Nature Anywhere Birds-I-View Feeder #review - Holiday Gift Idea

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
The Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder from Nature Anywhere is a window bird feeder. It sticks to the outside of a window with super strong suction cups. This bird feeder is made of high quality, anti-UV premium acrylic that will stay clear and beautiful for years. It's ready to use, right out of the box!
The Birds-I-View Feeder features a big cut-out viewing window that allows you an unobstructed view of all the birds that come right up to the window to eat. It's a great holiday gift idea for any age! Kids will love seeing birds up close, grandparents will love the entertainment, and I'm loving seeing the different kinds of birds in the window while I'm working on my computer.
This bird feeder will even entertain your cats while you're away. I love the design, with its rounded perch bar and slide-out double food tray. You can use two different kinds of feed to attract different kinds of birds. I haven't had any trouble with squirrels either, since they can't get to the feeder on the window.
I bought a small bag of wild bird feed at my local hardware store for just $3 and filled up the food compartments, with plenty of bird food leftover so I can refill my Birds-I-View Feeder whenever it gets low. I am really enjoying watching the birds come up to eat!
When hanging your Birds-I-View Feeder, be sure to wipe the window clean first so the suction cups stick well. I also used the same window cleaner cloth to wipe the inside of each suction cup before pressing it to the window. The suction cups work great and the feeder hasn't moved a bit. It is perfect for those who live in rental properties, like me, because I don't own the yard or trees, but I can decorate with a bird feeder on the window.
The photo below is my view from the inside of our computer room. I keep trying to catch a picture of a bird in the feeder, but when the birds see me lifting up my camera they get skittish and fly away. Initially, it can take a while before the birds find the feeder, but once they do, they'll come back again and again. I'm absolutely thrilled with my Birds-I-View Feeder!
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UPDATE 3/21/17
This bird feeder has hung in the window all winter, through wind and snow, and for the past couple of weeks, I've had this cardinal visit every single day to eat and sing to me!

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