PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station Playset

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If you are worried that your children will be susceptible to "summer brain drain" then I have the perfect solution for you! The beloved and recognizable PLAYMOBIL brand is launching a new Mars Mission line this spring. The timing of this launch is perfect since Mars and Space Exploration are topping lots of news stories these days. Plus, July 20 marks the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon.
Leading the new line of PLAYMOBIL playsets is the amazing Mars Space Station. It's equipped with all the tools needed for space exploration. Inside, the astronauts can enter the central command station or choose one of the modules equipped with everything from sleeping compartments to a lab for analyzing samples. It even features functioning lights so the astronauts can find their way back to the station. The attention to detail in the PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station is amazing!
The PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station took several hours to assemble. It comes in many small pieces because the construction of the playset is part of the fun. It also comes with a booklet filled with detailed images of how to construct the Mars Space Station. My husband wanted to build it, and he spent two full evenings putting it together. The pieces snap together easily, and no glue is required.
I think the Mars Space Station is the perfect rainy weather toy to pull out and keep kids busy, focused, and engaged when they cannot play outside. It is designed for ages 6 years and up, but I think kids under age 10 years might need a bit of mom's or dad's help to get it assembled. PLAYMOBIL did a wonderful job designing this toy and I know children are going to love playing with it!
The PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station playset is a wonderful way to keep your kids involved in STEM projects over the summer. Even beyond the joy of playing with the astronauts in this extensive space station, I can see this as the starting point of an entire summer filled with exploration of space, the planets, the stars, and more.
Here is the description by PLAYMOBIL of the Mars Space Station:
"Venture into undiscovered worlds with the Mars Space Station! Equipped with all the tools needed for space exploration, the station is ready for a successful mission! Thanks to the functioning lights beneath the central hub, astronauts can easily find their way back to base. Then, enter the illuminated station interior via the front ramp and through the secure rotating hatch. Once inside, astronauts can enter the central command space, from which all missions are monitored, or choose one of the modules, equipped with everything from sleeping compartments for the crew to a lab for analyzing samples. The two free docking stations allow the crew to connect external equipment, such as the Mission Rocket with Launch Site and the Satellite Meteoroid Laser (each sold separately).
During their down time, the astronauts can keep in shape with the station’s fitness equipment. To access the interior, pull off the station’s removable roof and get hands on with all aspects of the mission. The movable laser gun helps protect against unknown elements, while the alarm lights and sound warn against any threats. Other sound effects, including radio contact, jet propulsion, and background space noises, add to the fun and bring the mission to life! And, what would space adventures be without a trusty robot to guide you? The included robot may be a machine, but watch out for all its different faces. Turning its eyes will change its facial expression. Set includes two astronauts, one robot, space station, computer, tools, food supplies, space crystals, telescope, video recorder, and tons of other accessories."
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