EVOL Foods - Cups of Deliciousness

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
You don't have to sacrifice taste for convenience anymore! EVOL Foods has created Scramble Cups, Fajita Cups, and Veggie Cups. With lots of flavor varieties to choose from, EVOL Cups caters to everyone's tastes.
I received a generous sampling of all three varieties and they are absolutely delicious. They store in the freezer and of the ones I've tried so far, they are ready to eat in two minutes or less. EVOL Cups are definitely not ordinary freezer foods.
Each EVOL Cup is designed for one person, so you can grab one for a quick breakfast or take one to work for your lunch. They are so easy to make in the microwave -- just remove the lid, vent the plastic on top of the cup, and cook for 2 minutes or less.
They use antibiotic-free meat, non-GMO vegetables and grains, and are gluten-free. My favorite way to enjoy them is to wrap them in tortillas, but if you eat them straight out of the package they are under 210 calories. I love them!
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