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Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
flip it iphone case
FLIP IT is the first-ever 4-in-1 premium iPhone case! Designed for iPhone 6/6S and 6plus/6S plus, FLIP IT is a protective case, a selfie stick, a wireless remote, and a kickstand all in one. It's currently on Kickstarter and you can get it at a discount. FLIP IT comes in black or white.
iphone 6 case
I received a FLIP IT and I'm really impressed with it. The protective case is a hard plastic and the selfie stick handle folds up into the back of the case. It's a little more bulky than a regular protective case, but not by much, and still fits in your pocket.
selfie stick
Selfie sticks are so popular and you'll never be without yours with the FLIP IT. Not only are they good for selfie shots, they work great for getting a better photo in a crowd of people, like at a concert or festival.
premium iphone 6 case
The selfie stick is telescoping so it can be extended up to 22 inches, and it's made of robust steel. FLIP IT also features a removable Bluetooth wireless remote shutter for taking pictures. This is perfect when you want to stand even further back for a photo. It works up to 25 feet away from your iPhone.
selfie stick camera remote
My favorite feature is the kickstand. It allows me to set up the iPhone for taking photos and shooting videos. No one likes to watch a shaky video! It's also much more handy for watching videos and movies on the iPhone. Get yours now! To learn more about FLIP IT, click HERE.
iphone case kickstand
Order your FLIP IT on Kickstarter!
Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @flipitcase

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