Fight Summer Germs with Touch Sanitizing Germblock

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Here in Hawaii, there has been an outbreak of Hepatitus A, with over 50 cases reported. It can take up to six weeks for symptoms to show, which is making it difficult for officials to find patient zero. Hepatitus A is like a bad flu that can put you in the hospital. While I'm out exploring the beauty and the wonder of the Hawaiian islands, I am protecting myself with Touch Sanitizing Germblock. It's a revolutionary new hand spray that is clinically proven to provide up to six hours of protection against disease-causing germs. It contains certified organic essential oils and softens hands. It comes in three great scents - ocean mist, tropical breeze, mint green tea aloe - and it's available unscented.
Think of all the things your kids can touch in six hours of summer play. How clean is the counter of the ice cream truck? How clean are the playground swings? Do they share toys or bikes with other kids? It only takes a few nasty germs to make you or your child very sick! Protect your family with Touch Sanitizing Germblock. Find out more at touchgermblock.com.

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