Montel Williams 6-Quart Pressure Cooker #review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
It seems like everyone wants a pressure cooker these days and I recently received the 6-quart Pressure Cooker from Living Well Products. Montel Williams recently launched a new line of products that includes fitness, nutraceuticals, and housewares, with a kitchen line of small appliances consisting of a personal blender, a pressure cooker, a 3-in-1 multi cooker, a microwave cooker, a frozen dessert maker, and a smokeless portable grill.
This pressure cooker from Montel Williams features 12 preset cooking options: Soup/Stew, Canning, Slow Cooker, Beans/Lentils, Fish/Vegetables, Steam, Chicken, Meat and Keep Warm. It has a stainless steel house with a non-stick, double coated, aluminum 6 quart cooking pot. The pressure cooker also has a unique displacement pressure release system, plus a programmable and easy-to-read LED display. It even includes a spatula, wide spoon, measuring cup, steam tray, and a recipe book with Montel’s Secret Family recipes.
The first time using a pressure cooker can be a bit nerve-wracking for some, especially when you hear the pressure building up, but as long as you are following directions, pressure cooking is safe and provides delicious meals in a fraction of the time. When I started looking through recipes, I was really excited to see one for making hard-boiled eggs.
We love hard-boiled eggs and we eat a lot of them, but they are a pain to make properly. I used the recipe from the Montel Williams website, on the pressure cooker page, using the download button. I did find a small error in the recipe, which I resolved and corrected (see below), to make the most perfect hard-boiled eggs I've ever eaten.
Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe
12 Eggs
1 ½ cups of Water
Large bowl filled halfway with ice and water (ice bath)

1. Place the Inner Pot inside the Pressure Cooker.
2. Place Steam Rack inside Inner Pot.
3. Place water and eggs inside the Inner Pot.
4. Place lid on Pressure Cooker and lock into place.
5. Push RICE/RISOTTO button and set timer for 6 minutes. *Error: the rice/risotto button will cook for ten minutes. The adjust button only allows you to go up in minutes, not down. Instead, push the BEANS/LENTILS button (which is 5 minutes) the add 1 minute using the time adjustment button.
6. When the timer reaches 0, the unit will beep. Release the steam to depressurize and carefully remove lid.
7. Carefully remove the eggs (the included wide spoon was perfect for this step) and place into ice bath.
8. Allow the eggs to cool in the ice bath for a few minutes, then peel.

The eggs come out absolutely perfect, not overcooked or undercooked, plus they peel much more easily than any hard-boiled eggs we've ever made on our stovetop. Delicious!
We also made a fabulous dinner of barbecue chicken breast and broccoli. The chicken was first sauteed in the pressure cooker inner pot with spices a tad of butter and olive oil, then added barbecue sauce and a bit of water before pressure cooking. The steam tray was placed above the chicken, and frozen broccoli added, before we started the pressure cooker. Our dinner was delicious and cooked to perfection. The chicken was deliciously moist and the broccoli had just a hint of barbecue flavoring in it.
I am extremely impressed with Montel Williams 6-quart Pressure Cooker and am excited to learn to use it more. It makes preparing food faster and easier, plus clean-up was a breeze. Learn more about Montel Williams new line of products at www.livingwellwithmontel.com.

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