WinnieBelle Bath and Body Products - Review

Disclosure: I received products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
We all take a bath or shower every day anyway, so make it something luxurious and enjoyable! The winter wreaks havoc on my skin and I'm usually left with flaky, itchy skin. I've been using these WinnieBelle bath and body products for about a week and my skin is super soft, even in the middle of winter!
WinnieBelle products offer amazing scents that I haven't seen anywhere else! I received Bath Salts in three incredible scents - Lucky Charms, Rosemary and Lavender, and Snickers Coffee. I also received a Butter Cream Whipped Soap and a Birthday Cake Lip Balm. In my package, there were also two Face Masks in Mint Chocolate and Sleepytime, which arrive powdered in a tin (and cute carry bag) and are easily mixed with water to create a face mask.
I received Rosemary and Lavender Healing Salve, Secret Kisses Bubble Bath, and Night Blooming Jasmine Lotion. I also got two chic glass hearts filled with Pumpkin Pie Body Scrub and Strawberry Vanilla Body Scrub. Indulge your senses without calories! I have been in bathing heaven all week long!!!
I have experienced each one of these products and think they are fabulous. They smell absolutely amazing, leave my skin super soft, and are a much more affordable option than a spa visit. There are a lot more scents to choose from on their website, so you can choose the ones that most appeal to your nose. I definitely recommend WinnieBelle products!
(PSSST....guys, this is a great idea for a Valentine's Day gift!)
and place your order today!
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