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Of all the people in my family, not a single one of them lives in the same state where I live. That makes holiday shopping a bit of a challenge. My mom is in Florida, my sisters are in Missouri and North Carolina, my mother-in-law is in Nevada, and my kids are in Texas and Oklahoma. They are all different ages and have many different interests, and since I'm not involved in their daily lives, knowing what gifts to buy them means I'm contacting each one to ask. Now there is giftYou.com! It's a gift registry where all my friends and family can add their wish lists, all in one place. I can add my own wish list, too. Then we all browse each other's wish lists and as we make selections off the lists, it reserves those items so no one duplicates the purchase. The gift ideas are claimed secretly, so no one will know who is giving each gift, leaving the joy of the element of surprise.
giftYou makes it easy by allowing you to add wish list items from any online retailer - just copy and paste the product URL into the giftYou site. There is also a search option so if you want something and aren't sure where to get it, giftYou will try and find it. That comes in handy for those much sought-after kids' gifts every year! You can even custom create any gift by manually adding any item to your wish list. giftYou users create their wish list, then share it with friends or family in groups. Anyone can create a group and invite anyone else to join it. Once you've claimed the gifts you want to buy, you'll be able to click from the wish list directly to the site where it's for sale, assuming there's a link on the wish list, making it super easy to finish all your holiday shopping. Plus, giftYou is totally FREE!
You can add wish lists for your children and grandchildren, and add in clothing sizes (shoes, shirts, pants, etc.), favorite stores to shop, or things like favorite artists, movies, hobbies, and teams, so that other people can come up with gifts for them on their own, instead of just having to pick from the wish list. You can even suggest gifts for other people! giftYou is also mobile ready, so you don't need to install a separate app for your phone. Instead, giftYou is automatically optimized for small screens if you go to it on a mobile device, and will be automatically optimized for larger screens if you visit it on a desktop or laptop. giftYou works great for birthday and wedding gift registry wish lists too! It really takes the stress off finding the perfect gift for someone I care about, because I want to give gifts that people really want. Plus, I can do all my shopping from the comfort of my home! 

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