Phuse Beauty Products - Glam and Friendships

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Shopping is fun. Shopping for beauty products is more fun. Shopping for beauty products with your friends is the most fun of all! Phuse Beauty just brought shopping home, right into your living room, so you can shop with all your friends. I believe the internet has gotten in the way of social lives, enticing us to live through "online friendships" but Phuse Beauty has found a way to help us reconnect with old friends and make new friends.
Their line of glam beauty products are glam and personable, with a flair for making vanity fun. Can you see yourself giggling with your friends over names like Hydration Head Case Shampoo or Repairman Conditioner? Phuse Beauty products are carefully formulated into fabulous products that you will love. One of my favorites is the 11 Things I Love About You Leave In Conditioner. My curls are loving the Knot Anymore Comb too! I am very impressed with the Phuse Beauty products that I've been testing out and recommend you try them too.
Make the shift in social shopping with products that include Phuse hair dryers, hair irons, combs and brushes, makeup brushes, tools like the Pluck It Tweezers, and many more. Phuse is a brand new company and if you're looking for a fabulous way to gather your friends together, you can host a party in your living room, or earn money by getting in on the ground floor as a sales consultant. Feeling a bit shy? You can shop Phuse online at www.phusebeauty.com. But it's always more fun to get together with your girl friends!
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