Giveaway! $300 Cabela's Gift Card from Coupons .com #CabelasGiftsForDads

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Father's Day is coming soon and it's time to start searching for the perfect gift for your dad and maybe those other important men in your life too! When I was growing up, my dad took me camping and fishing all the time. He helped me catch my first fish in Hannibal, Missouri, which was the inspiration of the childhood town for the story of Tom Sawyer. I even remember that our tent was set up right near a railroad track and a train came through overnight, scaring us all awake. My memories of him being with us in the great outdoors are the ones I remember most fondly.
While my husband doesn't care much for fishing or camping, he certainly loves to grill. He can make amazing steaks. We've made outdoor memories with our own kids and hope they will remember them fondly now that they are grown. We had to leave our old grill behind when we moved, so a new grill is definitely on his wish list! His previous one was a gas grill, so this time I'm thinking he'd love the Cabela's Magnum Pellet Grill. I love when he makes dinner on the grill because that means I get a break from cooking dinner. Using a grill is also a great way to make food for a large family gathering, so when all our kids come to visit we can make more cheeseburgers and memories.
Cabela's understands how important dads are and they have a fabulous selection of gifts that are perfect for the guys in your life, especially those who love the outdoors. Get incredible savings at Cabela's on quality outdoor equipment from Thursday, June 11 through Sunday, June 21. Cabela's Father's Day Sale offers discounts on great gift ideas like grills, sleeping bags, fishing rods, optics, and much more.
Stuck on ideas for your dad? Cabela's has created a Father's Day Gift Guide for the outdoorsy dads - hunters, shooters, campers, fishermen, boat captains, and even the family head chefs. Cabela's has you covered with gift suggestions that will make 2015 the year your dad remembers. Stop by the Cabela's Father's Day Sale to show the man who taught you how to catch a fish, pitch a tent, shoot the target, or grill a hamburger, just how much you appreciate him! Check out Coupons .com for great Father's Day Deals!

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Michael W. Smith's Video Release + Giveaway #SkySpillsOver #FlyBy

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Michael W. Smith has just released "SOVEREIGN!"
Go check out the video now HERE!

The video is amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on the CD by Michael W. Smith. He is one of my favorite Christian artists and he's sold over 3.5 million CDs. This CD features these songs: You Won't Let Go, Heaven Come Down, Miracle, Sky Spills Over, All Arise, You Are The Fire, Christ Be All Around Me, Sovereign Over Us, Hide Myself, The Same Power, I Lay Me Down, and The One That Really Matters (Featuring Kari Jobe). I've already heard Heaven Come Down on my local radio station and love it. He is going on tour this year and will even be cruising the Caribbean. You can get more information and sign up on his website to go with him!

Here’s a quote from Michael W. Smith on the video:
"I’m really passionate about the song SKY SPILLS OVER. It was fun creating it in the studio and I’ve been overwhelmed at the response it gets when we perform it live every night. My son Ryan is a really talented filmmaker so I always enjoy working with him on a project. But what made this project even more special was that 3 of my own grandkids were in the video. This video was a lot of fun to make. I hope people enjoy it!"

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Giveaway! $25 Family Christian Gift Certificate - Unoffendable by Brant Hansen

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In Brant Hansen's book, Unoffendable, he purports the idea that we, as Christians, should all learn to be Unoffendable. He says that by making an effort to not be offended at things others do, we can all improve our lives. By choosing to be forgiving instead of offended, it releases the stress, anxiety, and anger we tend to harbor towards those who have wronged us or others by their words or actions.

One example that I noticed popped up again and again throughout the book is the issue of drivers on the road who drive as though the road belongs to them alone. I used to get angry at drivers that darted out in front of me to cut me off, but as I've grown older I try to be more graceful and assume they must have somewhere important they have to be, such as the hospital for the birth of their first child or perhaps they are late for a job interview after being unemployed for a year and their car wouldn't start. In doing this, I'm choosing not to be offended by their actions, releasing me from the anger at being cut off.

There are many more examples in the book, but the premise is that we all do things that offend others, whether it be our clothing choices, parenting reactions, or sometimes nothing at all. If we all chose not to be offended (or surprised even) by things others do, we'd all live in a better state of mind. The author also broaches some really convicting issues, such as injustice and righteous anger, but still urges the ideal of being unoffendable in a unique way that really makes a lot of sense to me.

Brant Hansen has a wonderful writing style - witty, provocative, and conversational. Rather than giving Christians yet another checklist of things to do, he encourages us to learn to let go and let God be the judge of other's actions. In doing so, we're practicing grace and mercy, and living in a state of gratitude, instead of attitude. Unoffendable is about 200 pages long, and is an excellent read.

Grab your copy at Family Christian!

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Weekly Giveaway Linky - Wednesday Wealth (May 27 - June 1)

Giveaway! $50 Walmart Gift Card Plus #FightAcne Twitter Party 6/18

Acne is something many of us dealt with as teens but a lot of people are still dealing with adult acne also. For women it can be tough because of all the constant changes in our bodies and hormones. I had some acne as a teenager and it drove me crazy. Now that I'm in my 40s, I think I should be totally done with it. But, occasionally some acne will pop up and it's usually when I have someplace important to go. If you've been dealing with your own personal acne battle we're inviting you to join the #FightAcne Twitter Party on June 18th at 1pm Est Sponsored by illuMask. We’re also giving our lucky readers a chance to enter our #FightAcne giveaway below.

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Giveaway! The Complete Thyroid Health and Diet Guide

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One in eight women has a thyroid disorder, and many of them don't even realize they do. A smaller number of men also have a thyroid disorder. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction and contact your doctor for a simple test. This list of symptoms comes from The Complete Thyroid Health and Diet Guide, Understanding and Managing Thyroid Disease by Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg and Danielle Cook.


Hypothyroidism (when the body produces too little thyroid hormone):
  • Unfreshing sleep, fatigue
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Weight gain, inability to lose weight, water retention
  • Dry and itchy skin, dry brittle hair, dry brittle nails
  • Hair loss, eyebrow hair thinning
  • Voice deepening, hoarse voice
  • Headaches, muscle aches, cramps
  • Cold intolerance, cold hands, cold feet
  • Low sex drive
  • Depressed immune system, chronic infections, slow wound healing
  • Constipation, digestive problems from low stomach acid
Hyperthyroidism (when the body produces too much thyroid hormone):
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Sweating at rest
  • Headaches
  • Weight loss
  • Increased appetite
  • Anxiety

Did you know that I suffer from Hypothyroidism? I was diagnosed about ten years ago by my doctor, after I complained about how tired I was all the time. My doctor did a simple blood test and then prescribed Synthroid (levothyroxine sodium tablets), which is commonly prescribed for the condition. I take one pill every day to help balance my underactive thyroid. It doesn't "fix" all my symptoms, because I still suffer from many of them, such as hair loss and the aggravating inability to lose weight, but it does synthetically balance my thyroid hormones.

The Complete Thyroid Health and Diet Guide is an invaluable resource for me. The first part of the book describes the basics of the thyroid, such as how the thyroid works, as well as information about the different ways that thyroid dysfunction can affect different parts of the body. The Guide also covers thyroid management, including information about medications, surgery, and lifestyle modifications. Most important for me, is the chapter on a Balanced Thyroid Diet, because a change in diet helps to improve many of my symptoms. This chapter is followed by an entire section of 150 Thyroid Recipes that include common ingredients that help to heal the body.

For the most part, a person cannot completely heal from a thyroid disorder, but there are many things those of us who suffer can do to manage the disorder and improve our symptoms, which in turn improves our quality of life. With nearly 400 pages of valuable information, The Complete Thyroid Health and Diet Guide is a book I reach for time and again. Visit Robert Rose Books to see their incredible line of publications!
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Magic Carpet Yoga Mat - Review

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Not all yoga mats are created equal. I once tried yoga on a really thin mat that slipped across the floor under my feet. I am a novice when it comes to yoga, but I do know you need an excellent yoga mat to be able to practice yoga moves without injury.
This Magic Carpet Yoga Mat from YogaOutlet.com is the highest quality yoga mat I've ever seen. It's nice and thick, grips the floor like glue, and is flexible enough to roll back up easily. Not only that, it's absolutely gorgeous!
The beautiful hand-painted traditional magic carpet design is sustainably printed with UV-cured inks on a phthalate-free, non-latex mat. It's 24" wide and an incredible 70" long (the longest mat I've ever seen). It's 6mm thick but weighs only 3.5 pounds. Plus, it's made in the USA!
YogaOutlet.com is THE place to shop for quality yoga mats, yoga clothing, and all kinds of yoga accessories. They have a beautiful selection of magic carpet yoga mats, designed by Magic Carpet Yoga Mats founder Sophie Leininger, a Northern California-based artist. Visit their website today to enhance your yoga experience!


Be The Best You Can Be - Chicken Soup for the Soul - Review

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Raising children is difficult and there are so many ways we, as parents, can mess up our kids. My goal as a mom was to hopefully counteract those not-so-good interactions with my kids with a higher ratio of meaningful, loving, and supportive interactions. My three are now grown and scattered across Texas, attending college and starting their adult lives. I feel as though I must have accomplished something wonderful because they make me proud every day. It's important to take time with our children, as they grow up, to instill in them the virtues and values that we want to be a part of who they are and who they become. The new Chicken Soup for the Soul book, Be The Best You Can Be, is a wonderful resource to help parents approach many of these values with kids.

The book is much like their other books, in that it tells short stories, but it's also very different because it's designed as a book that parents can read with (or to) their children and teens, and follows up with conversation starters that can help facilitate introspective family talks. Talking with your kids gives them an opportunity to open up about their lives, and gives you the chance to plant many seeds of goodness in their hearts. Even if your child is a teenager that resists parental involvement, I encourage you to leave a copy of the book laying around where they will see it. Chances are, they might be intrigued enough to read it on their own.

The chapters in this book include: Making Your Best Effort, Doing the Right Thing, Making True Friends, Accepting Responsibility, Being Kind, Being Grateful, and Getting Through Tough Times. Each short story in the book is a true story and helps to show examples of tolerance, respect, and compassion. Being able to read together about role models helps children to set goals to develop good values and set goals. It's a wonderful book that should be in every family home.

Grab a copy of Be The Best You Can Be at www.chickensoup.com!


Giveaway! Michael Angelo's Signature Italian Food

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for Michael Angelo's Signature Italian Food!

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20 Reasons to Love Rubbermaid LunchBlox

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1. LunchBlox is a food storage container system that snaps together in multiple configurations.
2. LunchBlox keeps food chilled with the snap-in Blue Ice Tray that comes with each kit.
3. LunchBlox comes in a Salad Kit, Sandwich Kit, and Entree Kit.
4. LunchBlox is made by Rubbermaid, a trusted name in food storage.
5. LunchBlox has handy measurements on the sides of each container.
6. LunchBlox containers stay securely closed and don't leak.
7. LunchBlox containers encourage healthier lifestyles with portion control.
8. LunchBlox containers make preparing lunch more fun for kids.
9. LunchBlox kits can be mixed and matched (perfect for grazing toddlers and picky preschoolers).
10. LunchBlox containers can be purchased individually, so you can customize your configuration.
11. LunchBlox containers are 100% BPA free.
12. LunchBlox keeps your sandwich un-smashed and your cookies unbroken!
13. LunchBlox is microwave safe, so you can heat up your food at work.
14. LunchBlox is dishwasher safe, so it's easy to keep them clean.
15. LunchBlox is freezer safe too!
16. LunchBlox containers even come in pink or blue for children.
17. LunchBlox fits neatly into a box or bag (and the LunchBlox Bags), with its squared design.
18. LunchBlox containers encourage eating a wider variety of foods, keeping wet and dry items separate.
19. LunchBlox is durable and reusable, saving you money over buying plastic bags and paper bags.
20. LunchBlox kits and containers are available at Walmart, Target, Kroger, Meijer, HEB, Fred Meyer and many other stores! 

Michael Angelo's Italian Frozen Food - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
When I was growing up, having a frozen meal was considered a treat in our house. Remember those old tv dinners with food that came in a tray, tasted like cardboard, and had no nutritional value? Having one of those on a tv tray in the family room, surrounded by my sisters and their tv dinners, while we watched a tv show - THAT was like a party to me. Frozen foods have really come a long way!
I was invited to try Michael Angelo's Italian frozen food entrees. Italian food is one of my favorites and it falls under the heading of "comfort food" to me. Michael Angelo's has a line of signature meals with recipes that date back to the 1800s. The meals are made in small batches from scratch, are free of additives, and are made with only real, clean ingredients you can recognize when you read the label.
I've tried six of the meals and I'm incredibly impressed. Michael Angelo's meals are delicious. My absolute favorite is the Meat Lasagna. I would put it in the top three lasagna meals I've ever had in my lifetime. I also really loved the flavor of the meatballs in the Baked Ziti and Meatballs meal.
Each one cooks in the microwave in around five minutes in a little tray that has a thin plastic sheet over the top. I sort of butchered the lasagna taking it out of the tray to put on a plate for a picture, but it was stacked really nicely in the tray.
The chicken in the Chicken Parmesan was delectable. I thought the piece of chicken looked a bit small when I took it out of the microwave, but it was a really thick piece and tasted wonderful. None of the pastas were sticky at all and the sauces are all delightfully flavored. The entrees are the perfect size for lunch or dinner for one person.
I definitely recommend Michael Angelo's Italian frozen meals. They've also recently introduced a new line of Made With Organic meals, which I'm going to try as soon as I can find them. Since I live in a very small town outside of Austin, it can be challenging to get my hands on some of the specialty foods, but I hear Whole Foods features them.
Visit www.michaelangelos.com for more information about these delicious Italian meals. I got my entrees at my local HEB and I've seen the family size meals at my local Walmart. Their website has some great videos and you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.