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Nearly everyone in my family is on a regular prescription drug for some kind of ailment and all of us have needed antibiotics at one time or another. I've noticed in the past few years that our prescription drug costs have soared, even with insurance (and our insurance premiums have nearly doubled). I'm always looking for ways to save money on health costs and I'm excited to share FamilyWize with you!

FamilyWize is a company that distributes FREE prescription drug savings cards. FamilyWize is absolutely free to get and free to use, whether you’re insured and uninsured, and saves an average of 42% on prescriptions (even as high as 75%). FamilyWize has been helping individuals, families, and communities for over ten years. To date, they’ve helped over 8 million people save more than $900,000,000 on prescriptions. Even the United Way is involved in distributing these money-saving cards.

Get your free FamilyWize ebook! 
The free FamilyWize ebook is available at www.familywize.org/ebook and includes great tips from award-winning pharmacist Linda Bernstein, PharmD, on saving money on prescriptions, how to stay safe with your medication, what to ask your pharmacist, and more. It also comes with a free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card to help you save money on prescriptions. It's never been easier to save money on prescription drugs!

It's easy to use a FamilyWize Card. It's like a reusable prescription coupon that can be used on all FDA-approved medicines. You can use it if you have health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. You can even use it  during deductible periods, and for anything your insurance does not cover. The card can be used by everyone in your home, your family, and even your friends and neighbors. Start saving money on your prescription drugs today!

Download your FREE FamilyWize ebook now! 

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