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Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
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Looking younger is something every woman thinks about as she ages. MEG 21 Skin Care is a one-of-a-kind, science-based, skincare line. These products have previously been sold only in medi-spas and dermatology offices, with a couple professional exceptions, but now they are available to everyone! MEG 21 products are developed by Dr. Annette Tobia who holds a PhD in cellular biology, and also has a strong understanding of skin on a scientific level. These products work on eliminating toxic sugars, which helps improve the over-all appearance of your skin.
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The skin around eyes is incredibly delicate and is one of the first places that shows aging on women. MEG 21 Eye Treatment with Supplamine (a patented, powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient discovered during clinical medical research) is a wonderful product for this area of the face. It reduces both the puffiness and the lines around my eyes. Infused with a triple combination of proven botanicals, Eye Treatment firms and hydrates my skin, making it look brighter and younger. It comes in a pump that releases just the amount I need for both eyes. The consistency is lightweight and it absorbs quickly into my skin. I've been using it daily for about a month and love the results.
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Meg 21 Smooth Radiance Face Treatment with Supplamine is the perfect daily moisturizer. It fights aging and boosts natural collagen production without making my skin flake or peel. It doesn't irritate my skin and provides a smooth layer of moisture that makes my skin glow. It comes in an amazing container with a press-down pump that delivers exactly the right amount of product to use on my face and neck. It's a bit thicker consistency than the Eye Treatment, but it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. After about a month of use, my skin actually feels softer and healthier, and I am loving the results.
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My absolute favorite MEG 21 skincare product is the Top of Hand Treatment. I wish this product came in a huge bottle so I could use it all over my body. Within just a couple of days of using this product, my hands have completely transformed from "old lady hands" to looking at least ten years younger. I have been applying it just once a day. When I first apply it, my hands are very shiny (but not greasy), so I have been using it every night before bed. When I wake up in the morning, the shininess is gone, but the benefits of the Top of Hand Treatment last all day long. My hands are softer, smoother, and more hydrated than they have been in a very long time. I will never again be without this product!

Find out more about MEG 21 Skin Care HERE and learn about the science behind these products. Use their locator page to find these wonderful products near you!

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