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Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Staying in shape is an important part of living well. I try to eat healthy but I love food, plus I live a pretty sedentary life. The Amazfit smart activity tracker is a great way to remind me I have to keep moving. It also tracks my sleep patterns, which is another important part of living well. Best of all, the Amazfit Equator in Rose Gold looks more like a beautiful bracelet than an activity tracker!
Amazfit offers several different activity trackers for both men and women. My Equator arrived in three small black boxes, ready for easy assembly. Included was the rose gold silicone wristband, the Amazfit smart activity disc, and a charging base for the disc that plugs into any USB port.
I plugged my charging base into my laptop and set the disc on to charge. The flashing light let me know it was charging, and when it was charged, the light glowed steady. Then I downloaded the free app onto my phone so I could easily track my daily activity. The disc snaps easily and securely into the wristband.
The Amazfit Equator is so comfortable to wear that I barely even noticed I was wearing it. It's held onto my wrist by two u-shaped clasps, each one grabbing the other side of the band. It's easy to put on and easy to take off. It's water resistant, but I chose not to wear it in the shower. I've been wearing it continuously for a week now, and there is still nearly half a charge on the disc.
The Amazfit Equator app allows me to set my own goals for number of daily steps. As I said, I don't walk as much as I should, so the first day I set it to 1000, but surprised myself by going over 3000, so I easily adjusted my daily goal on the app. The app does not need to be open, so it won't drain your phone battery; rather it syncs with the smart disc when you open the app. I found myself checking the app a couple times a day to make sure I was getting near my goal.
These are actual screenshots from yesterday. You can see I went over my daily goal of 3000 steps, so I walked 1.46 miles, and burned 73 active calories. Yeah, I know, not impressive, but it's a start and the Amazfit activity tracker is making me want to increase my activity just so I can move my goals up and live better. The screenshot below is my sleep activity. You can see I am quite the light sleeper, with less than 40 minutes of deep sleep time. Fortunately I didn't wake during the night, which is unusual for me. Increasing my deep sleep time can likely be accomplished by increasing my daily step goal, and I'm going to test that over the next few months. 

I am very impressed with my new Amazfit Smart Activity Tracker. I like being able to set activity goals, see how I've done towards those goals, and the feeling of accomplishment when I beat those goals. As a person who needs more activity, the Amazfit is encouraging me to do better. I love the fashion look of the Equator as opposed to other activity bands or watches. I highly recommend Amazfit products! Visit Amazfit at www.amazfit.com to check out all the styles of activity trackers for men and women.


  1. I love the idea of making one that looks like jewelry instead of a gadget. Now we need something for us guys!

  2. Finally they have one that looks decent! The others just weren't a style I would like, but this one is amazing! :)

  3. I like how much stuff it tracks. The first thing I thought was that is kind of pretty. I've never seen that kind of charger.


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