Psalms to Color and Soothe the Soul - Artwork by Felicity French

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
We live in troubled times. As a reader of the Holy Bible, I know that every age can be described as troubled times. The Book of Psalms has always been one of my favorite books of the Bible and I was delighted to receive a copy of Psalms to Color and Soothe the Soul with artwork by Felicity French.
Psalms to Color and Soothe the Soul allows you to express praise for God by coloring in 47 beautiful scenes that include passages from the Book of Psalms. The floral patterns, nature scenes, and imaginative designs provide ample opportunity to engage in joyful coloring that will inspire and soothe the soul. Simply add your own personal touch of color to the illustrations, and you will be rewarded with bliss.
Coloring is a peaceful activity for all ages and having something inspirational to color allows you to meditate on a passage that can provide comfort and joy. It's truly therapeutic to immerse yourself into this book and it gives you the opportunity to memorize verses from the Bible in a new way. The illustrations are beautiful enough to be framed.
Psalms to Color and Soothe the Soul would make a wonderful Easter gift for any adult or teenager. It is a meaningful gift with benefits that will last far longer than the taste of a chocolate egg. You could even add a package of colored pencils or art markers to your gift. Get your copy today!
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Psalms to Color and Soothe the Soul


  1. I'd love to own this. I've been really wanting to get an adult coloring book and I think this will be the one for me.

  2. This looks like a beautiful coloring book!


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