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If you've been searching for a way to help your child learn new concepts or reinforce familiar concepts, sofatutor.com is a fabulous educational platform designed for students in grades K-12. By combining technology with storytelling, sofatutor presents concepts in a way that makes even the most challenging topics more easily understood. Already used by millions of students across Europe, sofatutor was recently unveiled here in America, at SXSWedu. They are seeking a base of excited, early adopters in the U.S. to help shape sofatutor’s impact in America, and you are invited to be a part of it!
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I was provided an access code so I could log on and see how sofatutor.com works for myself. The website is extremely simple to navigate and in just seconds I was ready to start my first lesson in Algebra 1. It's been a few years since I've used algebra, so I started with Variables, the first lesson on the list. I watched the short video lesson, which included real-life examples, with audio and visual, in both words and equations, that illustrate what variables are and how they work.
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After the video finishes, sofatutor provides online, interactive practice problems for students to complete. The problems for the first lesson included choosing the correct terms to fill in the blanks of the definition and application of variables. At the bottom of the page was a button for me to check my answers. I got them all right the first time! I clicked next to go to another set of variable problems.
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Word problems always terrified me in school, but sofatutor takes all the fear out of word problems. With the video information fresh in my mind, I whizzed through the word problems and got them all correct. Next up were equations! The problems got progressively more challenging as I clicked through the practice pages, and although I didn't need to use it, there is a "hint" button available if students need help. Students can even access the Homework Chat and talk to certified teachers! Printable worksheets are also included on sofatutor.com to help students continue to practice the concepts and study for exams.
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I am so impressed with sofatutor! Having raised three kids of my own, I know how exasperating it can be trying to help a child understand a concept. In fact, I wish I would have had access to sofatutor when I was in school. The award-winning European platform includes 13,000 video lessons and 30,000 practice problems. Since it's just been introduced in the U.S., the current content includes only Algebra 1 and the entire American curriculum will be added over the next year or so, with the help of early adopters - students, parents, and teachers. Sofatutor is designed for grades K-12, so your child will be able to use it over their entire education.
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The cost of sofatutor will be $199.00 once all of the curriculum is added, but for a limited time, my readers can get a full-access, lifetime subscription now for ONLY $9.99, a savings of $190.00. I encourage you not to wait! Even if your child is not currently using Algebra 1, as the full curriculum is added, your child will already have access to everything. I'm convinced that sofatutor is an excellent self-paced educational tool that will enable students to improve their academic achievement throughout their school years and into adulthood.

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Want more information?
Check out this short, informative video created by the founder of sofatutor.

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