WellnessMats Signature Collection #review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
When we were living in Hawaii, I got a job in a souvenir store, where I had to stand for eight hours on a solid concrete floor, without sitting down, except for my 30-minute lunch break. I lasted a week and I ended up quitting because I hurt from my shoulders down to my toes, which were bruised black from the pressure. Had we been offered WellnessMats to stand on while behind the register, I probably wouldn't have had to resign.
WellnessMats are unlike any other mat. They provide constant, cushioned support under your feet. WellnessMats are made from a proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology. The soft, smooth surface and buoyant core encourage very subtle movements and re-alignments, which reduces muscle and joint fatigue, as well as stress on the lower extremities.
They are ‘one piece construction’ which means that, unlike other mats made from several different materials fused or sewn together, WellnessMats will never delaminate, the edges will never curl, nor will they puncture or slide. In addition, all WellnessMats come with a 20-Year Warranty. These mats will forever remain buoyant and supportive bringing you years of comfort and well-being. WellnessMats are also antimicrobial, easy to clean, and stain resistant.
There are many different styles of WellnessMats to choose from, and their new Signature Collection even allows you to add a monogram, making it truly customized to your home (or workplace) decor. The Signature Collection includes two elegant designs, eight stunning colors, and one initial in either gold or silver. As an added bonus, WellnessMats are made in the USA!
I received a Gatsby design from the WellnessMats Signature Collection, with a gold W monogram. It's sturdy, solid, and very classy. I put mine in front of my kitchen sink, since I hand-wash our dishes. It is the most comfortable mat I've ever put my feet upon. I have decided it is a must-have for every kitchen. Standing on it is simply dreamy! It is a one-of-kind product that I'm truly thankful to have in my home, and I give my highest recommendation to WellnessMats!
WellnessMats are also sold nationwide through Williams-Sonoma,
Frontgate, and hundreds of independent retailers.


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