Wallybroom - For All Your Family's Messes, Wet or Dry

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Your broom may not be something you put much thought into but the Wallybroom is specially designed to be a family's favorite cleaning tool, whether the mess is wet or dry. Wallybroom includes a huge scoop and a convertible broom/squeegee tool. I put Wallybroom to the test and I love it!
Wallybroom works whether you're cleaning up a box of spilled cereal with the broom side, or a bowl of cereal and milk with the squeegee side. Just rotate the head of the broom depending on which side you need to use. See a video of Wallybroom in action HERE. If you have kids or pets, you definitely need Wallybroom!
The Wallybroom handle has a little magnet to ensure the scoop securely holds the broom while in storage. The scoop stands up on its own and I was delighted to discover that after sweeping up with the Wallybroom, I wasn't left with that annoying little line of dirt of the floor that wouldn't go into the scoop. Wallybroom is an excellent cleaning tool!

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