Playgro 3-in-1 Safari Activity Gym #review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
The Playgro™ 3-in-1 Safari Activity Gym is filled with lots of activities and experiences for your baby. This ingenious flexible playgym is designed to engage baby with multiple features, designed to entertain, engage, and delight all of baby’s senses, in a whole new way.
The Playgro 3-in-1 Safari Activity Gym is a playmat. a tummy time mat, a playgym, a crib mobile, and a crib side toy, all in one. Parents can detach the flexible arch to arch over the top of a crib or attach longways across one crib rail.
It's bright and colorful, featuring delightful safari animals, with lots of textures to touch, tabs to pull on, rattles to shake, and even a shiny wing to crinkle with a peek-a-boo animal underneath. The three hanging rattles are attached by a ring that allows each one to be detached if desired.
The 3-in-1 Safari Activity Gym features a soft padding with a thicker padding at one end, making it the perfect place to lay your baby. It's the perfect spot for tummy time too. Your baby will have so much to look at, play with, and explore. The arch is flexible but sturdy.
The Playgro 3-n-1 Safari Activity Gym is amazingly portable. It folds in half, with the arch in place, and features velcro tabs that holds it all together. There is even a handle for easy carrying, no matter where you travel. It is also very lightweight overall.
The safari animals have sweet faces with big eyes and smiling mouths. This activity gym helps develop your baby's large motor skills by encouraging reaching up and reaching out, fine motor skills by baby grabbing and holding, and hand-eye coordination by batting at the hanging rattles to create sound. The textured rattle rings are great for teethers too.
Baby's sense of hearing will be refined by hearing the rattles inside the hanging toys and the crinkly sounds by moving the toucan's wing. Baby's sense of sight will be delighted by the parade of colors and different materials. I love the sweet touch of the tabs along the giraffe's neckline too. This is something you could easily take along to grandma's house or the babysitter's house.
I am incredibly impressed with the Playgro 3-in-1 Safari Activity Gym and all the benefits to baby's use of it. I love that it's easily portable and tucks away flat. It's very easy to convert the arch from the playmat to a crib, and would probably easily attach to playpens and strollers too. Even the rattles are a stand-alone toy.
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