Cozy Cocoon - Simple, Fast, Adorable Baby Swaddles #review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Having grandchildren in my life means I get to experience all the wonderful new baby products, fashions, and gadgets that have been invented since my own kids were babies. The Cozy Cocoon is a revolutionary new approach to swaddling your baby with its unique slip-on design, plus they come in absolutely adorable designs!
I remember being a brand new mom, trying to wrap up my tiny daughter in a receiving blanket. She wiggled while I wrapped her, didn't like her movements being restricted, and ultimately unwrapped herself. The Cozy Cocoon is so different - it slips on easily, just like a sock, and the soft, stretchy premium fabric will move when baby wants to move, with no unwrapping!
The Cozy Cocoon I received is called the Blue Stripe Billy and the little hat that comes with it is simply precious. The Cozy Cocoon has no uncomfortable zippers, no snaps, no straps, and no tags. All the stitching is soft and flat so baby is comfortable rather than irritated. I love stripes on little boys!
Changing a baby's diaper while wearing the Cozy Cocoon is a breeze! With regular swaddles parents have to unwrap the baby, but Cozy Cocoon features quick and easy Flip-Down Diaper Access so baby can stay calm, warm, and snuggly. It's an ingenious design with no snaps!
I am so impressed with Cozy Cocoon! I wish I had a dozen of these amazing baby swaddles when mine were young. I know my newborn grandchildren will love these, and so will their parents. Cozy Cocoon is a fabulous gift idea for new and expecting parents!
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  1. This is so adorable, would make a great shower gift!

  2. These are so cute! I always see people taking photos in something like these, and so wish they had them when my son was younger. There are even some days I want one for myself!! ha/ha


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