Dinotrux Reptool Revvit Toy

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
The Reptool Revvit toy from Dinotrux is the ultimate in little boy toys this holiday season. It combines all the things boys love - dinosaurs, reptiles, tools, action, and noise! Revvit is shaped much like a lizard, but in a robotic way.
He's got darling big eyes, and four sturdy feet that have wheels on the bottom so Revvit can move fast across the floor. On his back, Revvit can carry four different drill bits, and each drill bit can fit onto his nose.
Each drill bit gives Revvit sounds. Revvit has a hinged mouth and when you open his mouth, you'll find a tongue inside. Little boys will be delighted when they discover that pulling on Revvit's tongue reveals it's made of a tape measure!
Letting go of Revvit's tongue creates unique sounds and phrases. If your kids have seen the Dreamworks Animation show Dinotrux, they'll be so thrilled to actually play with this character from the show. Being able to store all the drill bits on Revvit's back means this toy is easy clean-up too!
There's more! Pull Revvit's tail down for even more fun action. Revvit is just one of the many Dinotrux characters that are available this holiday season at Toys R Us. If you still need to pick up something for one of your boys, I highly recommend Revvit!
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