My Secret to Stress-Free Holiday Cookies

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
It's time for all the holiday parties to begin! Look at these amazing chocolate sugar cookies. Each one perfectly round, perfectly sprinkled with sugar crystals, each one handmade of high quality ingredients. Each one is perfectly light and crispy. You're probably thinking, wow I want that recipe!
But I'm not done yet! Check out these perfect handmade molasses cookies, toffee cashew cookies, chocolate walnut cookies, and orange currant shortbread cookies. They are soft and moist, each made with only the best ingredients. I bet you think I spent hours making these!
Don't miss the amazing handmade caramel bourbon sauce in the corner dish for cookie dipping. It's indescribably scrumptious, and it's just smooth enough to drizzle over some cookies without making a mess. You probably want to come to my holiday party just to taste it, don't you?
SHHHH...here's my secret...I got these from Matthews 1812 House! They do all the work for me and all I have to do is put them onto plates to serve them. No stress, no mess, no hours baking in the kitchen. Just a bunch of happy cookie-munchers and a relaxed me!
No one has to know our secret! Shop quietly at www.1812house.com for the most delectable, stress-free, handmade, perfect holiday cookies, candies, cakes, bars, and dessert sauces.

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