the day. I love these sandals and highly recommend Sole Provisions shoes!
Get your favorite color Nala sandals at www.soleprovisions.com. Be sure to check out all their great selections for women, men, and kids too! Sole Provisions even offers socks in a rainbow of colors and lots of great bags.


Save Money on Your Summer Travel with Groupon

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The most often stated reason for not traveling often is that it simply costs too much to travel. There are so many ways to save money on summer travels and Groupon.com is ready to help you cut the cost of travel this summer! Groupon offers fabulous discounts on hotels, rental cars, amusement parks, and even airfare. You can plan your entire vacation through Groupon by starting at this Expedia.com link.

Use Groupon to explore the international landscapes of Europe, visit historical cities across America, take a relaxing cruise through the Caribbean, or sip exotic cocktails under coconut trees on a sandy beach in Central America. There are so many wonderful places across our planet and I just know there is a place you've been dreaming about seeing. Check off a couple of bucket list items and with the savings you can get through Groupon.com, you can probably add a few more must-see places to your list!
Groupon can even help you with savings at retail websites to get what you need for your trip, like luggage, clothes, shoes, and more. No matter where you're heading this summer, start your journey at Groupon.com for great savings!


SmartNoggin Award-Winning Child Development Toys

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As a new mom, you're going to want all the top developmental toys for your precious bundle of joy. I absolutely love SmartNoggin learning tools for infants. The first three years are simply incredible in growth and development and SmartNoggin products help to develop looking, listening, reaching, and touching in infants.
NogginSeek Peek and Seek Rattle helps encourage your baby’s early milestones through play. It features a clear sphere that encourages shaking, beads that spin with the movement of baby’s wrist, creating baby’s first lesson in physics, and a textured handle for feeling and sized for easy grasping.
It also features a striped tube that slides in and out of handle for visual interest and to encourage wrist rotation, and beads that hide in the striped tube when the NogginSeek Rattle is held upright to encourage awareness of object permanence. It even comes with a Parent Guide to infant milestones.
NogginRings Reaching and Grasping Rings was originally introduced in the 1980’s. I even remember my own daughter (born in 1990) having this toy and it was one of her favorites! NogginRings features flexible rings for batting, reaching, grasping and transferring from one hand to the other.
The contrasting colors of NogginRings helps children to see and visually track. It also features a rattle sound to encourage turning in the direction of sound, and it encourages social play and interaction. The large ring at the top makes it easy to hook onto a stroller for a great travel toy.
The rings are great for teething on too! The happy face in the center is very visually appealing to baby and encourages baby to smile. The NogginRings also comes with a Parent Guide to Baby's Milestones.
The NogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle is packed with learning! The base of the NogginStik makes a soft rattle sound to please the ears, plus there is a little mirror on the bottom for babies to see their reflection.
Its head lights up red, blue, and green to stimulate a baby’s eyes and to encourage visual tracking. NogginStik has an easy to hold handle for mastering grasping and fun nubby textures to delight the sense of touch. It will stand up on any flat surface too!
NogginStik comes with a Parent Guide to milestones for baby. All three of these wonderful SmartNoggin developmental toys have won awards - Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the Year Award, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Dr. Toy's Best Classic, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award, and National Parenting Product Award, just to name a few!

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808 Conversation Starters for Couples

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Here is a great gift for your favorite couple! 808 Conversation Starters for Couples: Spark Curious Chats During Dinner Time, Date Night or Any Moment by Robin Westen is the ultimate list of casual conversation prompts to spark fun and interesting dialogue, deepen communication, and increase intimacy. If you and your partner can’t think of anything new to talk about, this book is a great resource! Break away from the same old reliable (boring) subjects and try something different.
This paperback is packed with 808 clever and lighthearted conversation starters. 808 Conversation Starters for Couples is the perfect antidote for tired, shallow communication and gives you exciting new topics to explore. The book features questions, quizzes, and activities in an endless list of areas from childhood memories, school stories, old friends, family histories, politics, sports, literature, films, and much more. Its 224 pages guarantees you and your significant other will get closer through casual and meaningful conversations. It's also a great wedding gift! Get it HERE!


SAFEGO Keeps Valuables Safe On Your Summer Vacation

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If you're going anywhere this summer, don’t let your globe-trotting adventures get ruined by having your personal belongings (like money, credit cards, or passports) stolen while traveling. You can have peace of mind that your valuables are safe with SAFEGO.
This sleek, lightweight lock box is the ultimate theft deterrent. It features a heavy-duty lock and unique flexible steel cable, so it can attach to almost any secure fixture. Lock away your phone, keys, cash, wallet, camera, sunglasses, and jewelry so you can go enjoy yourself with no worries.
SAFEGO has a custom combination that you set, plus key access so only you can get into it. You'll get two keys and a stretchy key wristband so you don't lose the key while you're having fun. SAFEGO is even water-resistant and sand-resistant.
Don't stick your valuables in your shoe ever again! SAFEGO comes in black, white, blue, pink or gold at https://safego.us/ or on Amazon.com. It's perfect for keeping your valuables safe while you're traveling, but also very handy around your home too!
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