Novosbed - Luxury Memory Foam Mattress In a Box - Review with Video Unboxing

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Buying a mattress is a hassle. You start out in a showroom of 50-100 mattresses, of varying sizes, thicknesses, comfort levels, and prices. You haven't a clue where to start, but there is a commission-based salesman who hovers nearby, waiting to push you into the most expensive choice in the showroom. Delivery will add even more cost or you can try to wrangle the new mattress into your truck, tie it down, and drive carefully home where you may have to drag it up the stairs. There is now a better way to get a luxury memory foam mattress!
Novosbed is an innovative company that makes high quality, luxury memory foam mattresses that ship right to your front door. They ship directly from the manufacturer, so there are no added markups from any middlemen. Novosbed is made with ultra-dense memory foams and designer-grade fabrics, right here in the USA. Then the mattress is compressed and vacuum-sealed for shipping (in a box much smaller than I expected).
Our queen-size mattress only took one person to unbox and was set up in less than six minutes. I recorded the unboxing (and compressed the speed so the video is less than a minute) of my husband setting up our new Novosbed, so you can see how easy it is to buy a Novosbed!

Once it is out of the box, it's recommended to let it totally decompress for several hours. There was almost no chemical odor, because Novosbed stores them in a ventilated facility before shipping. Novosbed offers six different sizes of mattresses - twin, twin XL, full/double, queen, king, and California King - and three different densities - soft, medium, and firm.
Novosbed uses safe and sustainable products that aren't harmful to people or our planet. The mattress design is classic and sophisticated, with a textured top cover that zips off so you can wash it. Novosbeds last 50% longer than most other mattresses and 100% of it can be recycled. It comes with a mind-blowing 15-year warranty! Plus, if they have a mattress that is returned after the free trial, they donate it to someone in need.
I am incredibly impressed with the mattress, as well as the company's philosophies. I chose a medium firmness mattress and it supports me perfectly. It hugs my body but doesn't allow me to sink in. I haven't experienced any of my usual nighttime aches and I wake up feeling refreshed. My husband and I aren't waking each other up when we move, either.
Novosbed even gives you a 120 night sleep trial! If your mattress is too soft or too firm, Novosbed will send you a free Comfort+ kit that includes a topper with a fabric sock, plus a mattress cover extender that incorporates the topper set right into the mattress, so that it stays exactly where you want it. If you still don't love it, they'll arrange to pick it up.
It's easy to adjust the mattress and it took me less than three minutes. I wasn't really sure I needed the Comfort+ set, since I slept well on the Novosbed, but I wanted to try it. I removed the mattress cover, slipped the cover on it, and laid it across the mattress. Then I zipped the mattress extender onto the mattress, replaced the cover, and zipped the cover back on top.
The Comfort+ kit is a two-inch layer of high-grade foam with little holes all over it. I've discovered I love my Novosbed even more with the Comfort+ layer, because the little holes reduce my nightsweats and allow me to sleep cooler and more comfortably. Quite simply, it's JUST RIGHT. And isn't that what we all want in a mattress?
Buying a mattress no longer needs to be a frustrating hassle. Novosbed is the way to buy a luxury memory foam mattress! They offer an excellent product, with excellent customer service, and help take care of our planet in the process. I highly recommend Novosbed!
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