Wonster Words - Kids App for Phonics and Spelling

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Learning the alphabet, phonics, and spelling should always be fun for kids and Wonster Words is a great way to engage your kids in educational activities. This free download comes to you from 77Sparks Studio, makers of lots of great kids' games!
Wonster Words is filled with funny words, interesting characters, and challenging games to help your children practice spelling and phonics. It's like the alphabet on steroids! The game takes place in Wonster Land, where it's almost Christmas time and Santa gets accidentally knocked out of the sky.
Your kids will giggle and laugh as they try to help the wonsters save Christmas. Kids will learn new vocabulary as they navigate through this Christmas Crisis. They will learn how to spell new words using phonics with silly letter ghosts.
Interactive spelling puzzles will help them to make new words. They will want to play the fun letter hide-and-seek game over and over. As words are formed, the wonster animations will help to reinforce the words your kids just learned.
Wonster Words is designed for ages preschool through first grade who are just beginning to learn letters, sound out letters, and string letter sounds together to make words. Both boys and girls will love playing Wonster Words and before you know it, they'll be spelling and reading.
Wonster Words is FREE to download and comes with 14 words in the Christmas Crisis story. If your child loves it, you can make an in-app purchase through the parent gate to download even more great words and activities. Each month, the app is updated to keep the material fresh for your kids. I think it's a wonderful way to learn!
Click HERE to see a quick video of the game in action!
Give your kids something educational and fun to do
over the holiday break and all year long!
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