Protect Earth with Eco-Friendly Dasani #GreenBottleCap

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dasani and The Coca-Cola Company.
Did you know that Americans used 50 billion bottles last year? Statistics prove that public water fountains are disappearing across America because of decades-old fears that tap water isn't safe to drink. I can't even remember the last time I saw a public water fountain! Drinking bottled water is often a more convenient way to make sure you're getting the hydration your body needs, especially while you're away from home. Bottled water isn't going away anytime soon, so Dasani is making strides to reduce its impact on the environment.

Dasani is part of The Coca-Cola Company and they have created the Green Bottle Cap water bottle. This new bottle is called PlantBottle and it is made from up to 30% plant-based material, sourced from sugarcane by-products from Brazil. This environmentally-friendly plant-based material replaces some of the non-renewable resources that are used in conventional plastic. Dasani is making a huge step to help us protect earth by replacing petroleum-based and fossil-based materials with sustainable plant-based materials!
Look for Dasani's Green Bottle Cap whenever and wherever you're buying bottled water. If we all choose to buy it instead of bottled waters packaged in conventional PET plastic, we will be using up less of earth's non-renewable resources. That's great news for our children and grandchildren! Dasani is lowering its carbon footprint, and we as consumers need to make more changes to protect our world as well.

Please make sure you always reuse and recycle your plastic bottles. Sadly, less than 25% of plastic is sent to be recycled by consumers. We can do better than that! It takes 1000 years for conventional plastic to decompose. The Dasani Green Bottle Cap is 100% recyclable, as are all its water bottles, so don't simply throw them away!

Find out more about eco-friendly, sustainable Green Bottle Cap at Dasani.com and Coca-ColaCompany.com!


  1. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa
    NO NO NO
    Bottled water is the most wasteful and unnecessary item in the United States. Our water is clean and water fountains are every where (at least everywhere I shop, TARGET, KOHLS, BabiesRUS). It is free and clean. No worries.
    Bottled water means plastic is thrown out, that is a fact in the United States. We do not recycle but a fraction that is possible. And plastic is the worst culprit because only part of it can be reused.
    Take a glass or metal reusable bottle and fill it up at home. Or in your nearest big box store. SAVE $$ and the EARTH.

  2. I love this idea! Made with plant components and easily recycled. For those times when you need to purchase bottled water, this is an excellent choice!


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