A Selfie That Saves You Money!

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As a homeowner, I'm always seeking out ways to save money on my energy costs. I just learned how I could save $588 a year by making some simple changes in my home! Homeselfe.com offers a FREE app that allows you to take a selfie of your home and it instantly provides the results of what changes to make and how much money those changes can save you every year. A professional home audit could cost you thousands, but Homeselfe is free!
You can even do it online if you don't have a smart phone or tablet. It took me less than five minutes to set up an account and answer the simple questions about my home. If you want to make big changes based on your free report, Homeselfe will even give you a list of contractors, and give you access to rebates for updates to your home.
My Homeselfe Report was good (as you can see above) but there are five changes I can make that will save me money! Homeselfe lists each area of concern on my report, tells me how I can improve my home's energy efficiency, and details the amount of savings those changes would give me an on annual basis.
Making these changes will not only improve my home while I live in it, the changes will also increase the value of my home if we ever decide to sell. Did you know that 30% of all energy used in buildings is used unnecessarily? Saving money can be as easy as unplugging your small appliances or turning off your power strips when you're not using them.
If you leave your chargers plugged in the wall while they aren't charging, your money is slowing draining away, because those plugs are using energy for no reason. You can also save on heating and cooling your home by keeping drapes closed. My kids always complained when I constantly told them to turn off lights as they leave the room, but now that they are adults and paying their own utilities, they understand why I insisted.
Find out how you can save hundreds of dollars on your annual energy charges! Homeselfe.com is totally free and there is no obligation. Their simple, visual program will give you instant results so you can start saving money. There's no catch! It's fun, easy, and completely free!

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