Better Family Road Trips with a LUNCIA Cooler

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Summer is the time for road trips! Whether it's a day trip to visit one of the many interesting cities or towns in our state, or a weekend trip to another state, it's always a good idea to take along food and drinks rather than repeatedly stop into convenience stores or fast food joints. The bigger your family, the more money you can save by taking along your meals, snacks, and drinks.
This LUNCIA Cooler is, by far, the best cooler we've ever taken on a road trip. There are so many fabulous features in the LUNCIA Cooler! It is expertly designed with airtight zippers to prevent the loss of cool air and minimize any water leakage. It also has a T-shaped zipper slider and serrated zippers for smooth opening and closing.
Designed with bands at the front for hanging handy items, and a bungee cord for hats or helmets, LUNCIA Coolers have thought of everything! Buckle stabilizers at the front and back can be used to attach the cooler when cycling, and adjustable straps at the back are for an umbrella, extra clothes, or even a picnic blanket. The secret pocket at the back is convenient to store bank cards, keys, and other essentials.
The surface and lining of LUNCIA Coolers are made of double-sided waterproof fabric. Without adding volume to the cooler or occupying the inner space, the high-density compact foam provides an effective insulated compartment. Your items will stay cool in a LUNCIA Cooler for up to THREE DAYS! You can easily carry this lightweight LUNCIA Cooler by its adjustable shoulder strap, two side handles, or the comfort strap at the top.
Look how much ROOM is inside! I dropped a whole watermelon in it (see photo below) to give you some perspective on its size. LUNCIA Coolers are designed to serve up to four people for three days. That sounds like an invitation to the perfect weekend road trip. Take your new LUNCIA Cooler to the beach for a weekend of fun in the sun or take it along in the boat on a fishing trip. It's perfect for picnics, outdoor sporting events, concerts in the local parks, and so many other exciting adventures. I know you'll love the LUNCIA Cooler as much as we do!
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PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station Playset

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If you are worried that your children will be susceptible to "summer brain drain" then I have the perfect solution for you! The beloved and recognizable PLAYMOBIL brand is launching a new Mars Mission line this spring. The timing of this launch is perfect since Mars and Space Exploration are topping lots of news stories these days. Plus, July 20 marks the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon.
Leading the new line of PLAYMOBIL playsets is the amazing Mars Space Station. It's equipped with all the tools needed for space exploration. Inside, the astronauts can enter the central command station or choose one of the modules equipped with everything from sleeping compartments to a lab for analyzing samples. It even features functioning lights so the astronauts can find their way back to the station. The attention to detail in the PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station is amazing!
The PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station took several hours to assemble. It comes in many small pieces because the construction of the playset is part of the fun. It also comes with a booklet filled with detailed images of how to construct the Mars Space Station. My husband wanted to build it, and he spent two full evenings putting it together. The pieces snap together easily, and no glue is required.
I think the Mars Space Station is the perfect rainy weather toy to pull out and keep kids busy, focused, and engaged when they cannot play outside. It is designed for ages 6 years and up, but I think kids under age 10 years might need a bit of mom's or dad's help to get it assembled. PLAYMOBIL did a wonderful job designing this toy and I know children are going to love playing with it!
The PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station playset is a wonderful way to keep your kids involved in STEM projects over the summer. Even beyond the joy of playing with the astronauts in this extensive space station, I can see this as the starting point of an entire summer filled with exploration of space, the planets, the stars, and more.
Here is the description by PLAYMOBIL of the Mars Space Station:
"Venture into undiscovered worlds with the Mars Space Station! Equipped with all the tools needed for space exploration, the station is ready for a successful mission! Thanks to the functioning lights beneath the central hub, astronauts can easily find their way back to base. Then, enter the illuminated station interior via the front ramp and through the secure rotating hatch. Once inside, astronauts can enter the central command space, from which all missions are monitored, or choose one of the modules, equipped with everything from sleeping compartments for the crew to a lab for analyzing samples. The two free docking stations allow the crew to connect external equipment, such as the Mission Rocket with Launch Site and the Satellite Meteoroid Laser (each sold separately).
During their down time, the astronauts can keep in shape with the station’s fitness equipment. To access the interior, pull off the station’s removable roof and get hands on with all aspects of the mission. The movable laser gun helps protect against unknown elements, while the alarm lights and sound warn against any threats. Other sound effects, including radio contact, jet propulsion, and background space noises, add to the fun and bring the mission to life! And, what would space adventures be without a trusty robot to guide you? The included robot may be a machine, but watch out for all its different faces. Turning its eyes will change its facial expression. Set includes two astronauts, one robot, space station, computer, tools, food supplies, space crystals, telescope, video recorder, and tons of other accessories."
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Cleaning Hacks - 500 Natural Ways to Clean Your Home

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Cleaning Hacks by Sarah Flowers is an invaluable resource book that contains over 500 unexpected ways to clean your home in natural ways. You will find this book is filled with simple, cost-saving cleaning tips and tricks in an easy to read format. Did you know you should be cleaning your sponge on a weekly basis by putting it in the microwave for just 90 seconds? Or that you could use a rubber glove to clean up pet hair instead of a lint brush? Or that wax paper can be used to make your faucets and sink fixtures shine instead of a chemical polish?
Avoid long lists of mysterious chemicals and skip buying multiple cleaning products and get back to basics and use simple, all-natural solutions that are safe, inexpensive, and effective. Take control of your cleaning to-do list with these easy, natural cleaning methods. Organized by cleaning project, you’ll be able to find the perfect easy solution for all your cleaning jobs, however large or small, with this handy guide. It's an excellent book to have on hand for spring cleaning!

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SMARTY CO's Heavy Duty Clear Backpack

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I never realized how many places prefer a clear backpack! We're talking sporting events, concerts, traveling, high schools, and even colleges and job sites prefer clear backpacks for security reasons. THE SMARTY CO. has quickly become the industry leader in quality, innovation, and style. With only the typical black clear backpacks available from other places, SMARTY has launched trendsetting colors including Cool Gray, American Blue, and Pretty Pink.
Breeze through security checks without opening your bag, and feel confident that SMARTY’s upgraded materials, reinforced stitching, and military grade nylon bottom will last longer than the other less expensive brands. Large Pockets with Smooth Zippers and a Big Water Bottle Holder are convenient features for the modern day student, airport employee, or correctional officer. I LOVE using my SMARTY clear backpack for traveling! It holds SO much stuff and it's much easier to find items when I can see through the sides.
SMARTY Heavy Duty Clear Backpacks are available in Medium (16.5 x 12.4 x 6.25”) and Large (18 x 13 x 6.75”). With world class customer service 7 days a week, SMARTY always offers a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Current Features include:
• Highest Grade Clear Material in the industry (Strong but Soft Feel)
• 55% Thicker Clear Plastic for durability (compare the difference)
• Rugged 1680D Military Grade Nylon Shoulder Straps and Bottom Lining
• 3X Cross Stitching in key areas
• Double Padded S-Curve Shoulder Straps for all day comfort
• Compartment Sleeve for up to 15" Laptops
• Upgraded Strong Zippers and Rubber Pullers
• Big Water Bottle Pocket (bottle won't fall out)
• Mesh Organizer for pens, pencils, calculator, phone, mobile device
• Zipper Pocket to secure keys or valuables
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Waterproof Smock Bib - Baby To Love

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Nearly everything a baby or toddler does is messy. When my granddaughter was here in January, mealtimes were delightfully chaotic. Her parents had gotten into the habit of just taking off her clothes before meals, and they remarked they wish they had a bib that covered everything. I'm so excited that I get to send the Baby To Love Waterproof Smock Bib to them!
It is made of waterproof material, with gathers at the wrist and velcro at the back, so it can completely cover your child's shirt and arms, and when the child is placed in a highchair, it also covers their lap. It can easily be wiped down after a messy meal with a cloth or sponge, or you can toss it in the washer.
The pink heart smock is perfect for little girls and Baby To Love also offers one for boys with blue stripes. This waterproof smock is also perfect for early learning art activities, water table play, exploration with slime or shaving cream, and so many other wonderfully messy learning opportunities.
This wonderful smock bib from Baby To Love solves the problem of messy food and fun by protecting your little darling from destroying every piece of clothing. Just think how many less extra outfits you'll have to carry in the diaper bag! This Waterproof Smock is the perfect gift for parents of babies and toddlers.
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PittMoss Organic Potting Mix

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PittMoss is an organic potting mix made from recycled cellulose fibers, like newspaper. It keeps material out of the landfill, which allows gardeners to have good stewardship of our planet. The unique physical, chemical, and biological properties of PittMoss maximize the use of nutrients and water.
PittMoss is a next-generation growing media. Not only does it reduce the need for applied chemicals and water, it is made from organic and natural materials. PittMoss can be used in so many different ways. Whether you're an avid gardener, a specialty grower, or you like to mix your own potting or gardening soil to perfection, using PittMoss can dramatically improve your results.
The first thing I noticed about PittMoss was its lightweight properties. Carrying a bag of PittMoss is so much easier than carrying a bag of regular potting soil. It's also an easier medium to work with when planting, especially in planters, like my planter wagon of strawberries. PittMoss is easy to handle, easy to move around, and easy to spread around plants.
PittMoss is also less dusty than a peat-based blend. The surface area of PittMoss encourages a better balance of air and water, which acts like a probiotic for plants, helping them grow bigger and better. The recycled ingredients of PittMoss are also free of pests, insects, and diseases. I love working with PittMoss!
I've gotten around a dozen tiny strawberries from my two strawberry plants before adding PittMoss to the existing potting soil I used when I planted them a month ago. I'm so excited to see if the addition of PittMoss increases the size of the berries. I'll update my post in a few weeks to let you know!
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Strictly Briks AlphaBriks for kids of all ages

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AlphaBriks by Strictly Briks gives your children the chance to play letter games anytime and anywhere. This perfectly portable toy comes with a ten-inch-square letter board base plate, 100 letter tiles that also includes punctuation and special characters, plus a handy drawstring carry bag for the letters. 
Strictly Bricks AlphaBriks is 100% compatible with all major brands and the letters are a perfect fit to the base; not too tight that it's frustrating to remove them and not too loose that the letters might fall off. The letters snap on perfectly tight and stay put until they are removed by lifting. There are so many open-ended ways to use AlphaBriks! 
Play word games in the car by spelling out restaurant names, city names, state names, even license plates. Play word games at home by spelling names, colors, shapes, favorite cartoon characters, and animal names. It fits easily in a backpack or tote bag, so kids can take AlphaBriks to school, to daycare, and on trips by plane, train, or car. It's a great gift idea for kids of all ages!
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Tasket Toys - THE Theme Box for your Preschooler

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I taught preschoolers for 25 years and there is no better way for a young child to learn than through a theme kit that incorporates activities of many kinds. Young children learn in many different ways, and so it's important to provide them multiple, related, learning opportunities. Tasket Toys is an amazing company that does all the work of creating a theme box for your child! It's perfect for parents, grandparents, and child care providers who want to keep kids busy, entertained, and engaged in learning.
Each Tasket Toys theme box comes packed with great items for unplugged, independent play! I just received the Under The Sea box and all of these activities are perfect for ages 2-5 years. Each box is expertly curated by moms, for moms, and tested by kids. Under The Sea includes an octopus toy, a no-mess fish bowl, a water paint doodle mat, a magnetic puzzle, a book, and reusable stickers and five scenes.
Each box includes a Book to promote reading and increase attention span, a Creative Activity for hands-on learning and creativity, an Open-Ended Toy to inspire imagination, and a Learning Activity for focused attention and problem solving. Plus, if they find something extra that their own kids love, that makes parents lives easier, they'll even include bonus items. And Tasket Toys is always MESS-FREE!
All of the activities are quality items and come packaged together in a brightly colored box that your child will love getting in the mail! You can buy one box or sign up for bimonthly or quarterly shipments. It's a great gift idea for preschoolers, one that will help instill a love of learning. Parents and grandparents will love the way their little ones delve into the educational (and fun) activities in the Tasket Toys box!
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MagnaReady Men's Flannel Shirt #review #fathersday

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To the unknowing eye, a MagnaReady shirt looks just like any other dress shirt hanging in the closet. Same collar and cuffs, same row of little white buttons down the front. But, those buttons are merely for looks. Hidden inside the placket of a MagnaReady shirt are powerful magnets that link together for a secure closure. Decorative buttons grace the exterior of MagnaReady shirts for a crisp and professional appearance without the hassle of manipulating tiny buttons into buttonholes. Available in short and long sleeve versions for men and in long sleeves for women, MagnaReady shirts can also be used as adaptive clothing for people with disabilities or conditions that limit mobility.
In the photo below, I used different lighting so I could show how magnets actually replace buttons on these dress shirts. My husband absolutely LOVES this MagnaReady flannel shirt! In fact, he liked wearing it so much the first day, that he wanted me to wash it so he could wear it again the next day. I thought it was great fun to walk up to him and rip open his shirt, then let it fall back together and magnetize itself back together!
MagnaReady dress shirts are wrinkle-free and stain resistant with barrel cuffs and a spread collar. For even more convenience they are also machine washable. Simply press the shirt closed so the magnets are stuck to each other and the shirt will tumble around the wash cycle without attaching to the machine. MagnaReady men’s shirts are available in a variety of patterns and solids in more formal long sleeve versions and casual short sleeve styles. MagnaReady women’s shirts are available long sleeved in white and stripes. These shirts are a fabulous idea for Father's Day!
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Killer Hats 336x250


Oilogic Essential Oil Roll-ons and Carry Case #mothersday

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Give your mom the gift of relaxation with Oilogic’s Rest and Sleep Roll On, Headache and Tension Roll On, and Itch Relief Roll On, complete with a convenient carrying case. Oilogic’s convenient Essential Oils are clear of synthetics and impurities, making products a safe and effective prescription alternative for adults, children, and babies.
Oilogic Essential Oils are already blended and diluted so there’s no mixing involved, it’s easy to use, and ready to go. Oilogic uses 26 different Essential Oils, sourced from over 13 countries where plants are indigenous. With its line of Essential Oil Roll-Ons, Oilogic makes it easy to apply, absorb and provide solutions to common troubles.
As the demand for essential oils continues to rise with more people leaning toward natural methods of care, Oilogic has made it safe and impactful for babies and toddlers. Clear of synthetics and impurities, Oilogic’s fool-proof and convenient essential oils help calm and soothe children’s skin, stomach, mood, and sleep, for natural parenting support.
Oilogic Co-Founders Jordan Morrow and Worth Anne Herrell discovered the power of Essential Oils and how to use them to care for their own kids. “We knew we needed to spread the word about the power of essential oils and how they can improve your child’s lives,” says Morrow. “We started Oilogic with the intention of helping other parents learn about the impact natural oils can have on their families.” Moms will love having Oilogic on hand for natural care for the entire family!
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