Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program Donates 200,000 Sackpacks

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For many of us, shopping for "back to school" is fun. For others, it is a struggle to provide even the basic supplies. The Office Depot Foundation National Backpack program is back for its 16th year, giving children around the world the tools they need to succeed in school. This year, they are donating 200,000 colorful new sackpacks to nonprofit organizations, schools, and agencies across the United States and internationally. By the end of 2016, Office Depot and the Office Depot Foundation will have given away more than 4 million backpacks and sackpacks since the National Backpack Program began in 2001.
“We believe that every child should have the opportunity to go to school with dignity and hope,” says Office Depot Foundation President Mary Wong. “For most children, the first day of school is an exciting time complete with new clothes and back-to-school gear. But for kids in families where money is tight, the experience can be just the opposite. The sackpacks and school supplies we donate help to level the playing field and give these wonderful children a reason to stand just a little bit taller.”
The specially designed, drawstring-style sackpacks come in seven bright and colorful designs – several of which are new for 2016. Each one includes a zippered pouch containing a pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, six-inch ruler and four crayons. The sackpacks do not have any Office Depot Foundation or Office Depot logos or markings. I think any child would be delighted to receive one!
More information about the National Backpack Program can be found on the Office Depot Foundation’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/officedepotfoundation. To learn more about the Office Depot Foundation and its initiatives, go to www.officedepotfoundation.org/. You can follow the Foundation on Twitter @OfficeDepotFndn; the National Backpack Program’s hashtag is #ODFcares. The Foundation is also on Instagram: @officedepotfoundation.

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  1. I think this is very generous. They are attractive bags and there are so many that need them. Including the the extra's helps the children be prepared the very first day. I only wish many other big corporations like Wal-mart etc would be as thoughtful.


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