Aloe-Infused Socks - Stocking Stuffer Idea

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
The cold weather has just arrived. We've dropped over 35 degrees in 12 hours. The time for snuggly clothes is here! When we moved from Hawaii to Kansas, I realized I no longer had any socks. I was wearing flip-flops all the time, so I had no need for them. Now, I need socks, lots of socks, warm and fuzzy socks!
These bright, fun, colorful aloe-infused socks from AirPlus Foot Care are amazing! They are infused with both aloe and vitamin E to keep my feet soft and smooth all winter long. The texture is slightly fuzzy on both the inside and the outside of the sock - they feel softer to me than any velour or velvet.
AirPlus aloe-infused socks are warm, comfortable, and good for the skin on my feet. They come in blue, pink, and purple, with stripes, dots, or solids. AirPlus also offers spa socks, spa footies, and everyday socks, all infused with aloe, as well as aloe-infused gloves to treat your hands!
You can even find treats to go inside your high heels if you wear them, like Hug My Heels, Save My Soles, and Ball-of-Foot pads. These are all great stocking stuffer ideas for the ladies in your life. I know I'm going to ask Santa for more Aloe-Infused Socks! There are great gift ideas for guys too!
Shop at www.airplusfootcare.com today!

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